Monday, May 2, 2016

May 1st!!!

Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week! Lots of sports, I guess that was to be expected. Bummer we lost another one to Saugus, does that mean we'll be out of the running for league champs? That would be lame. Guess it's pretty true to form for West Ranch Volleyball though. Oh well. Good thing Luke didn't break his wrist too. He must have gotten a lot of jokes on Sunday, (oh another Haskett cast, haha).
I hadn't heard that Nelson was getting baptized! That's so cool! I always knew it would happen some time or another. Who knows, maybe he'll want to serve a mission too! I was actually thinking about that a couple days ago. It's really cool that we all went on missions. Our little priest's quorum group had a lot of nonmember friends. It's probably got to be such a good example for them. Maybe one day the missionaries will come knocking and they'll remember when their bros from high school were missionaries and let them in. Also, pretty wild that Emilee got called to Arkansas! Now I'm looking forward to the day when someone from SR heads off to Poland!
Congrats to Dad for the new position! That's pretty sweet! He definitely deserves it. Also that means that there won't be any excuses for us not to go to Disneyland as soon as I get back. I've actually been wanting to go in a white shirt and tie with dress shoes. It'd be easy, we walk all the time here. Do you think there'd be a problem if I wore my tag?
We're doing pretty great in Kato! Our week was crazy, but really fun. The city is pretty urban (fun fact, the BP here's name is President Urban) so it actually feels a little more like home than any city I've been in so far. President Edgren calls it the LA of Poland. Home sweet home!
As for my "calling", I translate our meetings into English. We had a family in town this week visitng with their daughter who just finished her mission, so I had a fun job this week. Fast and testimony meetings always have some interesting stories, so it was a good lang workout for me.
Continuing with Sunday, I had to give two blessings in one day. One in Polish and one in English. The Polish one is a pretty sad story. There's this guy in the branch, Zygmunt. He's really old, been a member for like 20 years, and he's real sick. Basically he's lonely and just kinda done. He asked if us and the BP's first counselor could bless him to make his last little bit of time comfortable. We pretty much promised him that we'd take him the Sacrament as long as he needs us to.
But enough of that! Miracle time! We were on our way back from a satellite city and this guy on the tram stopped us and said that he'd met with the missionaries 10 years ago. His wife took his Book of Mormon and tore it up and refused to let the missionaries to come back. He saw us and was like "She isn't around anymore, let's try again!" It was kinda grim, but we've got a new investigator!
So, Skype this week! Totally forgot, but yeah, it'll be in the morning again. 16:00 for me, so I think 7:00 for you? Not sure, I think the time difference is 9 hours. Same account, let me know if that works out!
Also, when we went to Warsaw for our Mission Leadership Conference, I finally got your Easter Package! Thanks so much for sending it!
Love you a ton Mom!
Elder Haskett

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