Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 11th

Last week was honestly super awesome! Everything started out with our PDay with the DeMordaunts haha. That was way fun, they took us to the Jewish History Museum and then the Jewish Cemetary. Really cool place, it's honestly crazy though to think about all the stuff that happened here during World War II. Poland has been through a lot. The DeMordaunts were super nice though, and we had a blast.
Piano Guys on Tuesday! It was awesome haha! We took an investigator and Bart, and then President and Sister Turek brought a family that they're close friends with. We had a great time. The concert was super fun. They're so good live haha! The one that plays the piano, Jon Schmidt played a song from underneath the piano, it was insane haha.
We had so many meetings this week! It was super cool. Things got kinda interesting with our investigator with the baptismal date. We'd been fasting for him to find a job, and instead, he got offered a free plane ticket to fly to Denmark to start a new life there on Thursday. We prayed about it, gave him a blessing, and came to the conclusion that it was the right choice. That was hard. I filled out a referral to the other missionaries there, and then we bought him lunch before he was supposed to leave. The next morning, he said that he felt something was holding him here, so he didn't get on the plane. We're interested to see what God has in store for him here. 
Tuesday night we had probably the most powerful lesson I've ever been on with a guy named Janek. He's the writer that I had an interview with. We told you about how he had a spiritual experience on the Elder Andersen meeting. He had us over at his place, and then we just kinda talked about how things are going in his life right now. He's a deeply religious guy, but lately, things have been going badly for him. He fell back into smoking and drinking after quitting. He stopped praying, and now feels a scary, dark power whenever he tries to. We talked and talked and talked about the Book of Mormon, about life, about God, and it was honestly incredible how powerfully we felt the Spirit. We were coming close to the end of the meeting, and I asked him to take a minute to think about what he could do to overcome his fears. He sat quietly for a while and then started to cry. We waited for a bit, and then he said that he could stop thinking about wanting to see Christ again. He said that for the first time in a long time, he felt His presence in his life again. I asked if we could kneel and pray, and then asked if he would say it. He was still afraid, but we told him that he could take however he wants, and wait until the Spirit helped him to pray. We waited a while, and he started crying again. Then he said the most sincere prayer I've ever heard, and stood up and said that he knows, without a doubt, that God loves him again. It was intense. We're gonna have another meeting tomorrow in the chapel.
On Saturday we got challenged by a group of people to play basketball. That was a bad call. I was wearing flip flops (we were planning on playing some sand volleyball), and we still demolished them. I'm not sure if the hoops were low or if my desire to protect my pride was just really strong, but I was dunking in my sandals. Bart threw me an alley-oop and everything (let's talk about missionary-convert connection though). Later we had to switch up the teams cause it was just bad haha. There was one girl playing with them, and she was definitely the best player they had. She plays for Warsaw University. Next time we play, she's gonna have her whole team come for a rematch haha! It was sweet though, they all want to meet us again, and the one girl actually wants to learn about the church! Sports rule!
We're talking about the upcoming transfer with President now. It looks like I'm gonna be staying as AP in Warsaw for now, but we'll see. I really hope I get to stay here till the end, but a break from the leadership stuff would be kinda nice to end the mission on fire. We'll see what happens!
I've got a request! Last week I had a dream that I went to Disneyland in a suit, and that made me realize that we're not gonna get to go to Disneyland before BYU! So I was wondering, would it be possible to go straight from the airport to Disneyland, ride a ride, and get a corndog before going home? We could make the dream a reality? It could make for a pretty classic picture haha.
Haha things are going great for us right now, we're loving the work. I hope you guys have an awesome week, that everyone feels better soon, and that Girl's Camp will be a success! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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