Monday, March 20, 2017

March madness

Hey Mom!
Haha Dad sent me an email last week about March Madness, seeing if I wanted to fill out a bracket, so the whole companionship went for it. We had no idea what we were doing, so it's probably not going to be very accurate, but still fun. The madness lives on in Poland!
Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun week though! Glad you got to spend some time with the Jodi and Eldon's kids haha. Is Vivien like almost 2 now? It's gonna be so weird when all the little cousins are old when I come home. It's like hitting the fast forward button on all them for 2 years haha. It's also good to hear that the Missionary Month in the ward is going well. Haha real missionary work doesn't necessarily have to be all cancelled appointments, you get success mixed in too! It's good though that everyone is still having fun, even if it isn't all easy. That's pretty much how it's meant to be.
Way cool that Chase is already done with the mission. I can't believe it went by so fast, it wasn't too long after he went out that I left too. Now he's home, weird. Also, we got to watch the Face to Face too for a district meeting. It was solid. It's cool to hear from the leaders of the church more often than just twice a year though, all these Face to Face events are way cool. But I gotta say, having the BYU devotionals all the time is gonna be sweet haha.
It's crazy that spring break is already here haha. It seems like time back home is just totally flying now. School's gonna be out in no time. Then I come home during summer break, can't believe how fast everything is going.
Everything is going great over here! Pretty much the same as the last few weeks, just a lot of work with the members. We had a few meetings scheduled with some people that we've been asked to meet with by the members, but no one has been able to work out a specific time (and then actually show up) yet. I think that this week we're gonna have a little more luck though, and we've also got Elder Liechty coming to Warsaw for an exchange, so it should be way fun haha. As far as travelling to new cities goes, I haven't had the chance yet. With all the management we've gotta take care of though, I've pretty much met all the other missionaries at this point, at least through phone calls haha. We've also got another training to lead this Thursday on a Skype conference. I guess that doesn't really count as meeting someone, just looking at them through a little screen, but it gets the job done. Gotta remember that the most exciting day of the year is the day we get to Skype home haha! We also didn't move our PDay to Tuesdays, last week was just a little crazy with Zone Training, we had to move it back a day, and even then we had about 30 minutes to email haha. Basically our Pday is pretty subject to emergency rescheduling, haha. I'll try to make sure to always give you a heads up, but last week we had no such luck. Sorry!
Other things that happened last week, we got a new mission car! It's a Hyundai, so we're no longer driving a European car. It's a pretty smooth ride, which is nice, cause I'll probably be getting my license pretty soon here. That, and the speakers are sweet. Makes blasting MoTab that much cooler hahaha.
The weather lately has been way weird. Warmer for sure, but crazy rainy. I'm trying to stop wearing my jacket, so it's been cardigans and sweaters lately, but that also means if it rains, I'm soaked haha. While we were handing out flyers for our English class a girl asked me if I wanted to stand under her umbrella. Naturally I started to sing the song, and she jumped in for the "Eh eh eh" part. It was pretty sweet, we'll see if she comes haha.
Also, I'm not sure if I told you this story or not, but about 3 months ago, a weird lady came and tried to get me to come to her apartment to teach us about her religion. I said no thanks, but she still wanted to give us her holy book. She asked for an address to send it to, obviously we couldn't give it to her, but somehow she got it sent to our chapel haha. Last week I got an envelope addressed "MR LOGAN" with about 200 sheets of printer paper stapled together, covered in all sorts of weird symbols and nonsense haha. It was like a little, pdf printed, crazy person's edition of the Book of Mormon haha. I didn't know what to do with it, throwing it away seemed kinda disrespectful, so we just stashed it away in our apartment. I'd feel bad if somehow all this lead to some missionary joining that church, but I also highly doubt that's ever gonna happen hahaha.
As for the BYU Honor program, I don't really know anything about it, so I'd be down to get some more info. If it's not too crazy sounding, I'd be up to try I guess. Could be fun!
Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

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