Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17th

Hey Mom!
Haha I bet you and Caleb are gonna have a pretty fun week all by yourselves! I'm sure he's got nothing against Hurricane Harbor and McD's every day. Is he still as crazy about McNuggets as he was when I left? I guess we all were at some point, but Noah and Luke had definitely gotten out of it. Either way, get a Reese's McFlurry for me!
That's super cool to hear that Josh's mom has taken some interest in the Church! It's interesting to think of all the missionary commitments from the perspective of a missionary. I remember them always asking us to do our member missionary work, and I never really thought about how that would all actually work. It's so different from full-time missionary work, but it's also so much more effective. President Turek described it as the difference between fishing with a huge net, and with a fishing rod. The full-time missionaries are fishing with a net, we have to be a little more active, and we don't really even have to think about who to talk to. But member missionaries can be patient, and look in places where they know people will one day be ready. It's more effective, more personal, just better. I hope you guys have some opportunities to talk to someone about the Church!
Weird to think about WR Volleyball without Nate. Who's the new coach? Have you guys heard anything yet?
On our side of things, the work has taken off! Last week we had a baptism for our investigator! It was awesome. She was just so ready, and the ordinance was so important to her. She told us it was a scary step, and that she was nervous coming into it, but so happy she finally made the decision! The service itself was awesome. There were quite a few investigators there, which is really, really cool. I read a statistic that said 85% of investigators that attend a baptismal service are one day baptized themselves. So you'd better believe we invited everyone haha! Seeing it for themselves really helped to understand what we really mean when we talk about baptism. It's pretty laid back, not too scary, but people are really changed by the whole thing. 
Some other investigators are getting serious about the decision as well. One goal we've got in Warsaw to keep the ball rolling is to have a baptism a week. The mission has been maintaining that goal for 2 months now, which is huge, but we want to step up our game. With all the miracles we've been seeing lately, it's definitely possible. 
We had two more exchanges last week, and both went well. We met a few new investigators, visited some referrals, all that jazz. Two cool things that happened: so we got a referral from Cali, apparently some guy visited the Temple Visitor's Center and requested a visit from us. We drove way out to this guy's address, only to find that it was wrong. So we started asking around on the street to see if anyone knew this guy. We knocked on a door to ask, and this younger guy was like, "What the heck" haha, he was really confused as to why 3 young guys in suits showed up at his door. He had his whole fam come check us out, they took selfies with us, and even called some of their friends to see us. We were like celebrities visiting a town in the middle of nowhere. Anyways, one of these guys that showed up was like, "Wait a second, that name sounds familiar", and gave some guy a call. Well, this guy calls some other guy, who calls some other guy, and so on and so forth until some older guy shows up to this house and is like, "You guys looking for me?" He had the same name as our referral, but it was just a total coincidence! Haha, he had no clue what we were talking about! But in the meantime, we had gotten so tight with all these other people that showed up, that we're set up to go back and visit. We're gonna do a little sermon on the Book of Mormon for the whole town!
Another little miracle. We were playing ball with this cool kid from France last week, and he left his ball behind. We knew the general whereabouts of where he lived, so we wanted to see if we could find him and get him his ball back. We got to the area of town where he was, and saw him out playing ball on the first basketball court we walked by! Haha we actually played with him for a while (I ripped a hole in the seat of my pants about 6 inches wide), and then were able to give him a Book of Mormon in French! It was super cool.
It's been a good week, I'm really impressed by how this transfer has started. We're waiting for the miracles to get bigger and better!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10th

Our week was honestly nuts. It's hard for me to believe that it's only been a week since transfers started, so much has happened. I'll break it up by day.
To start us off, Tuesday, the Fourth of July! We had a really solid day, and got to listen to quite a bit of American classics along the way. We had one last meeting with an investigator that'll be in the Ukraine for the summer. He committed to go to church every week while he's gone, and really plan on getting baptized when he gets back. We'll see what happens, we're gonna keep contact through email! Later that day we found a sweet library to study at. There's a huge rooftop library that was just really chill. To end the night we had a real patriotic celebration that consisted of grilling burgers, wings, fries, milkshakes, and strawberry lemonade. We yelled freedom off the balcony to go out with a bang hahaha.
Wednesday was a little more toned down. We had a meeting with President to start planning for MLC, and then after that English class. That was fun, we sang for the class again. Most of the students actually stayed behind for our religion course! We started a new program this transfer, with each class based off of one of the Articles of Faith. It's cool, because spending about 30-45 mins on each one covers pretty much every aspect of the gospel and missionary discussions. Perfect!
Thursday was my last MLC:) Haha we did well, and ate a lot of pizza, no complaints there. The elders from Katowice stayed with us for an exchange that night. Elders Sommerfeldt and Huffman, they're good guys so we had a good time. 
Friday was nuts. We had 5 meetings, so it was good that we had so many elders in the apartment, we were on splits the whole time. A couple with members, and then a couple with investigators. One member took us to a vegan bar to meet a friend of his. It was really cool, his friend and her boyfriend want to see us again! The vegan food wasn't so cool... That night Elder Huffman and I had a really awesome meeting with an old friend. He's working on changing his life, and we want to help him out haha. He's looking for better work, and wants to get baptized too. We're gonna meet once or twice a week to hook him up. 
Saturday was even crazier than Friday. We had a meeting with the brother of that other guy that went to Ukraine in the morning. We're hoping that he and his bro work together on being baptized! We'll see what happens when he gets back! Then I jumped in with Elder Mandla and we met with a family that we met in Katowice. They're the super nice people that took us out for a PDay trip that one time! It was awesome, they're super cool, and they got us food again! It was nice to see them. We met another lady on the street who invited us in to her home. She had a homeless man living in the other room, and she wanted us to try to help him to believe in Jesus again. He was completely closed off to us, but she was really open! We're going over tonight to do service for her! Then at the end of the night this girl from Germany met with us and Bart. She had met with the missionaries a year ago, and is ready to go now! She'll be baptized this Saturday! I can't believe it haha, it was a total miracle!
Really cool week, and we're hoping to keep the fire burning! It's been sweet, pray for all the people we're working with, there's honestly a ton now!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett 

