Monday, April 4, 2016

April 2

Hey Mom!
You might not have been trying to make me feel bad... but you still succeeded. Carp, the BYU game, and Ben Patch? Sounds like a pretty intense week!
Yeah, Dad remembered to email me, don't worry haha.
Sounds like West Ranch Volleyball is doing work. Figures it happens right after I left. Val's been telling me a little about it as well. We'll probably get league this year. I heard we also took the ship in Church Ball?
While I still remember that pizza place by UCLA, you don't have me feeling bad about eating the stuff. I've been on a little bit of a pizza kick lately. I'm not sure if the 'kick' thing is a normal phrase back home or if missionaries just made it up, but basically I ordered pizza 3 times last week, and bought a reheatable pizza another time. No, it wasn't DiGiornos.
This week was pretty sweet. Things have gotten kinda weird as far as meeting with Olga and Ola goes, I don't think that Torres and I will be meeting them anymore. The other elders will take over. So yeah, I got robbed there. But, we still did have meetings this week. As we were leaving the library last PDay, some lady walked up to us and was like "Mormoni!" I was kinda bracing for some kind of abrasive conversation at this point, but she turned out to be pretty cool. She wanted to meet with us. Not sure if she's going anywhere cause she can't come to Church on Sundays cause, "She does yoga, all day Saturday and Sunday". We'll see I guess. We also got a girl from our English class to meet with us for churchy stuff this week. Her name's  Tatiana, and she's pretty cool. We watched Meet the Mormons and gave her a Book and stuff. Ball is life.
But yeah, Olga and Ola are doing pretty well right now. At this point, it might take some time to get either of them in the water, but we've already gone through all the discussions. Now it's all kinda "endure to the end" type of stuff.
Conference was pretty sweet! We've only watched the Saturday sessions because of time differences, but we can watch the rest whenever. They seemed pretty good! It was also pretty sweet, our President CieleĊ„ski is the translator for Eyring and a few other guys! It was fun hearing his voice come on!
So, going back to English, we tried 20 questions in class again this week. We've got some new faces who had it pretty much down, but all the people from last time were pretty much as clueless as last time. This one lady, Laura, was up, and so far we knew that it was not alive, ran on electricity, moved, and fit in a fridge. She opted for chair. Darn close.
Polish is going surprisingly well. Lately I've been focusing less on vocabulary and more on fluency techniques and sounding like a native. I think it's working, I've never felt so comfortable. On top of that, I read from the Book of Mormon in Polish only now, and I also started Harry Potter. Whenever there's a classic quote, I get so excited. Even, "Harry, jesteĊ› czarodziejem," was like so much more entertaining for some reason.
So, I've got one last request. Remember that countdown clock you got before I left? Well Elder Torres' family sent him the same one. Unfortunately, he remarks on how soon he's going home quite often, and I'd prefer if when it starts coming to an end for me, that I get as little reminders as possible haha.
I think that's it for this week though! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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