Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day!

Man I miss Newport, haha. Making the decision between going to the beach and a pool day sounds a lot better than choosing between tracting and contacting haha. Even if there was a shark attack involved.
Also good to hear that Luke's doing well again. Being out of sports was always rough, I always remember people asking me when I'd be good to go again. I think after the first surgery I had a tournament before I got cleared and coach was gonna have me play oppo so I wouldn't have to pass, but Jared didn't come so I had to play libero anyways. That was an uncomfortable day.
Nice on Noah for beating HBC, that's always a good win, just for the name. How are they ranking-wise right now?
Yeah, the Salt Mines were really cool last week, fun to hit one of the more historical sites in Poland. I think our PDay this week is gonna be a little quieter, we're kinda exhausted from the last week. Probably naps and a haircut for me. I also have to get some new language study material, I might have to use the card today for some stuff!
Our PDays usually have good food on tap, but with the end of the month at hand, we're budgeting a little tighter, so it'll be some noodles for us today.
Our lessons this week went pretty well. The whole mission is kind of on a "find grind" right now. We've done a ton of contacting lately, and this week, we had a million good conversations, got phone numbers, but no one would set up with us. We led an exchange with the elders from Kraków last week, and were teaching them all this stuff and promising all these blessings if they'd just work a little harder, or ask for more referrals, and then nothing came through for us haha. Then at the end of the week, through nothing on our own part, this older dude shows up for church, and after the meeting promised to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the week, get baptized after, and then never miss a Sunday for the rest of his life. While I have no idea how well he plans to stick with those promises, it was sweet to see the blessings from a hard week's work.
Church was insane this week. President was out of town, so we didn't have the keys for access to the sacrament stuff. We had to push back the meeting to the end, and had Sunday School first while one of the members went and bought a water bottle and those plastic shot glasses. Once we got around to Sacrament meeting, I had already been translating for 2 hours, and had to play the piano, and then I found out I had been assigned a talk. I killed it anyways. 
That being said, we've got another exchange coming up. Elder Blunt is coming from Wrocław, so it should be sweet. Then we've also got Zone Conference on Wednesday, so it should be a busy week.
We are still teaching English. We've got a club, but it's nowhere near as big as Wrocław's. We haven't had any time to advertise for it lately either. I'm hoping when things cool down we'll get around to it.
President Edgren hasn't made it to Kato yet. I think he'll probably be coming towards the end of his mission. We're all kinda anxious for the new president to get here. Everybody's speculating. I just hope that he has us go ham on language study and that we can watch Disney movies in Polish. Every Pole I've talked to said The Lion King is even better in Polish than English, and they say that never happens.
It is getting warmer here! I'm starting to sweat! TShirts are saving my life right now!
I think that's it for me though! Have an awesome week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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