July 3rd

Hey Mom!
That's way awesome Noah did so well at his basketball tournament! Haha it's good to hear that he's getting a lot of playing time, and that he's still breaking ankles at point haha. I'm excited to see his games. I gotta say though, it's weird to think that when I come home him, and probably even Luke are gonna whoop up on me in basketball. I've been trying to at least sorta keep my jump shot up here in Poland, but it's rough. They're gonna be a ways ahead of me haha.
Sounds like you guys have a sweet Fourth of July party planned! I'm a little jealous! We're gonna do our best to make the 4th as American as possible. We're gonna grill burgers out on our balcony, eat some watermelon, make some lemonade, the works! No fireworks, but we're still gonna get in the spirit!
Good luck with the BoM challenge. Haha I'll jump in on it with you over here. Gotta get in one more time before the end of the mission!
Things in Warsaw are going well! For one, we had transfers this week! What we had planned earlier stuck, I'll be in Warsaw with Elder Kriser again as AP. We're gonna be a trio again, this transfer Elder Wood will be joining the fun haha. He's from Idaho, and we're ready to have a good time. There is one small surprise: since Elders Einfeldt and Alvarez are going home a bit earlier than us, President is probably going to send me to a little city called Kielce for my last two weeks. It's not set in stone, and kinda top secret, but that's what I'm expecting. I think I'm gonna leave my suitcases here in Warsaw and just take a little duffel full of clothes haha. Do you think I could buy a duffel bag some time in the next month?
Our last week was pretty sweet. We did get fed again haha, Elder Jeffs came back to Poland with his family, and they took us out. It was really nice of them, and we ate well haha. I actually just put to use the Reeses that I got from the DeMordaunts a couple days ago to make a Reeses peanut butter milkshake. It was so good haha, I was dying. To keep the magic going, I got the package you sent! I started opening it, but I saw all of the wrapping paper and remembered that it was probably a Bday package, so I'm gonna wait till next week! Thank you so much though!
The work is going really well lately. We were pretty busy last week with transfers and everything, but we still had some time for a few cool meetings. One of our most solid investigators finally talked to his family about us. I don't think that we're gonna have a giant family baptism any time soon, but they weren't against it and he still wants to be baptized. We fasted with him and President Turek yesterday, which was way cool. I don't think I've ever been so wiped out on a fast Sunday, but it was a really spiritual experience. We broke the fast at the same time and I gave him a call to see how things went. He said that he felt the Spirit very strongly during the day, and thinks that he is ready to get serious about a date!
We've got an English class still, and it's going well. We're still finding people to teach through it, although I've been slacking on my English class stories lately haha. I'll use a funny one from last transfer. There's this old guy in our class who is a total riot. He barely speaks English, but we love him haha. He walks up to Elder Bebel at the very beginning of class and kinda just awkwardly was like, "Shut up?" And then he said it again and again. Bebel was so confused, and Elder Einfeldt and I were dying. English class doesn't disappoint. Last week our class gave us a bunch of food and treats and stuff, I guess they love us haha.
The branch here all leaves for the summer, too. It's a bummer, but we're still doing pretty well. We're still finding people to teach, so we've got no problems haha. We're taking Elder Andersen's advice to get creative to heart. Elder Kriser and I love basketball, so we'll go out sometimes and just ball with random people at the park. Just last Saturday we had a really good game with a group of people, some from the States, some from Poland, and one from China. It was fun, and I totally broke the Chinese guy's ankles. Then we just got to talk after about why we're here, we got their numbers, and they'll be coming to our English class and stuff in the future! It's a pretty cool way to meet big groups of people all at once, and they're always way more open to talk. After our game the other day, I got invited to play on some international team with a couple of the guys haha. Season doesn't start until September, too late:(
I'm excited for the rooming situation, thanks for taking care of all that! Also, I saw my flight plans in the office the other day. I don't know when you guys were expecting me, but I'll be landing at like 3:50 on the 28th. I was thinking it would be the 29th? I guess that means we have a whole day at home! Disneyland?
We're having a lot of fun lately, and I'm excited for my last transfer. I can't believe it's the last one! I'm sad, but excited. It's kinda like senior year sports, it's time to shine haha. We're gonna make it rock. Also, this being the last couple months, it's high time to start buying souvenirs. What have you heard about in Poland that you would want me to check out? I know a lot of people like the Polish pottery, the amber stuff, what should I keep my eyes open for?
Love you tons Mom, we're doing well over here. Have a happy 4th of July!
Elder Haskett

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 25th

Hey Mom!
Haha sounds like you guys had a good time at girl's camp! I'm glad you made it through another one, even though you're tired. Hopefully there will be some chill time for you at some point this summer!
Haha that's awesome that Noah's doing well with basketball. Good thing he's finally started shooting haha, I was worried he was gonna spend his whole senior year breaking people's ankles for nothing haha. Caleb's getting big too, it's weird to think that he's already playing competitive ball. He's about as old as I was when we first moved to Cali. It's been a while I guess haha.
That's sweet you met another RM from Poland! We are a rare sort, but there's a good few of us now. There have been a ton of missionaries coming through Warsaw lately vacationing, so we've gotten to meet a bunch of people. Two weeks ago a guy came through with his wife, he had served 20 years ago. Then an old friend, Elder Jones visited last week (also with his wife). He went home at the same time as Elder Park. It's fun to see all these missionaries. All they ever want to talk about anymore is me going home though haha. And I'll make sure I keep my Polish haha! I've set a goal to pick Spanish back up though. The plan is to be able to read Harry Potter in English, Polish, and Spanish within a year of finishing the mission haha. We'll see how it goes.
We had a pretty sweet week. Ever since visiting with the Tureks on Monday, Elder Kriser and I have been making their German potato pancakes haha. Basically they taste a lot like hash browns, but hey, hash browns are sweet. 
We had a meeting with one of the recent converts last week. He was baptized on Christmas Eve, I think you guys remember that one. Anyways, he had his first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and he was way nervous haha. We went over to his place for the first time, and it was awesome! Haha he's got all these cool souvenirs from the States from all the times he's traveled, and we got to check the place out. He made us crepes, another bonus, and then we buckled down on his talk. I told him that if he was really nervous on Sunday, that he should open up with a joke to lighten the mood, and he did it! Haha the tradition will live on after I leave in Poland. It was a great talk, we were very proud haha.
Another pretty cool set up, we met a girl from Texas last week who's working in Poland as a nanny. She's a really cool girl, and she's looking for her help in learning Polish. We set up for last week, and it went pretty well. Later we met her friend. Apparently there's a bunch of Americans here trying to learn Polish, but all the classes are pretty lame. We're hoping to be able to meet a bunch of new people and see if we can help out with the Polish class.
Our English class last week was pretty bumping, too. We had a bunch of young students. The lesson went pretty well, and then at the end we taught them the song Hallelujah, and then sang the Penatonix arrangement for them haha. It was sweet, and I'm pretty dang sure they're all gonna come back for more heh.
We had another really cool meeting with an investigator. Since he's started getting serious about studying the Church, he says that things in his life are just opening up. He was able to quit smoking cold turkey with almost no problems. He's getting over alcohol, and recently stopped swearing as well. It's been really cool to see the small steps he's made add up. It reminded me of a talk from Conference, where the missionaries started meeting with a beach bum. After their first meeting, he shaved his beard and cleaned up, just because he felt it was the right thing to do. Then he cleaned his place, stopped drinking, and step by step got his life together and became pretty successful. Obviously our story wasn't nearly as drastic of a change, but it's cool to see people change their lives, no matter how small the changes are. When we're trying to do what's right, God will show us the next step to take, or the next thing to do. 
We changed the time we play sports on Saturdays to later in the day so we could meet more people, and it worked! We played a group of 8 old guys in basketball last week haha! It was really fun, and some of them were pretty good. It's fun to put some handles on every once in a while, and see what they'll do. There are some good shooters in Poland, and plenty of athletes, but no one can dribble. We can dance around these guys when they play defense. I'll have to film a game one of these days, it's fun stuff.
You were right, transfers are next week! Weird enough, I don't actually know for sure yet where I'm going. We were supposed to finish up the transfer board last week, but things got busy and we weren't able to do it. I think I'll be staying, but we'll see. I guess you'll all find out when everybody else does next week!
We've got culture night tonight with the district. It'll be bowling! Then for the rest of the week we've got transfers and meetings! It'll be fun!
Have an awesome week Mom! I love you!
Elder Haskett

