Monday, February 27, 2017


18 months

Hey Mom!
Yep, we're officially at 18 months, I can't believe it haha. Time really does fly. With all the craziness of transfers this week, we had Elder Einfeldt at our apartment, so we got to celebrate together. It was pretty sweet, burned 2 pairs of pants. Only a little bit sketchy, but no harm was done.
I'll be sure to send a little note for the missionary month thing. If you need it this week, there won't be time to send a video, but I'll be sure to write something.
Haha that's good Noah's staying busy with basketball. Bummer we went down in the churchball final, but that's ok. I read Noah's email right after this, I was curious haha. Sounds like things got pretty wild, but I'm glad everything worked out. Trashing a car for a prank in front of a camera, rookie move haha.
It seems like everybody is sick lately! I've been down lately too, I got a sore throat a little over a week ago, and now it's just gnarly congestion. One of the sisters went down too (maybe my fault), and a ton of members missed church this week. Hopefully Dad is feeling better soon! I've gotta say, I've never even heard of pluricity before. But either way, I guess I hope at least you have a good time in San Fransisco! Eat some sourdough bread, ride a trolley on the hills, all that good stuff.
Ok time for transfer news! Basically we had a meeting with President on Tuesday to go over things, meaning I knew every single transfer call in the mission like a week before anyone else did. It was terrible haha. Almost no one knew I was an assistant yet, we had to keep it a secret, so a bunch of people were just speculating about their calls, and I couldn't say anything haha. I also knew where Elder Barlow was going, it was tough keeping it from him. He's in Bydgoszcz now, I'm pretty happy for him. He'll learn a lot there, it's good stuff. I also knew the sisters would be splitting up, which was terrible, because they were really hoping to stay together again. Sister DeMordaunt is headed to Wrocław. I still love that city, so I did my best to cheer her up, but she's pretty bummed to be out of Warsaw. I guess that's transfers for you.
This week was pretty much just a lot of meetings to get ready for all the transfers, but we also got our baptism! Tobiasz made it! It was way cool. We had a few meetings this week, so then by Saturday he was totally ready! The service was awesome, and, I gotta say, it felt pretty good to get all dressed up in white haha. I spoke at the service, talked a little about the Holy Ghost, and His role as the Comforter. On Sunday he was confirmed. A member of the quorum of the 70 was there. He spoke, and at one point singled out Tobiasz and pretty much gave him personal advice on how to live a happy life and stick to the gospel. It was way cool. 
Last week of the transfer, so we had some fun stuff too. On Friday we had our culture night. We went bowling. Then Sunday night the whole district got together to have dinner and play Apples to Apples. It was way fun. A good way to end a really good transfer. I've really enjoyed working with this district.
Weird experience Sunday night as well. We were on a bus with the sisters. A really, really drunk girl got on and started eating some of the cookies that the sisters were holding. Then she started talking to us. Then she started trying really hard to kiss me? She grabbed me around the head and just went for it. I got a hand in between our faces, and then pretty much stiff armed her away. She came back for another one, but I kept her off the second time. Everybody on the bus was dying, laughing so hard. The sisters were dying too. I gotta say, that was not how I was expecting to celebrate 18 months.
This new transfer has officially started! I'm already working with Elder Einfeldt and Bebel. All 3 of us are APs, which means things are either going to be easier for us, or we're about to be handed a lot more responsibilities haha.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, February 20, 2017


Warsaw branch

February 20th

Hey Mom!
Dang, it sounds like we had a crazy storm! Knocking trees over, mudslides, and even changing Dad and Eddie's minds about doing a camping trip, it must have been pretty bad haha. I guess for them to actually name the storm Lucifer, it's gotta be pretty bad. Was this the official end of the drought for us?
Other than that, I guess your week does sound pretty quiet. I'm glad everything is settled with getting Sabrina moved in. Cool that she's already got a friend and everything. Pretty nuts to think that there's so many people out there that just drop everything to go after their dreams. Cool stuff.
Hopefully all the boys do a good job with their promposals. We'd better not drop the ball this year haha.
So I guess I've got a lot to talk about this week haha. To start things off, I don't really have to worry all that much about squeezing in a bunch of Warsaw adventures this week, turns out I'll be sticking around. I got my transfer call a week early this time around. 
Another surprise: Tobiasz came back! As it turns out, he was in a car crash about 3 weeks ago. His side of the story pretty much goes like this. He slid off the road and hit a tree head on going pretty fast. He was hurting pretty bad, and says that he remembers saying a prayer immediately. He told God that if this was his time to go, that he was sorry for all his mistakes, but if not, he was going to make things right in his life. He passed out, and then woke up a couple weeks later in a hospital. First thing he asked for was a Book of Mormon. Read it in the hospital and felt the Spirit really strongly. He was let out of the hospital Monday night, went straight to the phone store, and then gave me a call first thing, to make sure that he could still get baptized. After that, he called his boss to tell him he was still alive, and then he called his girlfriend (talk about priorities haha). He's still on medication right now, but he's looking a lot better. We've had like 3 meetings with him since, and he's just awesome. He says that he feels like God has given him a fresh start, a second chance at life. With his baptism next week, I believe that he's going to be a new man. What a miracle!
The rest of the week probably sounds pretty lame in comparison, but still good stuff. We had a meeting with that Hare Krishna guy, that was pretty awkward. He didn't have any personal documents or really anything to help us find any of his ancestors, so we pretty much finished in 15 minutes. Good thing is though, we rode the tram home together and were able to have a really cool discussion about faith. I learned a ton about what it is that the Hare Krishna faith is all about, and then we got to talk about the Restoration in detail. Our next meeting with him is all going to be religion, while we wait for him to find enough information about his family to get started on FamilySearch.
I talked to Elder Park! He hasn't sent me his email yet, but I sent him your's, so you should be able to contact him this week.
That's all I got though, I hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 12th

