Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Transfer week April 26th

Hey Mom!
So I usually wait until after responding to questions and stuff to talk about the week, but I won't make you wait for the news. Slight bummer, I got transferred after all haha. I'm serving in a city called Katowice (Cat-O-veetsa). The move was rough, all the goodbyes were hard and hauling my bags everywhere was a nightmare. The good news is that I'm with Elder Einfeldt from my MTC district! It was pretty awesome, I've always been around older missionaries, and now we're back together. The interesting news, I got stuck with leadership. Elder Einfeldt and I are Zone Leaders, co-District Leaders, and co-Senior companions. I actually have to do stuff now, haha. Should be fun I guess.
Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week too! Bummer we got handed a loss in volleyball, it's always to be expected with our program, but we always hope every year that things will change for the better. As long as we win out, we'll at least share league! Of course Disneyland was fun, it always is. I can't wait to come home and be so used to walking around all the time that I'm just the king of Disneyland. 
OK I was already the king of Disneyland, no one can put away churros like me.
But anyways, Ellen sounds like it was really fun! I gotta ask, who was on it? Anyone cool?
Also good that Brenton killed his homecoming talk. Elder Torres was pretty bummed, he doesn't give his for like a month and a half from now. Speaking of which, me writing this means that he's on a plane right now! Crazy!
So yeah, I guess my week. We didn't get to meet with the yoga girl, but the Claw elders are meeting her today. Hopefully things go well. Everyone else is doing fine, I'm hoping when President finally gives in to my begging and sends me back to Wrocław, I'll have some brand new members to meet!
Other than lessons, English was really fun. I met this new guy who's English was phenomenal. We were playing Taboo, and someone got the word "superstition". Naturally I sang the first line of Livin the Vida Loca, "She's in, to superstition, black cats and voodoo dolls", and this dude without a moment's hesitation replied, "Ricky Martin was a legend". I was dying. I'm definitely gonna miss our English class.
Saturday was insane. We had to move out of our apartment into the other elder's apartment cause the sisters kicked us out, we had apartment inspections from the senior couple (passed with flying colors), transfer calls, and then we finished it all off with culture night. That was fun. Didn't make it to the oldest restaurant, incidentally you need reservations, so we hit up another nice place and then the E. Wedel chocolate drinkery. Basically they just melt really fancy chocolate and you drink it. It was like 15zł for like 150ml, haha.
So now I'm here. I don't know much about the city, but supposedly the branch is really cool. I'm probably gonna have to translate for sacrament meetings, which should be interesting. We did walk into a baptismal date! We've got 3 investigators from the old elders, and one is preparing for the end of next month. Also, our Branch President, who's really cool, is getting married next month, and we'll all get to go. I think we've got an exciting transfer in store. Makes sense, I am in charge after all. Co-in charge at least.
That's all I can really think of from my end though! Love you Mom! Have fun this week!
Elder Haskett

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