June 19th

Hey Mom!
Haha I can imagine that the prep for Girl's Camp has been crazy as ever! I hope that you guys have at least been able to enjoy the beginning of summer a little bit! Either way, I know you're gonna have fun at camp, you always do!
I took a look at the schedule, it looks pretty good, but honestly I have no idea what good actually looks like haha! Thanks for getting it all done! And thanks for looking into the housing thing, let me know what happens there!
I'm working on the pictures thing haha. Lately we've been emailing at the chapel, and the connection here is so slow it takes about a half hour for a picture to load. Once we get to the office again, I'll have some good stuff to send to you. A few videos too haha.
Our week was pretty sweet! I guess the first thing was MLC, which went well. We talked a lot about the Elder Andersen meeting again, and then really talked a lot about baptism. Found a ton of scriptures in the Book of Mormon that I've been able to use in teaching, which was pretty cool. One of my favorites was Moroni 6, which talks about the requirements for baptism, but then a lot about what happens after, too. I've been using that one a lot with members lately. One of the other things we talked about is that as missionaries there's often a separation between baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, when there shouldn't be. I guess it's easy to catch yourself doing that, because baptism is the hardest part, but most of the blessings come from the Holy Ghost. It's the Spirit that gives us a remission of sins, and we know that we're doing the right thing worthily when we have the accompaniment of the Holy Ghost. Baptism is a symbol of willingness to follow Christ, and it's necessary, but the ordinance mostly prepares us for the blessings that come after.
Right after MLC we went to Łódź for an exchange! If you're wondering about pronunciation, it's wooj. Haha pretty easy. We spent the day there with the elders. First thing in the morning we did a service project raking about an acre of land and clearing rocks. Then after Elder Blackwell and I taught a lesson. The lesson was good, and the guy is preparing to be baptized, which was awesome, but the coolest thing was the member that helped us teach. She's an older lady, in her 80s. She's a WWII concentration camp survivor. While she was there, she told us her story. She lost her whole family in the camp, and then again lost her husband and children in an accident later, but the whole time has remained faithful. She talked about how she's confident she'll see them again because they're sealed for time and all eternity. She's had a lot of powerful spiritual experiences because of her faith, and she bore a powerful testimony about the importance of keeping the commandments and going to the temple.
I had another exchange right after that with Elder Mandla! It was crazy, he hit his year mark this week! Haha my son is all grown up. Sure did make me feel old here though haha. We had a good time, and we were able to catch up a bit and talk about how things have been since we served together.
Our investigator that was supposed to move really did move this week. It was pretty sad. He'll be living in Berlin, trying to get something going there. We're in touch with the missionaries there, and we're praying that everything works out for him in the end. He's had a tough life, I think it's about time he gets a break. We'll see, it's in God's hands!
I'm excited for this week! We're starting off right, Sister Turek is gonna teach us how to make some German food! We're excited haha! 
I hope you have an awesome week at Girl's Camp! It'll be a blast!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 11th

Last week was honestly super awesome! Everything started out with our PDay with the DeMordaunts haha. That was way fun, they took us to the Jewish History Museum and then the Jewish Cemetary. Really cool place, it's honestly crazy though to think about all the stuff that happened here during World War II. Poland has been through a lot. The DeMordaunts were super nice though, and we had a blast.
Piano Guys on Tuesday! It was awesome haha! We took an investigator and Bart, and then President and Sister Turek brought a family that they're close friends with. We had a great time. The concert was super fun. They're so good live haha! The one that plays the piano, Jon Schmidt played a song from underneath the piano, it was insane haha.
We had so many meetings this week! It was super cool. Things got kinda interesting with our investigator with the baptismal date. We'd been fasting for him to find a job, and instead, he got offered a free plane ticket to fly to Denmark to start a new life there on Thursday. We prayed about it, gave him a blessing, and came to the conclusion that it was the right choice. That was hard. I filled out a referral to the other missionaries there, and then we bought him lunch before he was supposed to leave. The next morning, he said that he felt something was holding him here, so he didn't get on the plane. We're interested to see what God has in store for him here. 
Tuesday night we had probably the most powerful lesson I've ever been on with a guy named Janek. He's the writer that I had an interview with. We told you about how he had a spiritual experience on the Elder Andersen meeting. He had us over at his place, and then we just kinda talked about how things are going in his life right now. He's a deeply religious guy, but lately, things have been going badly for him. He fell back into smoking and drinking after quitting. He stopped praying, and now feels a scary, dark power whenever he tries to. We talked and talked and talked about the Book of Mormon, about life, about God, and it was honestly incredible how powerfully we felt the Spirit. We were coming close to the end of the meeting, and I asked him to take a minute to think about what he could do to overcome his fears. He sat quietly for a while and then started to cry. We waited for a bit, and then he said that he could stop thinking about wanting to see Christ again. He said that for the first time in a long time, he felt His presence in his life again. I asked if we could kneel and pray, and then asked if he would say it. He was still afraid, but we told him that he could take however he wants, and wait until the Spirit helped him to pray. We waited a while, and he started crying again. Then he said the most sincere prayer I've ever heard, and stood up and said that he knows, without a doubt, that God loves him again. It was intense. We're gonna have another meeting tomorrow in the chapel.
On Saturday we got challenged by a group of people to play basketball. That was a bad call. I was wearing flip flops (we were planning on playing some sand volleyball), and we still demolished them. I'm not sure if the hoops were low or if my desire to protect my pride was just really strong, but I was dunking in my sandals. Bart threw me an alley-oop and everything (let's talk about missionary-convert connection though). Later we had to switch up the teams cause it was just bad haha. There was one girl playing with them, and she was definitely the best player they had. She plays for Warsaw University. Next time we play, she's gonna have her whole team come for a rematch haha! It was sweet though, they all want to meet us again, and the one girl actually wants to learn about the church! Sports rule!
We're talking about the upcoming transfer with President now. It looks like I'm gonna be staying as AP in Warsaw for now, but we'll see. I really hope I get to stay here till the end, but a break from the leadership stuff would be kinda nice to end the mission on fire. We'll see what happens!
I've got a request! Last week I had a dream that I went to Disneyland in a suit, and that made me realize that we're not gonna get to go to Disneyland before BYU! So I was wondering, would it be possible to go straight from the airport to Disneyland, ride a ride, and get a corndog before going home? We could make the dream a reality? It could make for a pretty classic picture haha.
Haha things are going great for us right now, we're loving the work. I hope you guys have an awesome week, that everyone feels better soon, and that Girl's Camp will be a success! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, June 5, 2017

