Monday, May 29, 2017

May 28th

Hey Mom!
It's kinda funny how often the scriptures show us how things work, how we gain our testimonies, and how often we usually miss it haha. The natural follow-up to feeling the Spirit is trying to share it. That's how God's love works, He doesn't just pour it all into one person, and that's the end haha, it's meant to be passed on. I think that's part of what Moroni is getting at when he says "sincere desire" and "real intent" in chapter 10. The real intent means that you're gonna act on the testimony you receive, meaning keeping the commandments and sharing the gospel. Cool lesson from the missionaries!
So our week was pretty much nuts. I'll start with the big one, the Elder Andersen meeting! Wednesday morning, we talked with security, got the logistics of the meeting set up and then pretty much just waited for him to arrive. Turns out he got caught in traffic and was late by about an hour. Haha, happens to the best of us apparently! The meeting for the missionaries was really cool though. Elder Andersen is a BOSS! He was super real with us, chill, funny, and obviously just a spiritual giant. 
There's three parts I'd like to share. 
1. I got roasted by an Apostle of the Lord. Let me explain haha. We were talking about changing the way the mission thinks about baptisms, and Elder Andersen was like, "Where are my assistants?" Elder Kriser and I pretty tentatively raised our hands, haha. Then he asked how many baptisms we've had this year. And I had no clue haha! I took a total shot in the dark and went for 16 (and I was right! Holy Ghost!). I guess he could hear the hesitation in my voice, but he took it for embarrassment, and was like, "Elder Haskett, there's nothing to be ashamed of!" Then he turns to the other missionaries and is all like, "Listen to him, '16, sorry'" and we all laughed. Then later, he asked us what kind of goals we'd like to have as a mission for monthly baptisms. I brought up the fact that we'd set the goal of 121 in the year, so about 10 a month would do it, and I gotta say, I did not expect the reply I got haha. He was like, "Alright, let's be real, we're averaging about 3 a month so far. 10 would be nice, but that's not gonna happen for a while. You set goals to grow, not be perfect all at once!" It was pretty cool. He was super spiritual, super faithful, but also super realistic. It was so different from what they tell you in the MTC, or in the worldwide missionary broadcasts. He was real, and made everything he said sound really possible. He finished that segment with a promise, that we might not get 121 baptisms within this year, but guaranteed that there are easily 121 people to find this year that will be baptized someday. It was good to look at it from that perspective.
2. The next thing I wanted to share was just some of the things that were said that hit me pretty hard. 
-"Every mission in the world is different, in some places it is definitely harder to grow the Church than in others. But regardless of where you are, it is never going to be easy. It is always hard. We aren't here to talk about what is hard. We talk about what we can do, and what we are going to do, now." Cool little thought. It does nothing for you to dwell on your circumstances or problems, all you can do is work, and try to make it better.
-"Try to answer your own prayers." That was an interesting line to hear from a General Authority. He said it and then moved on. I thought about it a lot. God does everything on His own timetable. We know that we have to do our part, and that He'll do the rest. But how can we be sure how much of it is our part? We'll never know until it happens. Act, act, and act until you get the job done, and then look back to see what God has done to make it all possible.
-"No matter what your goal is for baptisms, or lessons, or whatever, the fact remains that it is going to take an enormous amount of faith to grow the Church in Poland. Even if the goal is one baptism a month mission-wide, it will take miracles for that one baptism to happen. The same thing goes for 10." We believe in miracles, and every little conversion, every step in the right direction is a miracle in it's own right.
3. Lastly has to do with a major change in plans haha. During the meeting we started talking about the meeting for the members later that night. The missionaries were not supposed to be there, and Elder Andersen was like, "You know, I'd really like for them to come. Do what you gotta do to make that happen". Welp. What an Apostle says, goes haha. We cancelled all the missionaries trains, and then I was in charge of making sure that everybody got dinner, a toothbrush, and a place to sleep. You'd better believe that was a hot mess haha. Dinner was at a grocery store, and then we had about 10 missionaries to an apartment for the night before everybody could catch their trains in the morning. The missionaries weren't in their apartments until about 1 in the morning haha.
It was worth it though! The member meeting was awesome. I got a chance to shake Elder Andersen's hand, and then talk a little more about our goals. He told me, "Elder Haskett, I want you to do me a favor and prove me wrong". Haha I wasn't expecting that, but I'm going for it! We already have 8 planned baptisms for the month of June! Right after our little chat, a member who's not exactly all there ran up to him and started talking to him about a bunch of sketchy stuff. We're talking about visions for the Church, fortune-tellers, voodoo doll stuff. Things started getting pretty weird, and before I knew it I was a human shield for an Apostle, while he got away haha. Wild!
That's all for Elder Andersen though! The rest of the week was good. The sister's investigator asked me to baptize her on Saturday! It was really cool. She's solid, and we're actually gonna start meeting with her friend that came to the service. The next day we set a baptismal date of our own for the 17th of June. It's been a really cool transfer. We went through and found that we're meeting with about 16 serious people right now. It's been a serious blessing.
The home plans sound good! We'll make it work! I can't imagine I'm actually gonna want to go to the orientation stuff, but I guess we'll see haha. We'll worry about it later. I do want to make sure to see Val that Tuesday night though before we go up to Provo!
Thanks for taking care of the driver's license! That'll be huge, now we don't have to go spend our one day at the DMV! Thanks!
Love you Mom, have an awesome week!
Elder Haskett

