Monday, November 14, 2016

November 11

Hey Mom!
Haha I have to say, no one here thought Trump could win it either, but we were all shocked. I had tons of Polish people texting me and keeping me updated on everything haha. It was funny. I think they cared about it more than I did. Luckily, our encouragement to stay neutral on politics in conversation was pretty easy to follow. That being said, a lot of people were either making fun of us on the streets, or fist pumping for Trump's victory.
We're getting excited for Christmas over here as well. I know Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but the carols are already playing every morning. The missionaries love Christmas! Also this transfer actually ends the day after Christmas. So I'll get to tell you about where I'm going over Skype!
It's also good to hear that Blake is doing better. I bet that at least being at a basketball game again got his spirits up. That would do it for me at least.
So our week... our investigator got baptized! It was a crazy week, he decided on Monday, and then the days following were just nuts, trying to get interviews and the font set up. But the stress was worth it. He was baptized on Saturday, then confirmed and given the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! We're super happy for him, and the branch was really excited as well. The same day of the baptism, we were actually able to help another investigator commit to baptism in December. He's doing really well, and we're even talking about introducing his wife to the church. The other day he texted me and was like, "After our meeting on Saturday, I wanted to try to be a better person, so I took a homeless man to get some dinner. I felt the Spirit really strongly!" Basically we went to bed Saturday feelin pretty good haha.
With a week like that, I'm feeling pretty good in Warsaw haha. The branch is doing really well, and they continue to deliver on the food. The meal of the week this week was a crazy good lasagna. Warsaw life haha.
We're still teaching English classes once a week. We've got a ton of students here. On top of that, we pretty much try to teach as much as possible where people are going to be. If that's outside on the streets, in a park, or tracting, then that's where we're at haha. I can't wait for December to come around so we can start carolling!
So far we've spent most of our PDays getting acquainted with the city, but we've also been to the national stadium here, and today we might go to the rynek to see the sites. For culture night, I'm pushing for us to go see Les Mis in Polish. That would be awesome!
Haha Sister Beem recognized me on sight from the name. It was pretty crazy, but cool to see that once again, we live in a small world. She's pretty chill though. Good missionary.
That's pretty much all I got this week! I'm still finding last things to send home for Christmas! Found some sweet stuff already! Look forward to it!
Love you tons,
Elder Haskett

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