Thursday, September 24, 2015

Who you gonna call????

When there's something strange
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

One month down!!!!

Coś nowiego!

First things first, I totally called the BYU game. Not that that was much of a surprise. 

This week has been really cool, lots of Polish and spiritual stuff. The usual. We're still working on cases and how to implement transition words and stuff like that. So we're all a little brain dead, but I'm impressed every day by how much we're learning. We learned the First Vision yesterday, and I didn't even know that in English. "Ujrzałem słup światła dokłdnie nad głową..." Really cool to hear the whole district recite that. 

We also heard from Brother Carden of the Seventy on Tuesday. He was the one who told us that Elder Scott had passed. It was really sad, but all the sudden, I could just feel his spirit in the room. I felt like he was happy, and that he and all the other saints that had gone on were behind the missionary force too. Then in our testimony meeting, President Wiseman said he felt the exact same thing. It was really special.
I also think I officially figured out how the Spirit feels to me this week. It's always so hard to describe, but for me, it is the exact opposite of fear. Not courage, but just not fear. And that just makes sense to me, if the Adversary is behind all of our fears, then it would make sense that Christ would be behind it's opposite. When I feel the Spirit now, I feel like the power of God is with me, and as long as I'm worthy and doing his work, I can't fail. And I know that's true.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well back at home. Sports sounds like fun right now. Glad soccer is going well, and Luke, you can definitely count that goal. I never doubted we'd have success in basketball and volleyball, so keep up the good work. Good luck this weekend in the Triathlon, someone better bring home a medal for Stevenson Ranch.

I do get to see Blake a lot around here. We talk a bit every meal. I think he doesn't leave until a week before me, because the Filipino missionaries usually spend a week in the Philippines MTC before going into the field. I'm not sure if that's the case for the Cebuano guys though.

Anyways, once again, I'm glad everything at home is going well! Love you guys tons!

Na rasze,
Elder Haskett

One month down!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pics from week 3

Looking chill, maybe it's the 9 hours of language training a day😬😬
Sweater Saturday with the district! He knows his mom loves a good theme👍🏼

Week 3!!!!!!!

Cześć Everybody,
Another good week this week.  We're finally going into cases, which is terrible. I don't get why other languages need multiple words for nouns. My name sometimes conjugates to Starszego Logana Hasketta. Why? Because the Polish people love chaos. Anyways the language is still coming pretty easy though. We're all pretty fast learners in District 51F.
Blake got here yesterday. I've gotten to talk to him a few times, no pictures yet, but I'm imparting my MTC veteran wisdom on him. It's funny talking to the English speakers who complain about the food and being here forever and then were like "Oh yeah, this is our 23rd day. And we've got 40 more." 
Also I got my patriarchal blessing yesterday. It was pretty awesome. Lot of good stuff in there. He said the language would come easy (I fist pumped during the prayer). I don't remember a whole lot else, but it felt really good. Also the patriarch said that I have to go to the temple the weekend I get back and I'll be set forever after that, so you better remind me when I get home.
BTW, I realized I haven't talked about volleyball yet. I was pretty sure the competition was supposed to be ridiculous. It is not. I am the granddaddy of all volleyball here, which isn't saying much. My district is getting pretty good though. After 9 weeks we should be rock solid. Though since everybody else is bad, I do get to hit a lot. I bounced 3 times today. Yesterday I made an elder scream. It was pretty funny.
I'm glad everything at home is going well. Congrats on Legacy Noah and Luke! That should be really fun. Also Noah you better be really nice to my Jeep. Good luck at the Castaic Triathlon this weekend! I better not hear about any injuries this year.
Anyways love you guys tons. I'll be writing soon. Wiem że moja misja jest dobre doświadcienie i jest spoka. Powiedzię wy wkrótce.
Super-Starszy Haskett

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Czesc guys,
Things are getting into a rhythm now here.  Every day still feels like a year and every week has felt like a day.  Still having fun though.  The Polish is getting a lot better.  We're finally learning some grammar principles that are making things easier.  Teaching lessons is getting really easy.  We usually don't write anything down in Polish anymore.  Teaching lessons in English is a breeze.  Starszy McMaster and I forgot about our lesson in district meeting and BS'd a 50 minute conversation about baptism on the spot, and the Branch President said it was solid.  Can't get too cocky though, I still sound like an idiot when I speak Polish, but at least I can say some things.  My personal favorite is "Szynki" which means ham.  It sounds a lot like "Dzieki" which means thanks so we say ham to people who hold open doors for us and they say you're welcome:)
During this week's devotional we heard from Bishop Causse from the General Bishopric.  He's a convert from France, so hearing him and his wife struggle with English made me a lot more comfortable with struggling for 2 years, considering they've lived here for more than 30 years.  At the end of his talk though he said "I need to be bold" and walked over to the piano and played the craziest solo I've ever heard.  It was awesome.
Well the food still bites.  It's on a schedule, so we're already eating the same things over and over again.  For example, Thursday is "Terrible Blueberry Pancake on a Stick" Day.  I'm just excited for tomorrow because every Friday is pizza from Papa Johns.  We're thinking about smuggling some into residence because we have a microwave.
Love you guys tons, the package was awesome.  We almost finished the Oreos in one day.  The picture at Zion's is awesome.  Keep sending those, we have a printer we can use here.
Luke the best Polish word is Zadoscuczynienie.  It means Atonement.  Look up the pronunciation. 
Super-Starszy Haskett

Friday, September 4, 2015


Dave said he looks like a pro already!! I'm just happy to see his smiling face!

This is his companion Starzy McMaster from thatcher, AZ.


Hey guys how's it going? I figure I'll just reply the whole family through this email. Things are going great, but P-Day couldn't have come sooner. I'm super tired. This week was really cool, the language is coming so much faster than I expected. I can bear my testimony in Polish pretty easy now. Wiem ze Ksiega Mormona jest prawdziwa, i Jozef Smith byl prorokiem Boga. Stuff like that. 

We have Sunday and Tuesday Devo's with the whole MTC. On Tuesday we heard from Brother Dahlquist from the 70. He was talking about how excited our mission presidents were for us to arrive, so I said a quick prayer and asked for help in becoming the missionary Brother Dahlquist and President Edgren in Poland saw in me. When I finished, Bro D. immediately mentioned a missionary from Poland who was having a tough time who received an answer to his prayer. It was super cool. I know that was meant for me. Then on Tuesday, Elder Oaks came. Apparently that doesn't happen to often, but it was sweet. He said that he was an Apostle and that missionaries are apostles. The change in capitalization doesn't change the blessings and influence from the Spirit.

We've been teaching an investigator in Polish, (she's an actor) and it's going surprisingly we'll we've taught five 30 minute lessons and have her committed to a baptism next Saturday. I don't think she was allowed to say no.

Anyways the food here is terrible, earlier I said all I wanted at the MTC was fish and Chinese food. They served both on the same night and botched both. The district is really cool. There's 5 going to Poland which is the most they've ever had and then 2 going to Leeds, England speaking Polish. All pretty fun guys. My companion, Starszy McMaster, is from Thatcher, AZ, which is 3 hrs east of Phoenix. Everything is going really well.

Dad, the pic of us at the Grand Canyon is pretty sweet. I'm making a lot of friends at the MTC who I probably wouldn't have talked to before. I think there's something about missionaries that makes us hard not to like.

My brace should be in my WR bball backpack. BTW say thanks to Nik for his shoutout for me. The cookies were great by the way. I don't know if I'm going to be able to upload pictures while I'm here or not.

Super-Starszy Haskett