Monday, May 22, 2017

May 21st

Our week was honestly awesome. Started off strong, with the Skype call on Monday. That night, we started our first ZL exchange with Elders Alvarez and Rowley. It was really fun, we got to teach English at a university together, and we also had a bunch of meetings set up. The next day we taught our own English class, which was cool, cause like all of the students said that they'd come to the meeting with Elder Andersen! That night, Elders McMaster and Reid came in for their exchange. We spent the entire next day with them. 
First thing, I passed my driver's test that morning! Haha it was kinda weird, everything was directly translated from Polish to English, so it was a little tough to understand, but we made it through haha. I am officially street legal. One more thing about that, I got an email of a receipt for a CA DMV Driver's License renewal? I wasn't sure if you did that, or if me getting my Polish license changed something?
The rest of the day we had an activity where we met this really cool girl from Saudi Arabia who spoke phenomenal English. We talked a while, and she actually came to church! Then we baked some cookies to take to some less-active families in the branch, which turned out to be an inspired activity. One of the people we visited had passed away, and we gave the cookies to them as a condolence. We also met another family that I had never even met before. The husband and daughter were baptized about 16 years ago, and stopped coming for one reason or another. We spent a really long time talking about all the problems they had, different doubts that kept them from having faith, and honestly just got to know one another. It was a really cool meeting. They're gonna come to the Andersen meeting as well. We'll see what happens!
The next day we dropped them off and had a lesson right away with an investigator. President Turek was on the lesson. It went really well, naturally haha. President is just a boss. He's gonna come to the lesson next week as well. After that we picked up Elders Liechty and Sommerfeldt for our last exchange! Spent the day with them mostly handing out pass-along cards. The next morning we had sports like usual. I scored a pretty gnarly goal from midfield that hit the upper left post. I also took a shot from one of the other elders that put me out of commission for about 15 minutes... At the end of the day we had this activity in the chapel. We basically just had a ton of members there that invited everybody on the street in to talk to us. About 45 people came in, and we were able to teach and talk with a ton of them. A bunch of really cool people want to start meeting in the future!
Yesterday was interesting. First of all, Kris fed us again! He's honestly the best. Super cool guy. He introduced us to a friend that might start taking the lessons! We also had an interview with a book writer that's been trying to write a book about Mormons for the last 3ish years. It was cool, I'm gonna be excited to get a hold of that book haha!
You'd be proud of me this week, we cooked like mad! I kinda made up a recipe for a goulash that tasted awesome. We did a mexican food night, made some chinese, some pasta, and topped it all off with your maple glazed salmon recipe! It was so good haha. We're gonna go for it again this week since we have some leftovers haha.
Super excited for the Elder Andersen meeting this Wednesday! I'll be sure to tell you all about it!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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