Monday, June 26, 2017

June 25th

Hey Mom!
Haha sounds like you guys had a good time at girl's camp! I'm glad you made it through another one, even though you're tired. Hopefully there will be some chill time for you at some point this summer!
Haha that's awesome that Noah's doing well with basketball. Good thing he's finally started shooting haha, I was worried he was gonna spend his whole senior year breaking people's ankles for nothing haha. Caleb's getting big too, it's weird to think that he's already playing competitive ball. He's about as old as I was when we first moved to Cali. It's been a while I guess haha.
That's sweet you met another RM from Poland! We are a rare sort, but there's a good few of us now. There have been a ton of missionaries coming through Warsaw lately vacationing, so we've gotten to meet a bunch of people. Two weeks ago a guy came through with his wife, he had served 20 years ago. Then an old friend, Elder Jones visited last week (also with his wife). He went home at the same time as Elder Park. It's fun to see all these missionaries. All they ever want to talk about anymore is me going home though haha. And I'll make sure I keep my Polish haha! I've set a goal to pick Spanish back up though. The plan is to be able to read Harry Potter in English, Polish, and Spanish within a year of finishing the mission haha. We'll see how it goes.
We had a pretty sweet week. Ever since visiting with the Tureks on Monday, Elder Kriser and I have been making their German potato pancakes haha. Basically they taste a lot like hash browns, but hey, hash browns are sweet. 
We had a meeting with one of the recent converts last week. He was baptized on Christmas Eve, I think you guys remember that one. Anyways, he had his first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, and he was way nervous haha. We went over to his place for the first time, and it was awesome! Haha he's got all these cool souvenirs from the States from all the times he's traveled, and we got to check the place out. He made us crepes, another bonus, and then we buckled down on his talk. I told him that if he was really nervous on Sunday, that he should open up with a joke to lighten the mood, and he did it! Haha the tradition will live on after I leave in Poland. It was a great talk, we were very proud haha.
Another pretty cool set up, we met a girl from Texas last week who's working in Poland as a nanny. She's a really cool girl, and she's looking for her help in learning Polish. We set up for last week, and it went pretty well. Later we met her friend. Apparently there's a bunch of Americans here trying to learn Polish, but all the classes are pretty lame. We're hoping to be able to meet a bunch of new people and see if we can help out with the Polish class.
Our English class last week was pretty bumping, too. We had a bunch of young students. The lesson went pretty well, and then at the end we taught them the song Hallelujah, and then sang the Penatonix arrangement for them haha. It was sweet, and I'm pretty dang sure they're all gonna come back for more heh.
We had another really cool meeting with an investigator. Since he's started getting serious about studying the Church, he says that things in his life are just opening up. He was able to quit smoking cold turkey with almost no problems. He's getting over alcohol, and recently stopped swearing as well. It's been really cool to see the small steps he's made add up. It reminded me of a talk from Conference, where the missionaries started meeting with a beach bum. After their first meeting, he shaved his beard and cleaned up, just because he felt it was the right thing to do. Then he cleaned his place, stopped drinking, and step by step got his life together and became pretty successful. Obviously our story wasn't nearly as drastic of a change, but it's cool to see people change their lives, no matter how small the changes are. When we're trying to do what's right, God will show us the next step to take, or the next thing to do. 
We changed the time we play sports on Saturdays to later in the day so we could meet more people, and it worked! We played a group of 8 old guys in basketball last week haha! It was really fun, and some of them were pretty good. It's fun to put some handles on every once in a while, and see what they'll do. There are some good shooters in Poland, and plenty of athletes, but no one can dribble. We can dance around these guys when they play defense. I'll have to film a game one of these days, it's fun stuff.
You were right, transfers are next week! Weird enough, I don't actually know for sure yet where I'm going. We were supposed to finish up the transfer board last week, but things got busy and we weren't able to do it. I think I'll be staying, but we'll see. I guess you'll all find out when everybody else does next week!
We've got culture night tonight with the district. It'll be bowling! Then for the rest of the week we've got transfers and meetings! It'll be fun!
Have an awesome week Mom! I love you!
Elder Haskett

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