Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10th

Our week was honestly nuts. It's hard for me to believe that it's only been a week since transfers started, so much has happened. I'll break it up by day.
To start us off, Tuesday, the Fourth of July! We had a really solid day, and got to listen to quite a bit of American classics along the way. We had one last meeting with an investigator that'll be in the Ukraine for the summer. He committed to go to church every week while he's gone, and really plan on getting baptized when he gets back. We'll see what happens, we're gonna keep contact through email! Later that day we found a sweet library to study at. There's a huge rooftop library that was just really chill. To end the night we had a real patriotic celebration that consisted of grilling burgers, wings, fries, milkshakes, and strawberry lemonade. We yelled freedom off the balcony to go out with a bang hahaha.
Wednesday was a little more toned down. We had a meeting with President to start planning for MLC, and then after that English class. That was fun, we sang for the class again. Most of the students actually stayed behind for our religion course! We started a new program this transfer, with each class based off of one of the Articles of Faith. It's cool, because spending about 30-45 mins on each one covers pretty much every aspect of the gospel and missionary discussions. Perfect!
Thursday was my last MLC:) Haha we did well, and ate a lot of pizza, no complaints there. The elders from Katowice stayed with us for an exchange that night. Elders Sommerfeldt and Huffman, they're good guys so we had a good time. 
Friday was nuts. We had 5 meetings, so it was good that we had so many elders in the apartment, we were on splits the whole time. A couple with members, and then a couple with investigators. One member took us to a vegan bar to meet a friend of his. It was really cool, his friend and her boyfriend want to see us again! The vegan food wasn't so cool... That night Elder Huffman and I had a really awesome meeting with an old friend. He's working on changing his life, and we want to help him out haha. He's looking for better work, and wants to get baptized too. We're gonna meet once or twice a week to hook him up. 
Saturday was even crazier than Friday. We had a meeting with the brother of that other guy that went to Ukraine in the morning. We're hoping that he and his bro work together on being baptized! We'll see what happens when he gets back! Then I jumped in with Elder Mandla and we met with a family that we met in Katowice. They're the super nice people that took us out for a PDay trip that one time! It was awesome, they're super cool, and they got us food again! It was nice to see them. We met another lady on the street who invited us in to her home. She had a homeless man living in the other room, and she wanted us to try to help him to believe in Jesus again. He was completely closed off to us, but she was really open! We're going over tonight to do service for her! Then at the end of the night this girl from Germany met with us and Bart. She had met with the missionaries a year ago, and is ready to go now! She'll be baptized this Saturday! I can't believe it haha, it was a total miracle!
Really cool week, and we're hoping to keep the fire burning! It's been sweet, pray for all the people we're working with, there's honestly a ton now!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett 

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