Monday, April 11, 2016

Letter to grandpa B! April 10th 2016

Hey Grandpa B!
Sounds like your Mission Reunion was pretty sweet! And I know just how cool reactivation can be! There are a ton of less-active and inactive members here in Poland, and it's really special to meet with them and see that "spark" rekindled. There was this guy named Ɓukasz in my first city, and when I got there, he had started coming back to Church for the first time. He seemed so happy. The branch was really strengthened by this too. While it might not be as visible in a place where the Church is so strong like St. George, it's a miracle no matter where you are.
But in the end, it really all does come down to agency. A lot of missionaries here in Poland always look to agency as an excuse, but that doesn't change depending on where you are either haha. Everybody has their own choices to make, but they can't make those choices if they don't know how! It's our job to give them the best possible chance to make the right choice, and that comes down to strength of testimony and teaching all the doctrine in a loving manner. When you do that, you give people everything you need, and then you just have to hope that they'll listen to the Holy Spirit telling them that it's right.
Problem is that they've also got a lot of opposition. There will always be whispers saying that they can't do it, or it's too hard, but when they have the right intentions and work, they'll know that they have God on their side. When they make that recognition, it's life-changing. There are so many members here who have never forgotten their missionaries for helping them to find God in their own lives. Some of them had to make some big changes, but everyone is so happy that they did. I just hope that can happen for some of the people that I've already met. It'd be so sad to see them come this far and then give up. Guess I've just gotta keep praying!
Love you Grandpa!
Elder Haskett

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