Monday, November 7, 2016

November 6th

Hey Mom!
It sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Glad to hear that you guys are still enjoying Disneyland, I gotta say, I was craving a corn dog pretty bad these last few days haha. I think it's because I'm used to having these shops called ┼╗abka everywhere, and you can get a good dog there for less than a dollar. They don't have them in Warsaw:(
I still remember the World of Color show. I saw the first half, but then this guy threw his daughter up on his shoulders and it was over. I think you can imagine how uncomfortable asking him to stop would be, as I, a 17 year old would be able to see, and his daughter, probably 3 or 4 years old, would not.
Crazy to think that soccer is almost over. The semester is almost over too. I'm excited for Christmas, but it's way weird to think that time is going this fast. 
Generally speaking, if you ever want a really noble sounding scripture about missionary work, or courage, or facing your fears, you can look to the epistles of Paul haha. 2 Timothy is a pretty good example. There's some good stuff in Romans as well.
I heard about Blake, that's some really sad news. I hope he knows though that a successful mission has nothing to do with the visible outcome, but the way it changes you. I've seen him grow up quite a bit, and it's been impressive. He really loved his mission, and I think that judging from that fact, he had a successful mission. All the guys have been praying for him to heal up quick. 
As for our week, things in Warsaw have been going pretty well! No ping pong, but still a fun time. Elder Barlow and I are getting along well. We don't have much in common as far as mutual interests go, as he's into swimming and ROTC, but we've bonded over the joys of singing really loudly and laughing at the crazy stuff that happens in Poland. Pretty much an infalliable way to make friends.
The big city of Warsaw is a jungle, haha. I'm getting around fine, but it's more of a bear to get familiar with than any city I've been in before. We haven't actually been to the mission home at all. That's fine, I'm just looking forward to the last night in the field party that we'll have when the whole gang makes it to Warsaw. Right now, 3 of the 5 from the OG MTC group are here, and it's been a blast.
Our teaching pool is doing pretty well. We've got one guy who's gettin pretty serious about baptism. I fasted for him yesterday, and things are looking good. Our others are moving a lot slower, but we're still doing well. We'll see what happens!
Interesting stories for the week: we were playing basketball with the other missionaries, and a sister in the zone literally got her ankles broken. She's in a purple cast haha.
Also, we had All Saint's Day this week! It was really cool. I've got some good pics for you all. 
An American family fed us last night! We had a loaded potato soup and some real bacon, straight outta the US, and it was fantastic!
That's pretty much everything from the week though! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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