Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hey Mom!
So, as per usual with transfer weeks, I'll just start by breaking the news: I'm finally leaving! Haha I wasn't surprised at all, but I will say I was surprised by the destination. I'm going to Warsaw! Haha it's so weird. The other crazy news is that I'll be training again! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone training twice in a row, but I have to assume that it either means that I killed it, or that Heavenly Father was like, "Alright, I think I'll give him another chance". I'm hoping it's the first haha. Either way, it should be sweet. I'll pick him up tomorrow, so I'll let you know next week how awesome I can make him in 6 days. President was like, "whitewash, training, district leader Elder Haskett. I want you to do me a favor. In preparation for the next few days, pray a lot." Haha it seems like that's always the advice given before a crazy transfer.
Some bad news about the transfer: I'll be district leader again, haha. This makes 10 months straight. I'm running out of ideas for district meetings already. However, it's totally worth it, cause Elder Einfeldt and McMaster will also be in the district! Should be super cool!
Anyways, sounds like you guys had a pretty awesome week, besides the soccer beatdowns of course! I still remember Red Ribbon Week very vividly! We did those all throughout elementary school! I had my little red ribbon on the desk, and I remember it was always hard to focus that week cause all the kids were trying to unravel the stitching of the ribbon the whole time. It was sweet.
Sounds like Conference was pretty cool! I think the magic words idea is pretty good. It makes sharing stuff way less forced, which is ideal. I remember getting asked awkward questions about the Church before the mission and always being worried about being too preachy. But when someone asks you a question, they expect you to answer, simple as that. There's really nothing to worry about.
The Standards Night activity sounds like a familiar story haha. Keep those Deacons in line. It's kinda weird to think that Luke won't be a deacon when I'm home, and Caleb will be pretty darn close to 12. 
Yeah, I made sure to do a better job last week contacting the other guys from home and see how the missions are going. It really seems like everyone's killing it. It's sweet to see the bros doing well. I remember reading in Alma 17 at the beginning of my mission where the sons of Mosiah meet back up with Alma, and they're all like, yeah, it's sweet that we've stayed faithful and accomplished so much, and I was always like, "that's what it's gonna be like when we all get back together". I'm still excited for that day.
So anyways, our week. It started off kinda crazy. I already told you all about that crazy PDay, and I stand by saying that it was the best PDay of my whole mission. However, it completely drained me haha. I was sick for the rest of the week, and just exhausted. Same with Elder Mandla, and it just seemed like the week was out to get us. That being said, we still had a great week, but it was hard for the first few days. I wanted to send the district off with a bang for the rest of the transfer, so we did a split on Friday. Elder Mandla stayed back in Kato with Elder Litster to teach a lesson, and Elder Rowley and I went south to a small city called Biełsko-Biała to meet with this kid. His parents aren't members, but they heard that the church is good at dealing with addictions. The son is "addicted to computers" according to tchem. Well we got there, after a long, windy car ride in a manual car that led to some severe car sickness and sat down to talk. But the son wouldn't come out of the car. So the fam just fed and fed us while we talked, waiting for him to come out. After a while, we just went in to his room and talked, and he was like, totally normal. We came to the conclusion that he's just got prioritites mixed, and work is on top, so we told them that they should read the Book of Mormon together, pray, and talk more openly with eachother. It was straight-up family counseling, weird stuff. The car ride home was about as painful as the one on the way there. I was starting to go a little green, and pretty much just praying the whole time not to destroy the back seat of this nice family's car. As a parting present, they gave us some goose eggs. I'm serious, literal goose eggs. I'll send a pic.
Other than that, I'm gonna miss Elder Mandla a bit. We've worked really well together, and we've become pretty close friends. I'm excited for the next transfer for both of us, but it was a good one. Now Elder Mandla is going to have a little mission brother.
That's all I got for you this week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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