The crew


June 4th

Hey Mom!
Haha I can't believe it's June either, summer is already here! It's so nice though haha, we were getting pretty tired of the cold. Pres wants us to try studying outside the apartment, and one of the best options is in the parks. Not so fun when it's freezing haha!
The Lip Sync was a success! Haha nice work, it sounds like you kinda put the team on your back this year! I expect videos at some point. I'm hoping that the snowman costume was more fun than all the preparation haha. Either way, feel better soon! Have Noah go and get your Diet Coke today haha!
It was way fun to see the DeMordaunts yesterday! They were awesome haha, super fun, chill family, and made sure to get pictures for all the moms, and they brought some Kraft Mac n Cheese and Reeses. What more could you want? They're actually gonna be hooking it up again today, they're taking Elder Kriser and I to the Jewish History Museum and then out for lunch. Haha we're super excited, they're awesome!
Our week was pretty sweet. We were able to have a good bit of meetings with a lot of investigators. It's pretty crazy how busy we've been lately, it's almost hard to keep track of everyone. But it's been great, and our lessons have been sweet. We're working with one guy, trying to help him get a job. He's just a really humble dude, but he's had a lot of problems with work ever since he moved to Poland. This week we got the members involved, and they just took over! It's sweet, they just took him right in. Taking fellowshipping to the max haha.
Going back to what I said earlier about studying outside, basically the idea is to be seen by as many people as possible, as often as possible. We're working on getting our name out there, and we're specifically focusing on young people. Lately we've spent a ton of time on the Warsaw University campus. It's been pretty sweet, we've been talking to a ton of people that are just chill. Usually when we're out doing regular finding, we stop people on the street, and they want you to get to the point really quick. Lately we've basically just been chatting with people, and they get to know us and the Church, but we also get to know them. It's weird, cause most of them are about my age, and if we weren't missionaries, we could honestly be hanging out with some of these people. Just last week there was this girl playing the ukulele on the street and we sat down and talked for a while. Since she was playing the uke, it got a ton of people's attention, and we talked to a bunch of people that came over to listen. Same thing happened on Saturday, a guy was singing in front of the uni, and we just handed out flyers for our English class. A lot of people stuck around for a while, and we were able to have some cool conversations (plus we basically got a free concert, the guy was good haha).
Speaking of concerts, we are in for a treat this week! The Piano Guys are gonna be in Warsaw tomorrow, and Elder Kriser got us VIP tickets through family connections. President Turek is gonna be there too, and we even got to invite some investigators. It's honestly awesome, I can't believe we got so lucky! We're going to a concert with our Mission President!
This week Elder Kriser and I got started on a thing called the Bring Sally Up pushup challenge. We're doing it twice a day. It's pretty brutal, you should have the boys try it haha!
That's pretty much all I got this week, love you Mom! Once again, feel better soon!
Elder Haskett

Monday, May 29, 2017

May 28th

Hey Mom!
It's kinda funny how often the scriptures show us how things work, how we gain our testimonies, and how often we usually miss it haha. The natural follow-up to feeling the Spirit is trying to share it. That's how God's love works, He doesn't just pour it all into one person, and that's the end haha, it's meant to be passed on. I think that's part of what Moroni is getting at when he says "sincere desire" and "real intent" in chapter 10. The real intent means that you're gonna act on the testimony you receive, meaning keeping the commandments and sharing the gospel. Cool lesson from the missionaries!
So our week was pretty much nuts. I'll start with the big one, the Elder Andersen meeting! Wednesday morning, we talked with security, got the logistics of the meeting set up and then pretty much just waited for him to arrive. Turns out he got caught in traffic and was late by about an hour. Haha, happens to the best of us apparently! The meeting for the missionaries was really cool though. Elder Andersen is a BOSS! He was super real with us, chill, funny, and obviously just a spiritual giant. 
There's three parts I'd like to share. 
1. I got roasted by an Apostle of the Lord. Let me explain haha. We were talking about changing the way the mission thinks about baptisms, and Elder Andersen was like, "Where are my assistants?" Elder Kriser and I pretty tentatively raised our hands, haha. Then he asked how many baptisms we've had this year. And I had no clue haha! I took a total shot in the dark and went for 16 (and I was right! Holy Ghost!). I guess he could hear the hesitation in my voice, but he took it for embarrassment, and was like, "Elder Haskett, there's nothing to be ashamed of!" Then he turns to the other missionaries and is all like, "Listen to him, '16, sorry'" and we all laughed. Then later, he asked us what kind of goals we'd like to have as a mission for monthly baptisms. I brought up the fact that we'd set the goal of 121 in the year, so about 10 a month would do it, and I gotta say, I did not expect the reply I got haha. He was like, "Alright, let's be real, we're averaging about 3 a month so far. 10 would be nice, but that's not gonna happen for a while. You set goals to grow, not be perfect all at once!" It was pretty cool. He was super spiritual, super faithful, but also super realistic. It was so different from what they tell you in the MTC, or in the worldwide missionary broadcasts. He was real, and made everything he said sound really possible. He finished that segment with a promise, that we might not get 121 baptisms within this year, but guaranteed that there are easily 121 people to find this year that will be baptized someday. It was good to look at it from that perspective.
2. The next thing I wanted to share was just some of the things that were said that hit me pretty hard. 
-"Every mission in the world is different, in some places it is definitely harder to grow the Church than in others. But regardless of where you are, it is never going to be easy. It is always hard. We aren't here to talk about what is hard. We talk about what we can do, and what we are going to do, now." Cool little thought. It does nothing for you to dwell on your circumstances or problems, all you can do is work, and try to make it better.
-"Try to answer your own prayers." That was an interesting line to hear from a General Authority. He said it and then moved on. I thought about it a lot. God does everything on His own timetable. We know that we have to do our part, and that He'll do the rest. But how can we be sure how much of it is our part? We'll never know until it happens. Act, act, and act until you get the job done, and then look back to see what God has done to make it all possible.
-"No matter what your goal is for baptisms, or lessons, or whatever, the fact remains that it is going to take an enormous amount of faith to grow the Church in Poland. Even if the goal is one baptism a month mission-wide, it will take miracles for that one baptism to happen. The same thing goes for 10." We believe in miracles, and every little conversion, every step in the right direction is a miracle in it's own right.
3. Lastly has to do with a major change in plans haha. During the meeting we started talking about the meeting for the members later that night. The missionaries were not supposed to be there, and Elder Andersen was like, "You know, I'd really like for them to come. Do what you gotta do to make that happen". Welp. What an Apostle says, goes haha. We cancelled all the missionaries trains, and then I was in charge of making sure that everybody got dinner, a toothbrush, and a place to sleep. You'd better believe that was a hot mess haha. Dinner was at a grocery store, and then we had about 10 missionaries to an apartment for the night before everybody could catch their trains in the morning. The missionaries weren't in their apartments until about 1 in the morning haha.
It was worth it though! The member meeting was awesome. I got a chance to shake Elder Andersen's hand, and then talk a little more about our goals. He told me, "Elder Haskett, I want you to do me a favor and prove me wrong". Haha I wasn't expecting that, but I'm going for it! We already have 8 planned baptisms for the month of June! Right after our little chat, a member who's not exactly all there ran up to him and started talking to him about a bunch of sketchy stuff. We're talking about visions for the Church, fortune-tellers, voodoo doll stuff. Things started getting pretty weird, and before I knew it I was a human shield for an Apostle, while he got away haha. Wild!
That's all for Elder Andersen though! The rest of the week was good. The sister's investigator asked me to baptize her on Saturday! It was really cool. She's solid, and we're actually gonna start meeting with her friend that came to the service. The next day we set a baptismal date of our own for the 17th of June. It's been a really cool transfer. We went through and found that we're meeting with about 16 serious people right now. It's been a serious blessing.
The home plans sound good! We'll make it work! I can't imagine I'm actually gonna want to go to the orientation stuff, but I guess we'll see haha. We'll worry about it later. I do want to make sure to see Val that Tuesday night though before we go up to Provo!
Thanks for taking care of the driver's license! That'll be huge, now we don't have to go spend our one day at the DMV! Thanks!
Love you Mom, have an awesome week!
Elder Haskett

