Monday, November 21, 2016


Hey Mom!
That's fun that Thanksgiving is gonna be in Cali this year! I guess whether it's in AZ or CA, either way it'll be warm, so no problems. You guys should go with the Domingos to Disney on Thursday, seeing as the big dinner won't be til Friday haha.
Also I'm glad to hear that the boys have transitioned from one sports season to the next smoothly. Dad was telling me that Luke had a pretty sweet ace run against Balboa Bay. Nothing better than a setter that can serve and get it in haha, so you never have to start a game and miss the serve on the first rotation.
Welp, it's good that at least the sisters in the district are doing a good job keeping you guys updated. All the posing for pictures I guess payed off in the end. As for your winter questions, yeah, it's officially cold haha. I've stayed warm alright, but it's jackets and scarves every day now. The shoe dryer, as well as my mini blow dryer are doing a great job of keeping me warm and dry. You wouldn't believe how effective sticking the blowdryer in your shirt/pants is at immediately heating things up.
So the highlights of the week! We had a General Authority come to visit for Zone Conference! Elder Paul Johnson and his wife came and they were awesome. Before the meeting started off, we were all chilling, and I actually got a chance to have an interview with him. We talked about some cool stuff, how the mission was doing, etc, and then he basically spent an hour and a half telling all the missionaries in this mission how cool they were. Haha it was a bit of a confidence booster, so everyone's been feeling pretty good lately. Also, during the talk, he actually quoted something that I said during the interview. It's probably because he thought I was pretty noble. Look forward to the next time he speaks in Conference, he'll probably give me a shoutout or something.
Other than that, we also had an opportunity to start meeting with a less-active member here, and we're seeing a lot of growth. He's been very happy to be able to start coming back to church and has made a goal to go to the temple as soon as possible. 
The office elders here are meeting with a couple from Spain right now through Skype, and they're preparing for baptism. Since I'm the DL, I have to do an interview with them, so I got to meet and get to know them last week. It was pretty cool, teaching a lesson over Skype, and honestly, these people seemed super prepared. I get one more meeting with them, and then they want to be baptized this Saturday.
So I want to tell you guys about an area where we do finding activities in Warsaw a lot. It's basically in the middle of everything, right next to the metro station, train station, the mall, and the city center. Basically it's packed, and it's nuts. We had a really crazy activity a few days ago. So first off, there's a dude there that just drums on a wooden crate, all day long. No breaks. Literally stands there for hours just drumming. So he was there on Friday, as usual. Then this guy came into the middle of the area where we all were, put on some headphones, and started singing as loud as he could. Some of the highlights were Forever Young, where he hit the high notes like a pro, and Take Me to Church, where he put both middle fingers up to the world, and spun around, showing us all who's boss. Pretty impressive show. A Catholic priest walked up to us, didn't say a word, and very dramatically dangled a rosary in our faces, which, to him was probably the equivalent of damming us, or at least casting out evil spirits. Then, last but not least, we got contacted by 2 Presbyterian missionaries from South Korea, who taught us a lesson, then stood by our table for about a half an hour. What a day.
Basically a really good week on our end! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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