Monday, April 11, 2016

April 10th

Hey Mom!
Brazil! That's insane haha. It's funny, it seems like everyone is heading South for their missions, just like I was expecting. Me and Kai got booted over here instead. The other missionaries will all have their own secret language. Even Spencer will be able to understand most Spanish with Portuguese. Also way weird to think I'm the oldest missionary. I remember being in the MTC giving advice to the other guys, feeling all wise and stuff, but I only had Blake by like 3 weeks haha.

Sounds like Carp was a success, especially for you. My guess is the rain wasn't all too bad in a nice camper like that! I guess the beach might not have been quite as fun, but you win some, you lose some.

So on to this week. To start, the weather was wild. On Monday and Tuesday we weren't even wearing sweaters. It was so nice. Then it got rainy and then it got cold, but from what I've been hearing it should be warm again next week, and then hopefully stay that way after that! I might actually have to get some shortsleeves. I wouldn't get them there if I were you, they'll be much cheaper here. I'll be on the lookout. Speaking of purchases though, I had to get a volleyball today. We went to a park and pepper. I was dying, having not played in like FOREVER, so my district finally obliged.

But as far as the work goes, pretty solid week this week! The other elders are pretty much taking over with Ola and Olga, so no more lessons with them for me. They seem like they're still doing well, and I can still text them and see how everything's going, so that's cool. Elder Torres and I have been back on the finding grind. We've got one girl from our English class that we're meeting with right now, and we've kinda had a slow transition over to Gospely stuff. We actually met with her again today, and pretty much talked about the Plan of Salvation for like an hour and a half. That was pretty rad. Then there's this other girl we met on PDay a couple weeks ago. She seemed kinda weird at first, she's Buddhist, believes in reincarnation, vegetarian, flower power, and all that jazz. But on Friday she called and said that she wanted to meet, and we had a pretty darn empty schedule for the day, so we went for it. Turns out she was slightly more normal than I had anticipated. She's met the missionaries before, they gave her an Ensign magazine, and she read the whole thing, got a hold of a Book of Mormon on her own, and kinda learned as much about us by herself as possible. Now we're going to be meeting with her on Fridays, so I guess we'll see where things go from here! Only thing is, she can't come to Church, due to the fact that she "does yoga and Tai Chi all Saturday and Sunday." Definitely the first time I've ever heard that excuse. Also she didn't think we understood what she said in Polish, so she made us tell her what "Tai Chi" was in English. Weirdly enough, it's still "Tai Chi".

Tell Caleb thanks for the fast! It worked! Love you Mom!

Elder Haskett

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