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer finally




Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love you so much! It was so good talking to you guys today! I can't believe that the next time we see each other, it'll be face to face! Time really has flown. It's been a real ride haha! 
Take care this week, love you!
Elder Haskett

May 21st

Our week was honestly awesome. Started off strong, with the Skype call on Monday. That night, we started our first ZL exchange with Elders Alvarez and Rowley. It was really fun, we got to teach English at a university together, and we also had a bunch of meetings set up. The next day we taught our own English class, which was cool, cause like all of the students said that they'd come to the meeting with Elder Andersen! That night, Elders McMaster and Reid came in for their exchange. We spent the entire next day with them. 
First thing, I passed my driver's test that morning! Haha it was kinda weird, everything was directly translated from Polish to English, so it was a little tough to understand, but we made it through haha. I am officially street legal. One more thing about that, I got an email of a receipt for a CA DMV Driver's License renewal? I wasn't sure if you did that, or if me getting my Polish license changed something?
The rest of the day we had an activity where we met this really cool girl from Saudi Arabia who spoke phenomenal English. We talked a while, and she actually came to church! Then we baked some cookies to take to some less-active families in the branch, which turned out to be an inspired activity. One of the people we visited had passed away, and we gave the cookies to them as a condolence. We also met another family that I had never even met before. The husband and daughter were baptized about 16 years ago, and stopped coming for one reason or another. We spent a really long time talking about all the problems they had, different doubts that kept them from having faith, and honestly just got to know one another. It was a really cool meeting. They're gonna come to the Andersen meeting as well. We'll see what happens!
The next day we dropped them off and had a lesson right away with an investigator. President Turek was on the lesson. It went really well, naturally haha. President is just a boss. He's gonna come to the lesson next week as well. After that we picked up Elders Liechty and Sommerfeldt for our last exchange! Spent the day with them mostly handing out pass-along cards. The next morning we had sports like usual. I scored a pretty gnarly goal from midfield that hit the upper left post. I also took a shot from one of the other elders that put me out of commission for about 15 minutes... At the end of the day we had this activity in the chapel. We basically just had a ton of members there that invited everybody on the street in to talk to us. About 45 people came in, and we were able to teach and talk with a ton of them. A bunch of really cool people want to start meeting in the future!
Yesterday was interesting. First of all, Kris fed us again! He's honestly the best. Super cool guy. He introduced us to a friend that might start taking the lessons! We also had an interview with a book writer that's been trying to write a book about Mormons for the last 3ish years. It was cool, I'm gonna be excited to get a hold of that book haha!
You'd be proud of me this week, we cooked like mad! I kinda made up a recipe for a goulash that tasted awesome. We did a mexican food night, made some chinese, some pasta, and topped it all off with your maple glazed salmon recipe! It was so good haha. We're gonna go for it again this week since we have some leftovers haha.
Super excited for the Elder Andersen meeting this Wednesday! I'll be sure to tell you all about it!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 7

I can't believe I forgot to add this! On May 24th, Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the 12 is coming to Warsaw! All the missionaries are gonna come in for a mission conference! We're working with President on the planning, which means that we're probably gonna get to spend some time with him! Super cool!
Love you!

May 8th

Hey Mom!
I guess we can start with all the Mother's Day stuff! First of all, I'm way excited to see you guys too! Monday works fine, President said that we're good to go. We can definitely do 6:30 your time. I guess as a warning though, President wants everybody to keep their Skype calls to a half hour. Sorry! We'll pack as much in as we can!
Glad to hear that you guys got all freshed up for the cruise haha. "Matching sweat suits, flip flops, necklaces, nails, and sunglasses to name a few items" makes it sound like you are gonna be a pretty easy group to spot on that boat haha. Should be way fun. Let me know how it goes!
Noah told me about the APUSH exam, haha going to the midnight premier of Guardians the night before probably wasn't the best way to prepare, but hey, you do what you gotta do! I'm sure he killed it, same as the ACT.
I still can't believe it's already May! The boys are gonna be finishing up school soon, then it's time for summer and all that jazz. Then I get home! Ahh it's still so weird for me. Once again, I don't have a concrete time for you guys, but I'll let you know as soon as we find out.
Life is good over here still. I'm super tired after last week, and a particularly intense soccer game on Saturday didn't help haha. It's cool though, we got a ton of work done. Being AP without the trio has been a little different, but good. I will say, it's a lot easier to figure out cooking now. I made it a goal to get creative this transfer, and so far I've already figured out how to make Chinese food and made up a  pretty dope pork taco recipe. One of these days throwing things into a pan and hoping it works is gonna bite me in the butt, but we're doing good so far!
Our investigators are doing well! Since Elder Bebel and Einfeldt left behind all the people they'd met here to me, I've made it a primary focus to build good relationships in the last few days and I think it's going pretty well. One of the guys that we're meeting with fasted this week for a baptismal date, and he's thinking the last week of May! Awesome!
Right now I'm interviewing with a news reporter and a writer about the Church and life as a missionary. It's been kinda weird and official, they record everything and have witnesses present and all this stuff, but it's really cool. There's gonna be something in the newspaper, on the news, and then a book written by this pretty famous religious writer pretty soon here, so we're hoping to use the opportunity to spread the Church around in new ways. We'll see what happens!
Elder Kriser and I are doing great. He's adjusting to the new responsibility pretty fast, and has a great attitude about it all. We're hoping to make some big things happen this transfer.
Love you Mom! I'll see you next week!
Elder Haskett