Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19

Hey Mom!
Lots of news this week haha! You guys sound like you've been busy! First of all, way cool that Madison and McCall are both expecting! That's so fun!
It's also pretty sweet to hear about the new mission calls haha, it's that time of year again! Portugal and Florida. I got the announcement first from Charlie, he's pretty psyched that Ben's coming to him haha. Let me know when Mike gets his!
Crazy that Cori is already married! That's pretty cool that he's in the military, you'll have to wish them congratulations from me!
Haha I didn't realize that they were having MoPro on Easter weekend, that was probably pretty interesting to organize for you haha. I still remember you had to save the day for my first prom, cause I left without the corsage and you booked it from home to get it to me on time. Good stuff. Glad the boys had fun this year.
As for our week, I guess I can start with the announcement that we didn't have transfers this week haha. Still got 2 more weeks before the next change. As far as I know though, we won't be having any changes, at least in the companionship. We won't be traveling. We're planning the rest of the transfer madness with Pres though, trying to sort out all the travel and stuff like that. It should go pretty smoothly. 
There will be a little travel this week, at least for me. I'll be on another short exchange in Poznań. It should be pretty fun, especially cause the weather in Warsaw right now is pretty lame (it snowed this morning?) and I've heard the north has been nice. Fingers crossed!
Our week was pretty calm. We had a couple days at the beginning to plan for our Zone Conference. That was nice, we had a lot of emphasis on the Savior, what with it being Easter time. It was a pretty cool meeting, very spiritual. After that Elder Einfeldt took off for an exchange in Lublin. That meant Elder Bebel and I were on our own again. Things went pretty well. Spent a lot of time figuring out our musical presentation for sacrament meeting last week. Elder Bebel is a baller on the piano, so he found a cool arrangement of some Easter hymns and then the rest of the missionaries sang. For the very minimal amount of practice we had, things went well haha. 
Easter itself was really fun. Church was only one hour, but then after an American family from the branch invited all the missionaries over for dinner. Dinner itself was awesome, and then after they organized a little egg hunt for all of us. It was way nice of them, and got us all pretty hyped and in the Easter spirit haha. Basically what that means is the next time we have a hunt for a golden egg, I won't be completely out of practice. 
Funny story. The other night we went out for dinner with the other elders, and then we drove them back to their apartment. On the way home, some girls in a car next to us waved, and then rolled down their windows. One of the elders rolled down his window to see what was up, and they were like, "Where are you guys going?" He yelled back "Home!" and they were all like "WEEAAAAK!" We all laughed and kinda forgot about it, but yesterday we were in the car again, this time with the sisters, and I heard yelling from the car next to us, and when I looked over, it was them again! This time, Elder Bebel was like, "Hey where are you guys going?" and they were like pointing and saying something when the light turned green. We took off, and they tried to floor it to pass us, but they stalled their car haha! We were dying as we drove away, but they caught up way fast and then started following us, and Einfeldt had to take some evasive maneuvers to get us out of there haha. We were pretty much in a car chase with a bunch of college girls. Weird, but something worth writing about in the journal.
Culture night was last night! We went out of the city into the woods and had a little campfire! Roasting kiełbasa and marshmallows, I got a little bit of Carpinteria here in Poland! It was way fun. Some bad news though, my camera died on the way there, and I didn't get a single picture by the fire. It was pretty unfortunate.
Good week, and next week should be pretty sweet too! Transfers are coming up, so we're gonna be busy, but it'll be fun.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett 

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