Monday, April 18, 2016

April 17th

Hey mom,
So yeah, this week was pretty sweet for us. We've had a few meetings, both with yoga girl and this other girl from our English class. Things are going pretty well, so we're thinking about dropping a baptismal invitation this week. Good timing too, it's the last week of the transfer already! This one went by really quick, which was surprising cause it was 10 weeks. Other than that though nothing too crazy happened this week. English class was fun, we tried a couple new games. I basically decided to try everything possible until I find a game that makes sense for Polish people. Seemed like I nailed it this week. We put like 100 random English words in a hat and had people draw them and then try to describe them in as few words as possible. Unfortunately our oldest student happened to draw swag, and then dictionary defined it as pirate's treasure. We had no idea what was going on, and a few of the younger dudes in the class thought I was messing with them and kept guessing "booty". Close enough.
Also found a pretty sweet deal on short sleeve shirts. You probably saw the charge this week, I got 4 shirts for like $60 at a pretty nice store. It was awesome.
So I'm not really sure what else to ask for for the upcoming birthday haha. I think you already know that food is always welcome. Other than that I can't really think of anything haha.
I haven't gotten Nema's package yet, I haven't had a chance to meet with anyone from Warsaw in a while, so I'd guess that the next time someone comes to Wrocław I'll get it!
One request! This week is culture night, and we were thinking of maybe visiting the oldest restaurant in Poland, which is also the oldest restaurant in Europe! Only thing is that it's a little expensive, like 80-100zł for a meal. Not sure what the exchange rate is right now, but it's probably like 20-30 bucks? Is that cool? Let me know by the end of the day and I can check!
That's it for me though! Most likely it won't be til Tuesday til the next email. Love you, and cross your fingers that I don't transfer haha!
Elder Haskett

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