Hey Mom!
Man, I can't believe that I missed 2 Malice in the Palace games during my mission! The whole team on the court, that must have been crazy. I bet the coaches and probably at least most of the parents were pretty mad about that haha. We'd better do well in playoffs, I hope missing 2 players doesn't hurt us too bad.
Sounds like you're still keeping yourself busy with having Sabrina in the house haha. Lot of remodling to be done I guess. What did you do with the old bed from the guest room? 
Haha I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video from Bart haha. He's actually the one in the middle. He's got some pretty good moves. Originally we were planning on doing a Michael Jackson number, and I was ready to bust out some other old dances that we did, but the Mormon boy band idea came out last minute, and luckily I had some material for that too. "Bart, look up the 'If It Isn't Love' music video by New Edition"! I choreographed the whole thing in about 30 mins, and we had a good time practicing and performing haha. The act scored us quite a few surprised compliments from members and missionaries alike, (unfortunately President Turek didn't come, that woulda been awesome) as well as a dinner appointment haha.
The talent show was definitely the highlight of our week, felt just like a ward lip sync, but the rest of the week was fun too. We still haven't gotten a hold of Tobiasz, he's been MIA, but we're still praying for him, and we're hoping he'll turn up within the rest of the transfer. We still have 2 weeks left so we'll see. Other than that, we're still meeting with some other really cool people. We've actually gotten tight with the Hare Chrishnas that come and dance in the city center where we work. This week we're gonna have a meeting with one haha. We're gonna talk about family history, and then we're hoping to meet the rest of his friends. They're really cool people.
Also, I've gotten to spend a lot of time lately with President Urban from Katowice. His wife is still in the hospital here in Warsaw. He's still doing pretty well though, solid guy. Keep the family in your prayers.
Zone Conference is this Thursday. Should be pretty cool. After this week we've only got one more before the next transfer! Crazy stuff.
I'll send stuff about BYU in a later email!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

Monday, February 6, 2017

Warsaw gang


February 5th

Hey Mom!

Welp, the Patriots won another Super Bowl, meaning that I pretty much missed nothing new there. If I had missed the Seahawks Super Bowl win, when Richard Sherman told the whole world he was the greatest thing since the grilled cheese sandwich, I woulda been a little bummed. In case you were wondering what I eat for lunch most days, that was a little hint.
Bummer about Noah's week in basketball. We gotta get these next two wins, but I'm guessing league is out of the question now. Do you think we'll make playoffs?
Glad everybody is healthy though, I hope it stays that way. Grandma Helen and Grandma Lou will be in my prayers, hopefully they get better soon.
Haha I bet you're pretty psyched to have Sabrina there. About 20 years of boy parenting, it's gotta be a little weird to have a girl in the house. Are you planning on asking her to do a bunch of girl things with you? Speaking of which, I think the district will be going out for pedicures next week. I'm not really sure what to expect, but the sisters promised that there would be a foot massage, and that sounds pretty nice haha. This news is coming almost exactly a year after the time I shaved my legs... not sure what the mission is doing to me haha. Eh, knowing me, I won't be able to handle being tickled, and I'll end up kicking some poor... pedicurist? Pedicure artist? Foot cleaner? Not sure what the proper title is soo...
Things are still pretty sweet on our end. The branches did combine last week, that was really cool. Awesome to see so many members in one place, and kinda surreal to have a sacrament meeting in a chapel with pews and and organ! It was like a little taste of home. We spent almost the whole week moving things from one chapel to the other, lots of pianos, desks, and boxes to be carried. They were more than happy to include the missionaries haha.
Some bad news, our investigator who was supposed to get baptized this Saturday dropped off the face of the Earth. I haven't heard from him since last week. Whenever I call, it goes straight to voice mail, so I'm hoping his phone broke or his contract went out or something. We'll see.
We were able to meet with some of the members that I met in Katowice this week. The branch president, President Urban is staying in Warsaw. His wife has been pretty sick, she's been in the hospital for a while. Elder Einfeldt and I visited them last week, and I think that we're going to be spending some time with them once a week from now on. It's sad, but it's nice to see familiar faces. 
It got cold again last week, so the hand warmers and the jacket are coming in handy again. Some of the members got us a big thing of hot chocolate thing and jet-puffed marshmellows for Christmas, and it's been a life saver haha. They take good care of us here.
Transfers aren't for about 3 more weeks! We've still got time!
That's pretty much it for this week! Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett