Monday, April 18, 2016

Ward newsletter April 17th

"Przysięgam uroczyście, że knuję coś niedobrego”
Hey Everybody!
So first things first, I thought I should give you guys a little bit of an update: my leg hairs have all grown back. I figured you were all wondering, didn't want to keep anyone up at night.

Also, we've had some really crazy changes in Wrocław over the past few weeks. I was serving with Elder Park before, and we did stay together a little longer than we'd anticipated, but after about two weeks the switch happened after all and now I'm back with Elder Torres. He's officially one week from his last day in the country as of today, that's a fact I know because he's not afraid to remind me of ("I have less days than you have months, haha"). It's been pretty sweet though, I've been helping him get ready for the culture shock that is the US after 2 years. He'd never even heard of hitting the whip before. Also telling him Eminem was no longer relevant, nor had he been for a long time came as quite a shock. I'm not looking forward to discovering I know nothing about what's going on back home anymore. Knowing how the internet works, that's already probably happened.

One downside of the switchback: I'm not working with any of the investigators I was before. It's cool though, we've had some pretty sweet miracles since being back together. We're meeting with a few more girls that we've found through English class, and, strangely enough, Elder Torres' knowledge of yoga poses. 

Guess I should explain that. We invited a pretty cool girl to Church, who said she couldn't come because she "does yoga, all Saturday and Sunday". That was definitely a new one for me, but Torres talked about the yoga he did in high school, one thing led to another, and we were set up for a lesson!

So yeah, things are going pretty well for me right now. Unfortunately we've got another transfer coming up, which means everything is about to change again. Who knows, maybe next week I'll be training in another city I can't even pronounce. I really hope I get to stay here in Wrocław. President has been calling it Miracle City lately. The elders have been calling it the Turnt Town. 

Elder Haskett
„Koniec psot”

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