Monday, July 10, 2017

July 3rd

Hey Mom!
That's way awesome Noah did so well at his basketball tournament! Haha it's good to hear that he's getting a lot of playing time, and that he's still breaking ankles at point haha. I'm excited to see his games. I gotta say though, it's weird to think that when I come home him, and probably even Luke are gonna whoop up on me in basketball. I've been trying to at least sorta keep my jump shot up here in Poland, but it's rough. They're gonna be a ways ahead of me haha.
Sounds like you guys have a sweet Fourth of July party planned! I'm a little jealous! We're gonna do our best to make the 4th as American as possible. We're gonna grill burgers out on our balcony, eat some watermelon, make some lemonade, the works! No fireworks, but we're still gonna get in the spirit!
Good luck with the BoM challenge. Haha I'll jump in on it with you over here. Gotta get in one more time before the end of the mission!
Things in Warsaw are going well! For one, we had transfers this week! What we had planned earlier stuck, I'll be in Warsaw with Elder Kriser again as AP. We're gonna be a trio again, this transfer Elder Wood will be joining the fun haha. He's from Idaho, and we're ready to have a good time. There is one small surprise: since Elders Einfeldt and Alvarez are going home a bit earlier than us, President is probably going to send me to a little city called Kielce for my last two weeks. It's not set in stone, and kinda top secret, but that's what I'm expecting. I think I'm gonna leave my suitcases here in Warsaw and just take a little duffel full of clothes haha. Do you think I could buy a duffel bag some time in the next month?
Our last week was pretty sweet. We did get fed again haha, Elder Jeffs came back to Poland with his family, and they took us out. It was really nice of them, and we ate well haha. I actually just put to use the Reeses that I got from the DeMordaunts a couple days ago to make a Reeses peanut butter milkshake. It was so good haha, I was dying. To keep the magic going, I got the package you sent! I started opening it, but I saw all of the wrapping paper and remembered that it was probably a Bday package, so I'm gonna wait till next week! Thank you so much though!
The work is going really well lately. We were pretty busy last week with transfers and everything, but we still had some time for a few cool meetings. One of our most solid investigators finally talked to his family about us. I don't think that we're gonna have a giant family baptism any time soon, but they weren't against it and he still wants to be baptized. We fasted with him and President Turek yesterday, which was way cool. I don't think I've ever been so wiped out on a fast Sunday, but it was a really spiritual experience. We broke the fast at the same time and I gave him a call to see how things went. He said that he felt the Spirit very strongly during the day, and thinks that he is ready to get serious about a date!
We've got an English class still, and it's going well. We're still finding people to teach through it, although I've been slacking on my English class stories lately haha. I'll use a funny one from last transfer. There's this old guy in our class who is a total riot. He barely speaks English, but we love him haha. He walks up to Elder Bebel at the very beginning of class and kinda just awkwardly was like, "Shut up?" And then he said it again and again. Bebel was so confused, and Elder Einfeldt and I were dying. English class doesn't disappoint. Last week our class gave us a bunch of food and treats and stuff, I guess they love us haha.
The branch here all leaves for the summer, too. It's a bummer, but we're still doing pretty well. We're still finding people to teach, so we've got no problems haha. We're taking Elder Andersen's advice to get creative to heart. Elder Kriser and I love basketball, so we'll go out sometimes and just ball with random people at the park. Just last Saturday we had a really good game with a group of people, some from the States, some from Poland, and one from China. It was fun, and I totally broke the Chinese guy's ankles. Then we just got to talk after about why we're here, we got their numbers, and they'll be coming to our English class and stuff in the future! It's a pretty cool way to meet big groups of people all at once, and they're always way more open to talk. After our game the other day, I got invited to play on some international team with a couple of the guys haha. Season doesn't start until September, too late:(
I'm excited for the rooming situation, thanks for taking care of all that! Also, I saw my flight plans in the office the other day. I don't know when you guys were expecting me, but I'll be landing at like 3:50 on the 28th. I was thinking it would be the 29th? I guess that means we have a whole day at home! Disneyland?
We're having a lot of fun lately, and I'm excited for my last transfer. I can't believe it's the last one! I'm sad, but excited. It's kinda like senior year sports, it's time to shine haha. We're gonna make it rock. Also, this being the last couple months, it's high time to start buying souvenirs. What have you heard about in Poland that you would want me to check out? I know a lot of people like the Polish pottery, the amber stuff, what should I keep my eyes open for?
Love you tons Mom, we're doing well over here. Have a happy 4th of July!
Elder Haskett

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