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer finally




Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love you so much! It was so good talking to you guys today! I can't believe that the next time we see each other, it'll be face to face! Time really has flown. It's been a real ride haha! 
Take care this week, love you!
Elder Haskett

May 21st

Our week was honestly awesome. Started off strong, with the Skype call on Monday. That night, we started our first ZL exchange with Elders Alvarez and Rowley. It was really fun, we got to teach English at a university together, and we also had a bunch of meetings set up. The next day we taught our own English class, which was cool, cause like all of the students said that they'd come to the meeting with Elder Andersen! That night, Elders McMaster and Reid came in for their exchange. We spent the entire next day with them. 
First thing, I passed my driver's test that morning! Haha it was kinda weird, everything was directly translated from Polish to English, so it was a little tough to understand, but we made it through haha. I am officially street legal. One more thing about that, I got an email of a receipt for a CA DMV Driver's License renewal? I wasn't sure if you did that, or if me getting my Polish license changed something?
The rest of the day we had an activity where we met this really cool girl from Saudi Arabia who spoke phenomenal English. We talked a while, and she actually came to church! Then we baked some cookies to take to some less-active families in the branch, which turned out to be an inspired activity. One of the people we visited had passed away, and we gave the cookies to them as a condolence. We also met another family that I had never even met before. The husband and daughter were baptized about 16 years ago, and stopped coming for one reason or another. We spent a really long time talking about all the problems they had, different doubts that kept them from having faith, and honestly just got to know one another. It was a really cool meeting. They're gonna come to the Andersen meeting as well. We'll see what happens!
The next day we dropped them off and had a lesson right away with an investigator. President Turek was on the lesson. It went really well, naturally haha. President is just a boss. He's gonna come to the lesson next week as well. After that we picked up Elders Liechty and Sommerfeldt for our last exchange! Spent the day with them mostly handing out pass-along cards. The next morning we had sports like usual. I scored a pretty gnarly goal from midfield that hit the upper left post. I also took a shot from one of the other elders that put me out of commission for about 15 minutes... At the end of the day we had this activity in the chapel. We basically just had a ton of members there that invited everybody on the street in to talk to us. About 45 people came in, and we were able to teach and talk with a ton of them. A bunch of really cool people want to start meeting in the future!
Yesterday was interesting. First of all, Kris fed us again! He's honestly the best. Super cool guy. He introduced us to a friend that might start taking the lessons! We also had an interview with a book writer that's been trying to write a book about Mormons for the last 3ish years. It was cool, I'm gonna be excited to get a hold of that book haha!
You'd be proud of me this week, we cooked like mad! I kinda made up a recipe for a goulash that tasted awesome. We did a mexican food night, made some chinese, some pasta, and topped it all off with your maple glazed salmon recipe! It was so good haha. We're gonna go for it again this week since we have some leftovers haha.
Super excited for the Elder Andersen meeting this Wednesday! I'll be sure to tell you all about it!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 7

I can't believe I forgot to add this! On May 24th, Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12 is coming to Warsaw! All the missionaries are gonna come in for a mission conference! We're working with President on the planning, which means that we're probably gonna get to spend some time with him! Super cool!
Love you!

May 8th

Hey Mom!
I guess we can start with all the Mother's Day stuff! First of all, I'm way excited to see you guys too! Monday works fine, President said that we're good to go. We can definitely do 6:30 your time. I guess as a warning though, President wants everybody to keep their Skype calls to a half hour. Sorry! We'll pack as much in as we can!
Glad to hear that you guys got all freshed up for the cruise haha. "Matching sweat suits, flip flops, necklaces, nails, and sunglasses to name a few items" makes it sound like you are gonna be a pretty easy group to spot on that boat haha. Should be way fun. Let me know how it goes!
Noah told me about the APUSH exam, haha going to the midnight premier of Guardians the night before probably wasn't the best way to prepare, but hey, you do what you gotta do! I'm sure he killed it, same as the ACT.
I still can't believe it's already May! The boys are gonna be finishing up school soon, then it's time for summer and all that jazz. Then I get home! Ahh it's still so weird for me. Once again, I don't have a concrete time for you guys, but I'll let you know as soon as we find out.
Life is good over here still. I'm super tired after last week, and a particularly intense soccer game on Saturday didn't help haha. It's cool though, we got a ton of work done. Being AP without the trio has been a little different, but good. I will say, it's a lot easier to figure out cooking now. I made it a goal to get creative this transfer, and so far I've already figured out how to make Chinese food and made up a  pretty dope pork taco recipe. One of these days throwing things into a pan and hoping it works is gonna bite me in the butt, but we're doing good so far!
Our investigators are doing well! Since Elder Bebel and Einfeldt left behind all the people they'd met here to me, I've made it a primary focus to build good relationships in the last few days and I think it's going pretty well. One of the guys that we're meeting with fasted this week for a baptismal date, and he's thinking the last week of May! Awesome!
Right now I'm interviewing with a news reporter and a writer about the Church and life as a missionary. It's been kinda weird and official, they record everything and have witnesses present and all this stuff, but it's really cool. There's gonna be something in the newspaper, on the news, and then a book written by this pretty famous religious writer pretty soon here, so we're hoping to use the opportunity to spread the Church around in new ways. We'll see what happens!
Elder Kriser and I are doing great. He's adjusting to the new responsibility pretty fast, and has a great attitude about it all. We're hoping to make some big things happen this transfer.
Love you Mom! I'll see you next week!
Elder Haskett

Monday, April 24, 2017

April 23

Other than that, there was Poznań this week. Cool little city, and I got to spend some time with Elders McMaster and Rowley, as well as meet Elders Groseclose and Dickson. Good guys, we had some fun. During a finding activity, we met this guy from Florida who was like super hyped to meet other Americans. He kept saying "It's been so long since I've gotten to speak English with anyone, let's hang out!" and we kept saying, "Dude, you could talk to American missionaries for the rest of your life here if you came to church every week!". He was a funny guy haha, he was wearing Nike Pro Combat shorts with a matching shirt. He said it's the warmest stuff he owned, since he's from Florida. I believed him, considering he was also wearing socks and sandals. That night we ordered 4 large pizzas for the 3 of us. It was a pretty awesome exchange.
On the way back we had a miracle! As I got on to the train, I noticed that some lady was sitting in my seat, and my first thought was, 'oh great, I'm gonna have to tell this lady to get up'. When I got closer I saw that it was the cousin of the less-active family that we'd been working with! She randomly happened to decide to come in to Warsaw that day to look for some work, and we just happen to be on the same train, in the same wagon, in the same row. Insane. We talked for the 3 hour ride about pretty much everything. She immediately said, "I know this is a miracle. I was nervous about the job search, so I prayed for help. Ten minutes later you sat next to me on the train!" It was honestly so cool. She is going to be returning to Warsaw in about a month to stay, and then she wants to start meeting with us! 
Next week is gonna be interesting. With transfers coming up, it'll be really busy, and add that to the fact that Elders Einfeldt and Bebel are out of here, we're in for a lot of fun haha. Should be something. Starting it all off right though at the trampoline park tonight haha,
That's pretty much all I got this week, we don't have a ton of time today! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19

