Monday, August 7, 2017

July 30th

Hey Mom!
Haha writing to Powell again, you've got me a little jealous! The weather has picked up here though, so at least we're warm!
It sounds like the boys had an awesome week! Fun that the tournaments and camps all went well. That's awesome you got to talk to someone about  You did find my people! Volleyball players like Jeeps, it's only natural! I miss the Jeep haha, it's gonna be fun to go for a drive again. There's a significant difference between a Jeep Wrangler and a Hyundai i20...
Haha, that's way cool you got to talk to someone from the team about the mission and everything. I think everyone in the world thinks that a mission is just building houses haha. We met a group of guys from the South just like that a few hours ago, they're doing a bunch of volunteer work here in Poland for about 10 days. Cool stuff! A little different from our idea of a mission, but they were awesome people, and they were excited to meet some fellow Americans haha.
The work really has been going well lately. The run thing was awesome haha! It was a really different way to get our name out there, but I think different is exactly what we need right now. We're teaching a little family because of that! And a ton of people came to check out our English class, which was awesome.
The work on our end is going really well. This week we had a lot of lessons. Right off the bat we met with this one investigator who I've been working with since coming to Warsaw. He's been making a lot of progress lately, and during our meeting on Tuesday, we talked again about enduring to the end. He was asking how it's even possible to keep making progress, and learning for your entire life, and we just talked about how reading the Book of Mormon over and over again always teaches you something new. It got him pretty hyped, and then we all got hyped, and then we decided to all read the Book of Mormon from start to finish before I go home! Haha then later that day, we met with some other people that joined us in the Book of Mormon challenge. Now we've got most of Warsaw's YSA, the missionaries, and other members all over Poland joining in with us! Haha we started a little movement. It's been going really well though. I've been keeping up with all the people that started with us, and everybody's having positive experiences. We'll see what happens! 
Another cool meeting with that same investigator, we were talking about specific commandments later in the week and we got pretty deep into prayer. We were discussing what prayer should actually look like, and the question came up, "If Heavenly Father already knows everything, then why do I even have to ask for blessings?" As we were talking about it, he kinda came to the conclusion himself, that he's just gotta be more humble, and accept that even if not everything makes sense to him, it's what Heavenly Father asked us to do, so we do it. Then he was just so happy that all of the sudden, things made sense. Overall, this guy understands the gospel so well, it's incredible. I feel like he's grasped other, more complicated topics and principles that I didn't figure out until the MTC. It's cool, we just imagine how wise this guy is gonna be 10 years down the road with the gift of the Holy Ghost. It's cool stuff.
Pretty awesome meeting with a member the other day that got baptized in 1988, before the Poland Warsaw Mission even existed! Haha he's got the very first edition of the Book of Mormon, and remembers meeting in some of the building that most missionaries have only seen pictures of haha. He's a fossil! Super cool, impressive guy. When he walked into the room, he just kinda had like this leaderly impression. You couldn't help but respect the guy haha. We're excited to keep meeting.
Our Saturday was pretty much unbelievable. I think I already told you that we got into an international basketball tournament. So we showed up to find out that our team got booted for some reason. That was a real bummer, but I think it was all part of the plan haha. After being there for about 5 minutes, the announcer was like, "OH HEY, looks like we've got some Americans here with us today!" And then he came over and had us introduce ourselves. That got us a chance to talk to pretty much everyone there, players and spectators. Then the guy gave me the mike and asked me to do some commentary on the games in English! Haha it was so funny, I had a blast. Turns out this MC guy is a famous rapper, and we got his number cause he wants to meet! He also shared our English class on Facebook, and talked our church up too! So random! The pictures were hilarious haha!
The plan is still for me to go to Kielce. It's gonna be cool, but I'm definitely gonna miss Warsaw a lot. It's my home in Poland haha. It's been really cool to be here so long, get close with the members, and see the city and branch change. I'm definitely grateful for the time I've had here. But yeah, it'll be interesting to see what the new city brings!
I hope you guys have a great time at Lake Powell! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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