Monday, August 29, 2016

One year!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mom!
Haha, year mark is finally here! It seems like it's going slower for me too. I think that's probably what happens when you start telling everyone that you've been out a year about 2 months before you hit the date haha. Luckily it's way easier to say "I've been in Poland for a year" than like a year and a half or 17 months or something like that. So now I'll be saying a year until it becomes 2.
Training is going pretty well, Elder Mandla and I get along really well. He's putting a lot of effort in on the language, and he's not afraid to talk to anyone. Good guy. We can also bond over our mutual love of the beach and the ocean. I'm learning some Australian vocab myself.
Glad to hear that you're enjoying your calling with the YW. IMO, it doesn't beat scouts, but I guess, if you're happy, oh well. You couldn't avoid being around girls for your whole life.
The BYU game should be really fun! I miss watching sports a lot. Apparently the Poland VBall team is coming to Kato in a few weeks, and I really want to go see the game. It would make for a really sweet Culture Night haha. Also, who are the new coaches? Is Bronco still hanging around?
So this week was pretty cool for us. We spent the first half taking care of Zone Training, cause it was hosted in Kato. That went pretty well. All in Polish, but our zone is pretty young now, so a lot of the newer guys needed some help. I guess things are a little different now, I used to be the little guy that could sit quiet for the whole meeting. Not anymore. I had another interview with President Turek after. That was cool. He pretty much just told me a lot of his old mission stories. He's a funny guy. Also he said I was making "Impressive progress with the language". So I haven't given up on that hour of language study after all. You've got proof haha.
We met some cool people this week. One old guy that wants to meet with us. According to him, he's "a sure shot for the Nobel Prize in poetry". I guess we'll see the next time they start handing out Nobel Prizes, but for now I'm a little skeptical. At least he wants to meet!
Our investigator who's been coming to church is planning on getting baptized next month. That's good news. It took a while, but I'm pretty sure he'll make the date. 
The shirt burning was pretty cool. We just went out to some train tracks by our apartment and did it there. Yes, we were watching out for trains. Elder Mandla speaks during the video, so you'll hear the accent haha.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett


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