Hey Mom!
Lots of news this week haha! You guys sound like you've been busy! First of all, way cool that Madison and McCall are both expecting! That's so fun!
It's also pretty sweet to hear about the new mission calls haha, it's that time of year again! Portugal and Florida. I got the announcement first from Charlie, he's pretty psyched that Ben's coming to him haha. Let me know when Mike gets his!
Crazy that Cori is already married! That's pretty cool that he's in the military, you'll have to wish them congratulations from me!
Haha I didn't realize that they were having MoPro on Easter weekend, that was probably pretty interesting to organize for you haha. I still remember you had to save the day for my first prom, cause I left without the corsage and you booked it from home to get it to me on time. Good stuff. Glad the boys had fun this year.
As for our week, I guess I can start with the announcement that we didn't have transfers this week haha. Still got 2 more weeks before the next change. As far as I know though, we won't be having any changes, at least in the companionship. We won't be traveling. We're planning the rest of the transfer madness with Pres though, trying to sort out all the travel and stuff like that. It should go pretty smoothly. 
There will be a little travel this week, at least for me. I'll be on another short exchange in Poznań. It should be pretty fun, especially cause the weather in Warsaw right now is pretty lame (it snowed this morning?) and I've heard the north has been nice. Fingers crossed!
Our week was pretty calm. We had a couple days at the beginning to plan for our Zone Conference. That was nice, we had a lot of emphasis on the Savior, what with it being Easter time. It was a pretty cool meeting, very spiritual. After that Elder Einfeldt took off for an exchange in Lublin. That meant Elder Bebel and I were on our own again. Things went pretty well. Spent a lot of time figuring out our musical presentation for sacrament meeting last week. Elder Bebel is a baller on the piano, so he found a cool arrangement of some Easter hymns and then the rest of the missionaries sang. For the very minimal amount of practice we had, things went well haha. 
Easter itself was really fun. Church was only one hour, but then after an American family from the branch invited all the missionaries over for dinner. Dinner itself was awesome, and then after they organized a little egg hunt for all of us. It was way nice of them, and got us all pretty hyped and in the Easter spirit haha. Basically what that means is the next time we have a hunt for a golden egg, I won't be completely out of practice. 
Funny story. The other night we went out for dinner with the other elders, and then we drove them back to their apartment. On the way home, some girls in a car next to us waved, and then rolled down their windows. One of the elders rolled down his window to see what was up, and they were like, "Where are you guys going?" He yelled back "Home!" and they were all like "WEEAAAAK!" We all laughed and kinda forgot about it, but yesterday we were in the car again, this time with the sisters, and I heard yelling from the car next to us, and when I looked over, it was them again! This time, Elder Bebel was like, "Hey where are you guys going?" and they were like pointing and saying something when the light turned green. We took off, and they tried to floor it to pass us, but they stalled their car haha! We were dying as we drove away, but they caught up way fast and then started following us, and Einfeldt had to take some evasive maneuvers to get us out of there haha. We were pretty much in a car chase with a bunch of college girls. Weird, but something worth writing about in the journal.
Culture night was last night! We went out of the city into the woods and had a little campfire! Roasting kiełbasa and marshmallows, I got a little bit of Carpinteria here in Poland! It was way fun. Some bad news though, my camera died on the way there, and I didn't get a single picture by the fire. It was pretty unfortunate.
Good week, and next week should be pretty sweet too! Transfers are coming up, so we're gonna be busy, but it'll be fun.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The trio

April 9th

Hey Mom!
Haha sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet week this time around at Carp! I guess there's no way it wouldn't be a sweet week there, but that's pretty cool that the Carp madness is spreading around the stake. The more the merrier, although I heard from Noah that there was quite a bit of encouragement to talk to the girls from the other wards haha. To be expected of course. I hope you guys spent a good amount of time at Robitailles and the Spot, wouldn't be a good Carp trip without it haha.
Pretty cool as well that you guys were talking about a bunch of different ways to study the scriptures. While the constant study shouldn't end after the mission, the two years of at least an hour a day really help to find something that works for you. Everyone's got different learning styles, and I think that I've really found my groove when it comes to reading the Book of Mormon in the last few months.
Haha it sounds like things are about as crazy as usual with the end of school. Gotta love it. I can't believe it's already here. Next year Noah is gonna be graduating and getting his mission call, that's insane. I'll talk to President as well about a Skype call on PDay, I think it should be fine, but I definitely have to check. Either way, the cruise should be awesome haha.
As far as our week goes, things went pretty well! First and foremost, I survived the drive to Kraków haha! It's weird driving these European roads, but I've gotten used to it. Doesn't hurt that it took about 6 hours to get to Kraków, and about 7 on the way back haha. President's a terrible backseat driver, he said so himself, but I don't think he was too nervous with me at the wheel, or at least I hope not. We talked like the whole time (important note: he's a big fan of the Harry Potter series, and likes the NBA quite a bit as well). Good times. Kraków itself was nice, good to be back home haha. Got to reacquaint with the ping pong table, see Elder Liechty, and meet some other elders. We were pretty much just there for the district meeting and a branch family home evening. I met a couple new converts in the branch, which was way fun considering Kraków hadn't seen a baptism in over a year and a half when I was there. Overall, a good couple days, even though I was exhausted when I got back.
The rest of the week went well! Elder Einfeldt had a solo exchange of his own in Legnica, so I was driving again in the big city haha. It was fun. We visited a family a ways out of the city that was referred to us by some missionaries in Bydgoszcz, and they were way cool! We didn't have a lot of time to meet, but as the lesson was wrapping up they got all antsy and wouldn't let us leave without setting up a return apt haha. They were pretty solid for a first meeting, asking all the right questions, very willing to accept commitments. We'll see what happens!
MLC was this week, we got to get all the Zone Leaders ready for Zone Conferences, which we'll be having on Wednesday. Should go well, and there's gonna be pizza paid for by not me, so I'm hyped. 
Interesting sports Saturday this week. We were on the field playing when a couple of coaches came over and were like, "Yo we've got the field reserved for a big game, you guys gotta get off." So we moved, only to see a bunch of 6 year olds come out and take our spot. We got kicked off by some kindergartners. The worst part is, they were better than us. It's cool though, cause for the first time in my whole mission, I got to play volleyball! There was a net set up, and it felt so good to hit again haha. Kinda weird though, I had a slam at one point in the game, and I turned around and was talking to the team and our branch mission leader came over and beaned me in the back of the head with the ball. Not really sure why haha, he's an older guy, but he was smiling when he did it, so I guess that was his way of saying nice shot? I try not to question most of the stuff that happens anymore.
Another funny story. We were out on the city center (you've already heard plenty of stories that started this way) and these two homeless guys started walking toward each other from opposite ends of the square. They got into the middle and one just decked the other dude in the face. Then he walked away, while the other dude's nose started bleeding. Not a word was said. The whole thing went down as "Bad Day" by Daniel Powder blasted from the speakers. Homeless dude number 2 really was having a bad day.
The city by Kraków is out by a new missionary city called Mielec. I've never been, but I've heard a lot about it!
Love you Mom, have a great week!
Elder Haskett

