Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15....Katowice!

Hey Mom!
I heard about Hunter's mission call! Haha I saw Salt Lake and thought the same thing. Hunter's gonna have more baptisms than me in his first transfer. But that's everyone from the squad! Kinda crazy, in the next couple months, everyone from back home is going to be emailing me mission stories of their own.
Also a bummer to hear that Luke actually is broken. I guess now he can say he's a true Haskett. Noah just has to hope that his doesn't happen during his sporting career. Or at all, if possible.
Keep rooting for West Ranch Volleyball for me! It'd be so cool if we got CIF this year. I wish I could be there for the games, but I can be a fan on the other side of the world too. I actually learned how to say "to root for someone/something" this week. It's got really weird verb governance (don't worry about what that means), but kibicuję Siatkówki Westa Rancha means I'm cheering for West Ranch! Or 'fanning' or 'encouraging' or something of the likes.
It's nice to hear that the Father's and Sons wasn't a wreck like it was last year. I almost forgot our incident with the sprinklers. That was fun. I just remember we tried to have all the YM quorums lead little activities and we did an egg toss. Well as you could expect from that, we got eggs thrown at us by excited CTR 5 kids. 
Your mention of the musical fast and testimony meeting reminded me, I am officially the Branch Pianist. It actually went surprisingly well, after minimal practice I was able to squeeze out Sweet Hour of Prayer and I Stand All Amazed to satisfy the members. Everyone here just assumes that because we're missionaries, we all know how to play. I didn't want to disappoint them, you know?
Both of our Zone Trainings went really well! It was a lot of fun, but Elder Einfeldt and I are both exhausted from such a busy week. I was just happy to get everything out of the way, and visit both of my old cities in the same week! I was tour guide Haskett for the rest of my district, no one else had ever been in either Kraków or Wrocław. Also as an added bonus, Elder Vance was at the one in the Krak, so I got to hang out with mission dad for a day haha.
Things in Kato are going pretty well! We're still teaching the Chinese dude, along with a Ukrainian and an old Polish guy we met last Wednesday on a referral! Pretty decent teaching pool by my standards! Then there's these other 2 former investigators that are interested in maybe coming to Church again, as well as a Russian dude that I talked to on the street for like 45 mins the other day (he was crazy hard to understand). The work moves forward in Poland!
I gave Elder Einfeldt a haircut yesterday that woulda made Becky proud!
By the way, the next couple songs I've decided to learn are going to be tricky, so be ready to be amazed when the next one comes around.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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