Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring break

Hey Mom!
Just a heads up, I'm gonna be rushing this email a bit haha, something came up and I'm gonna have to drive President to Kraków today in a little bit. So much for Pday haha.
Haha I am a little jealous that you're in Carp, I miss the beach. Fun that Josh was able to come up with Noah. I am still keeping contact with Val, we write all the time. He's doing well. He's not playing for CSUN, but he's the manager for the boys club. Cool stuff.
Sounds like you guys had a good trip in AZ! Haha I've never actually been to a Swig, but I've heard plenty about it on the mission from all the people who went to BYU. I'll have to check it out haha. Also, Conference was great! We've gotten to watch all of the sessions already haha, being in Warsaw made it a little easier, considering they translate it live from our chapel. Favorite session was definitely Priesthood session, Eyering's talk was awesome (and Elder Bednar gave Poland a shoutout!), but they were all great.
Haha I would have to agree, that week's stories were above average. It was cool to meet the guy from Kraków, and I think I'm gonna get to talk to him again tonight, and then the lady from Wrocław was awesome. She's planning on being baptized the day before Easter.
As for last week, things went really well! Left for Gdańsk Monday, and got to spend a few days with Elders Curtis and Theriault. We spent pretty much the entire time working with members, which was awesome! Got to do some service in a yard, we got fed, and got a few referrals from different people! One of the guys we met with had a view of the ocean from his window, and I think I about lost it haha. Smelled a beach breeze for the first time in over a year, it felt a little like home:) I'm convinced now that I was meant to serve in Gdańsk last summer, but something got messed up. They play beach volleyball there on Pdays! The only bummer was the weather. Things overall in Poland are warming up, but we had a really foggy couple few days in Gdańsk. I tried to take pictures but it was usually just me and a grey cloud haha. I got one right before I got on my train that was decent, so we're good!
After that we basically had a lot of planning meetings here in Warsaw. We're working on getting transfers ready, which was a really interesting process to see from the inside. It seems like President really trusts us haha. We were able to put together quite a few companionships and pick out a few leadership positions. Made me wonder what was going through President and the AP's minds when they put together all of my other transfer calls haha. Hopefully they didn't have to much trouble with me.
Then we watched Conference pretty much through the entire weekend haha. That was cool. All good sessions, but it was weird watching my last Conference on the mission! I can't believe it's already been a year since last Conference and Easter in Wrocław! I still remember spilling a Fanta on myself in the back of the chapel and all of the members just quietly laughed during an Uchtdorf talk. Good times.
Running out of time, but I'll let you know about this Kraków thing next week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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