Monday, April 3, 2017

March 27th

Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys have been keeping yourselves pretty busy! Haha lot of sports, and I bet you're excited to work together with the basketball coaches for the next year or so. Smart move if you ask me, getting you to be team mom, once Noah takes off they've got Luke, and then Caleb. Capitalize on the Haskett dynasty.
Way nuts that Sabrina and Lauren are living it up in Hollywood, hopefully all that stuff works out for them. I forgot to ask earlier, how long are they gonna be staying in LA for all this? Is there like a time limit, or are they just waiting for some kind of a big break?
I bet Nema and Caleb are pretty psyched for the week in AZ. Beats staying at home waiting for the rest of the boys, that's for sure. I still remember when I was the only one who wasn't on the 2 week spring break schedule, and you guys would all leave me and Dad at home for a while. That was always a quiet week haha. I did like the excuse to stock up on survival snacks though.
As for us, we had a pretty awesome week! Things started off right away on Tuesday, with a lesson at a less-active family's house. We made the drive out of Warsaw to visit, and they happened to have a cousin staying with them. She's from Norway, but moving back to Poland in a few weeks. Anyways, her mom passed away about a month ago, and she was way interested to hear about the Plan and the Restoration. We talked about the church for a while, and towards the end she was just like, "Oh, is there any way I could borrow one of your copies of the Book of Mormon to take with me back to Norway? I just want to know more, but I won't be here!" Haha after explaining you that we literally have like a hundred copies to give away for free, we set up so she could get in contact with the missionaries close to home, and she's hyped to come back here and meet with us after the move. Yay!
Then right after, this guy called and was like, "I received a Book of Mormon 3 years ago, and I have read the entire Book, along with the Doctrine and Covenants. I have a monthly subscription to the Liahona, and after a lot of personal study, I know that the Church is true and want to be baptized as soon as possible." Crazy. We visited that night, and found out he's a retired doctor. He is missing a leg from a disease that's come back pretty strong in his other leg. He says that he doesn't have a lot of time left, but wants to make sure he is baptized before he dies. An interesting detail, while we were with him, he opened up his D&C to a verse about Christ healing others by faith, and asked us to pray and see if that could possibly be God's plan for him. We're going to be visiting him again this week with President Turek, it should be interesting! Pray for us!
Other than that, we had an exchange with the elders from Kraków this week. Good to see and work with Elder Liechty again. We were able to schedule a few meetings, but nothing too crazy happened. This weekend there was a YSA conference for all the young adults in Poland. A group came up from Kraków and we were in charge of getting them from the train station to the chapel. On the way I found out one of them was a recent convert who Elder Vance and I met on the street! We gave him his first Book of Mormon, and he read it and got in contact with the missionaries almost exactly a year later. Cool stuff, he remembered the red hair haha. That night I found out that an investigator in Wrocław set a baptismal date with the sisters. When I was serving there I actually was asked to give her a blessing to help her quit smoking, as she'd been struggling to do that for about 3 years. Turns out she finally did it, and now she's ready! Haha it takes some people a little more time than others.
This week should be a fun one. Tonight I'll be taking a train to Gdańsk for a 3 day exchange. Very pretty city, I'm excited. Then we've got quite a few meetings already set up. We'll see how it all goes! No pictures this week, my camera is all packed away for the exchange, but I should have a bunch next week! 
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Spring break

Hey Mom!
Just a heads up, I'm gonna be rushing this email a bit haha, something came up and I'm gonna have to drive President to Kraków today in a little bit. So much for Pday haha.
Haha I am a little jealous that you're in Carp, I miss the beach. Fun that Josh was able to come up with Noah. I am still keeping contact with Val, we write all the time. He's doing well. He's not playing for CSUN, but he's the manager for the boys club. Cool stuff.
Sounds like you guys had a good trip in AZ! Haha I've never actually been to a Swig, but I've heard plenty about it on the mission from all the people who went to BYU. I'll have to check it out haha. Also, Conference was great! We've gotten to watch all of the sessions already haha, being in Warsaw made it a little easier, considering they translate it live from our chapel. Favorite session was definitely Priesthood session, Eyering's talk was awesome (and Elder Bednar gave Poland a shoutout!), but they were all great.
Haha I would have to agree, that week's stories were above average. It was cool to meet the guy from Kraków, and I think I'm gonna get to talk to him again tonight, and then the lady from Wrocław was awesome. She's planning on being baptized the day before Easter.
As for last week, things went really well! Left for Gdańsk Monday, and got to spend a few days with Elders Curtis and Theriault. We spent pretty much the entire time working with members, which was awesome! Got to do some service in a yard, we got fed, and got a few referrals from different people! One of the guys we met with had a view of the ocean from his window, and I think I about lost it haha. Smelled a beach breeze for the first time in over a year, it felt a little like home:) I'm convinced now that I was meant to serve in Gdańsk last summer, but something got messed up. They play beach volleyball there on Pdays! The only bummer was the weather. Things overall in Poland are warming up, but we had a really foggy couple few days in Gdańsk. I tried to take pictures but it was usually just me and a grey cloud haha. I got one right before I got on my train that was decent, so we're good!
After that we basically had a lot of planning meetings here in Warsaw. We're working on getting transfers ready, which was a really interesting process to see from the inside. It seems like President really trusts us haha. We were able to put together quite a few companionships and pick out a few leadership positions. Made me wonder what was going through President and the AP's minds when they put together all of my other transfer calls haha. Hopefully they didn't have to much trouble with me.
Then we watched Conference pretty much through the entire weekend haha. That was cool. All good sessions, but it was weird watching my last Conference on the mission! I can't believe it's already been a year since last Conference and Easter in Wrocław! I still remember spilling a Fanta on myself in the back of the chapel and all of the members just quietly laughed during an Uchtdorf talk. Good times.
Running out of time, but I'll let you know about this Kraków thing next week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, March 20, 2017

