Monday, October 10, 2016

October 2nd

Hey Mom!

Haha it's good to hear that you guys enjoyed Conference as much as we did over here. There was some good stuff said. I guess there always is. It's just nice to sit and listen as the prophets say all the things we want our investigators to hear. We watched one of the sessions in church, and over the next few weeks we're gonna watch the rest during 3rd hour. Hopefully that will be the spiritual push our investigators need!

It seems like the boys are doing well. I guess a 0-4 defeat isn't that great, but it's better than last week, and you gotta start somewhere. Tell Noah that APUSH isn't that bad from me. If he can nail the AP test like he nailed the ACT he shouldn't have to worry about anything. Also is he planning on taking the SAT?

Hahaha weird news to hear that Eddie got released! Obviously it's been coming for a while now, but I guess I always just saw him and Dad to be immune to other callings, besides scouts and YM. Is he still going to be working with the youth?

That's pretty cool someone in the ward knows Elder Garrison. I've never even been in the same zone as him, but Einfeldt and him were comps and I've talked to him a few times. He's a chill guy. I guess pretty much all the missionaries in Poland are pretty solid people. Gotta be if you're gonna stand up to that deep winter haha. Speaking of which, the weather decided to get cold on us. Last few days have been chilly, and today was pretty much classic Portland rain coupled with a really cold wind. We're getting back into the swing of things. Elder Mandla is hoping for snow soon. Believe it or not, he's had less experience than we have when it comes to snow.

So yeah, our week! We had a good one. First off, right after it started we had an exchange. I served with Elder Litster for a few days. It was cool, he's a good guy. I do remember that like the first day of the exchange we were out walking and we got targeted by some Jehovah's Witnesses (that happens sometimes), and they wanted to kinda Bible bash with us, but we had just read a chapter in Jesus: The Christ about how Jesus is Jehovah and all that stuff, so we were ready to "go to war", so to speak. They didn't really want to hear our answers to their questions though, I think they just wanted to talk "at us", not necessarily "with us".

Also this guy who I met like 6 weeks ago or something claiming to know the date of the 2nd Coming, as well as to have documented proof that the church was founded by the devil found me again this week. He was like, "So, have you thought about what I said to you the other day?" I was like, "Yeah, I thought about it. It's not true". It was kinda awkward and tense for a but, but I think he responded pretty well to it. He was respectful of my decision, didn't really try to argue, and then, without hesitation, proceeded to start preaching to the other elders hahaha.

We also had a pretty serious miracle. You might remember the time that we met with the lady that used to write with Elder Mandla's grandpa. Well we scheduled with her for Thursday, and her son wanted to say hi. When we got there though, her grandson was there to drive us over to her son's house, where we had a 5 course meal with the entire family. We had a great time. Got to kinda break the ice really fast and teach a good amount of the gospel as well. They want to take us to go and climb a mountain over by their house on PDay before the end of the transfer. Also, they were so generous with the Polish compliments, that I think I'll be good at least for like a month or so haha.

Our investigator who's been coming to church and thinking about baptism I think came to a final decision on a date this week after Conference. He's planning, as of now to get baptized on the last Saturday of the year, as a symbol of a new year, along with a new life. That was pretty cool. He told us that he also wants to try to bring his sons to church with him. One of them is married, so that'd be really cool.

Overall a pretty sweet week. Can't wait to watch the rest of Conference, and to see what happens with the rest of the transfer!

Love you Mom!

Elder Haskett

PS the travel card is here!


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