Monday, August 7, 2017

August 6th

Hey Mom!
Haha I had the same thoughts this last Sunday at fast and testimony meeting. As I got up I think I finally realized how long I've been in the branch here. I didn't really ever expect to say goodbye. I don't think the members were expecting it either, everybody thought I was a permanent fixture here haha.
Anyways, I'm glad Lake Powell went so well, haha what else was I expecting? Not one person sent me any pictures, I'll be waiting on those next week!
Wow, I can't believe summer is already over for the boys! It went by really fast haha. Is Luke pretty excited for West Ranch? I guess the orientation stuff is probably already done, it's getting real haha! I can't wait to see him get into sports and all that stuff. I was actually just thinking the other day that it would be fun to drive Noah and Luke to school one of these days just for old time's sake. I get updates from Kati every once in a while that confirm that the life lessons I taught Noah on the way to school his freshman year have stuck with him, for better or for worse haha. It's crazy to think he's a senior now.
The sushi surprise last week was awesome haha! We met the family last week in church, they were visiting, and they invited us out! We had some pretty adventurous foods there, try raw salmon with raw egg on top for example, and pretty much just had a good time. They were super nice.
Things are still going really well here in Warsaw. We had a crazy week last week. Just trying to meet with all the people we've met the last few days has been nuts, but also awesome. We got out to see that family the other day, which was awesome! They're doing really well. Only problem is they live way out of Warsaw, so it's hard for them to get to us, and for us to get to them, but we'll see what we can do.
We also met with this girl the other day we met at the basketball tournament. We met this awesome group of students, and she was one of them. At first, she didn't seem so interested, but she started messaging us, asking all these questions, and it sounded like she was doing a ton of research. We had a meeting last night, and it was really powerful. She pretty much soaked up everything like a sponge, and the whole time was just like, "Wow, this is so different. I've never felt like this before". Then later that night she said she couldn't stop thinking about it all, and felt an overwhelming urge to start making changes in her life. She read the Book and other stuff we gave her all night long. Crazy stuff!
Last Saturday we had another race! This one was right in front of the chapel, so we got a bunch of the members, and all of the missionaries involved. It was awesome! President even ran with us! Haha, we had a good time, and we actually placed really well! Kriser, Wood, Mandla, and I all placed top ten for our age group, and Bart placed top ten as well! Wood actually came in first out of everyone for our heat, which was awesome hahaha. We've all got medals and some cool shirts and stuff.  The race was also a really cool opportunity to talk to people about the church and then invite them in. We lead tours for the rest of the afternoon, and then 2 new people were in sacrament meeting yesterday because of it! Really cool!
Other good news, me leaving meant that a bunch of members wanted to feed us last week, and we're set up a few times this week too! Haha yesterday we were at this American family's house. They were way awesome. Had some amazing homeade bread and lasagna. That's a rare treat in Poland haha. It was also kinda weird, because their daughter and her friend were visitng from home, they go to university in the States, so we were just talking about school and stuff. One of them is going to BYU, so we might run into eachother sometime. It was weird talking about classes and stuff though, kinda reminded me that it's all coming up soon.
The goodbye part of this week has already been rough. Like I said, the members weren't expecting it. It was hard, Warsaw has pretty much become my home branch haha. I did promise them we'd be coming back though, so we've gotta make that happen! They're pretty excited haha!
I'll be heading off for Kielce on Thursday pretty early in the morning. It's bittersweet for sure. I definitely don't want to say goodbye to Warsaw, but I'm excited to make some things happen in Kielce. I feel good about it. I know that time is going to fly there though, I think I've only got like 16 days there? Crazy fast.
Elders Einfeldt and Alvarez go home on Friday! It's insane! I'm gonna miss those guys!
Welp, I hope you have an awesome week, Mom! This is me signing off in Warsaw:,)
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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