March madness

Hey Mom!
Haha Dad sent me an email last week about March Madness, seeing if I wanted to fill out a bracket, so the whole companionship went for it. We had no idea what we were doing, so it's probably not going to be very accurate, but still fun. The madness lives on in Poland!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week though! Glad you got to spend some time with the Jodi and Eldon's kids haha. Is Vivien like almost 2 now? It's gonna be so weird when all the little cousins are old when I come home. It's like hitting the fast forward button on all them for 2 years haha. It's also good to hear that the Missionary Month in the ward is going well. Haha real missionary work doesn't necessarily have to be all cancelled appointments, you get success mixed in too! It's good though that everyone is still having fun, even if it isn't all easy. That's pretty much how it's meant to be.
Way cool that Chase is already done with the mission. I can't believe it went by so fast, it wasn't too long after he went out that I left too. Now he's home, weird. Also, we got to watch the Face to Face too for a district meeting. It was solid. It's cool to hear from the leaders of the church more often than just twice a year though, all these Face to Face events are way cool. But I gotta say, having the BYU devotionals all the time is gonna be sweet haha.
It's crazy that spring break is already here haha. It seems like time back home is just totally flying now. School's gonna be out in no time. Then I come home during summer break, can't believe how fast everything is going.
Everything is going great over here! Pretty much the same as the last few weeks, just a lot of work with the members. We had a few meetings scheduled with some people that we've been asked to meet with by the members, but no one has been able to work out a specific time (and then actually show up) yet. I think that this week we're gonna have a little more luck though, and we've also got Elder Liechty coming to Warsaw for an exchange, so it should be way fun haha. As far as travelling to new cities goes, I haven't had the chance yet. With all the management we've gotta take care of though, I've pretty much met all the other missionaries at this point, at least through phone calls haha. We've also got another training to lead this Thursday on a Skype conference. I guess that doesn't really count as meeting someone, just looking at them through a little screen, but it gets the job done. Gotta remember that the most exciting day of the year is the day we get to Skype home haha! We also didn't move our PDay to Tuesdays, last week was just a little crazy with Zone Training, we had to move it back a day, and even then we had about 30 minutes to email haha. Basically our Pday is pretty subject to emergency rescheduling, haha. I'll try to make sure to always give you a heads up, but last week we had no such luck. Sorry!
Other things that happened last week, we got a new mission car! It's a Hyundai, so we're no longer driving a European car. It's a pretty smooth ride, which is nice, cause I'll probably be getting my license pretty soon here. That, and the speakers are sweet. Makes blasting MoTab that much cooler hahaha.
The weather lately has been way weird. Warmer for sure, but crazy rainy. I'm trying to stop wearing my jacket, so it's been cardigans and sweaters lately, but that also means if it rains, I'm soaked haha. While we were handing out flyers for our English class a girl asked me if I wanted to stand under her umbrella. Naturally I started to sing the song, and she jumped in for the "Eh eh eh" part. It was pretty sweet, we'll see if she comes haha.
Also, I'm not sure if I told you this story or not, but about 3 months ago, a weird lady came and tried to get me to come to her apartment to teach us about her religion. I said no thanks, but she still wanted to give us her holy book. She asked for an address to send it to, obviously we couldn't give it to her, but somehow she got it sent to our chapel haha. Last week I got an envelope addressed "MR LOGAN" with about 200 sheets of printer paper stapled together, covered in all sorts of weird symbols and nonsense haha. It was like a little, pdf printed, crazy person's edition of the Book of Mormon haha. I didn't know what to do with it, throwing it away seemed kinda disrespectful, so we just stashed it away in our apartment. I'd feel bad if somehow all this lead to some missionary joining that church, but I also highly doubt that's ever gonna happen hahaha.
As for the BYU Honor program, I don't really know anything about it, so I'd be down to get some more info. If it's not too crazy sounding, I'd be up to try I guess. Could be fun!
Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 13th

Hey Mom!
First of all, that's way cool that Lauryn is going to be on The Voice! Haha I hope she keeps doing well, that would be crazy if she went far! Wish her good luck for me!
Haha it seems like whenever we try to do a hike that isn't Towsley close to home, we end up in the middle of nowhere, blazing our own trail. Sounds like it was a pretty good workout though! I gotta say, I miss hiking haha. We get some pretty good soccer games out here, but that's pretty much our most exciting workout. Last week we played missionaries against Poland, and somehow we won. I guess it helps when we've got Elder Ashworth, who's not American (by not American, I mean he played soccer), but still, it felt like quite the upset. We channel the US Women's National Team when we play, not the men's. I think that's how we pulled off the win.
Things in Warsaw are going really well right now! We've been really busy, so the trio has been coming in handy haha. President wants us to work with the members all the time, so we're always going on splits with people. This week actually Elder Bebel will be going to Katowice for an exchange with Elder Mandla (I'm pretty jealous haha), and Elder Einfeldt and I are gonna hold down the fort. We'll be doing our own exchange with the Zone Leaders here. That means we'll have a real throwback to the MTC with Elder Alvarez! It should be cool haha.
The work has been really different though lately, and I really like it. There's so much focus on work with the members, and people in the branch are starting to get excited. We're trying to meet with as many people as we can to discuss the European Area Plan. It's a 3 step program to help strengthen the Church here. The steps are inviting a friend to learn about us, obtaining spiritual and temporal self-reliance, and finding an ancestor. We're still on step 1 with most people, invite a friend, and we're hoping that we can start working together as a branch to find new people who will be interested. I don't know how much it's going to take before we start seeing the results, but us and President seem to think this is what the Church in Poland has been missing. It's taking some getting used to, considering all I've ever known is just going out on the streets and talking to random people for hours, but I think this is going to be a lot more effective. Part of inviting someone to come to church includes inviting less-active members! We're helping members reach out to their friends who have stopped coming. It's been really cool, and I think that all the members are excited to see old friends come back.
I got the letter you sent with the stuff from the ward last week! Actually there was a pretty big build up of mail for me haha, and I got a bunch of stuff that was supposed to come at Christmas time. I'm going to have to send out a lot of thank you letters this week haha. Tell the ward thanks though!
I'm glad you liked the video Bart took! He likes keeping all the missionary moms posted haha. He's actually doing a better job than I am this week, I forgot my camera at the apartment. There'll be a good picture for you guys next week though, the whole MTC group got together for MLC and we got a squad pic haha. It was good seeing all the guys again.
That's pretty much my week in a nutshell! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, March 6, 2017


The socks :)


Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys had a sweet time in San Fran haha. Got to the trolley, ate some sourdough, the Golden Gate Bridge, I think that was all I had for you to do last week haha. The tour of Alcatraz sounds like it was cool, did you see any dementors?
Also, I can't remember for sure, but wasn't there a Ghiradelli factory on the way from home to Provo? You've inspired me, I might have to request a stop on the way to school haha.
It's also good to hear that missionary month in the ward is going well! I still remember when we did that a while back, it was pretty fun. I think that a bunch of the older kids got to meet with some less active members, and even some investigators. Is that happening again this year? We're going pretty hard over here as far as work with the members is concerned. I think that the church in general is really starting to encourage all the members to get going on missionary work, inviting friends and family. It's the best way to go about it, that's for sure.
Things are going pretty well here though! Weather hasn't been too bad lately, a little wet, but warm! I think that winter might finally be over! We try to be careful saying that, don't want to jinx it haha. Yesterday we were talking to a member about the weather, and he said that it once snowed in June. I really, really hope that doesn't go down this year...
The work is going really well! I guess we were pretty busy with the new calling this week, we had to do a lot of work with the new missionaries and their trainers, a few meetings with President for planning, but other than that things are pretty normal. Not too much paper or office work, but not a whole lot of street contacting anymore. We do a lot of planning, and then we try to fill the rest of our time with meetings or with visits to less active members. Like I said, we're really focusing a lot on work with the members. We want to try to start meeting with the families in the branch, with less actives, and with recent converts, and try to help them start doing missionary work too. We're scheduled for more meetings in the next few days than I've ever had in a transfer haha. It's really cool, and we're hoping to see a lot of finding and teaching come out of it. President Turek has some pretty big goals for the mission right now, one of which is to have 121 baptisms this year. As far as I'm concerned, member missionary work is the way to make it happen. We'll see!
So... we also got in a little scrape driving the other day haha. We bumped into the car in front of us, but the guy didn't even notice, and there was no damage, so he just drove away. It was a miracle, but nonetheless I have to get my Polish driver's license now and start driving haha. President asked me to take care of it yesterday, so I guess it's my next assignment. According to Elder Einfeldt and Elder McMaster, the test is pretty dang hard, but we'll see. Should be fun.
I'll be sure to keep the Cawley's in my prayers! That's so sad to hear she's got a brain tumor, but I'm sure she's got a good team rooting for her with the whole stake involved. I'll be praying for everything to turn out ok!
Elder Park is already attending BYU! You can email his mom! I think he said phone might be better, but you can try both!
Love you Mom! Enjoy the warmer weather!
Elder Haskett