Monday, August 8, 2016

August 7th

Hey Mom!
Glad you liked the recorder performance by the way.
Also glad to hear that you guys had a solid summer. Sounds like the Lake Powell trip was really fun! It's not as exciting when you have to stay in the slip, but still always a good time. Also, isn't school starting early this year? I thought it usually got going around like the 18th or something like that. Either way, I bet you're going to enjoy Noah having a parking pass for that first day craziness.
Yeah, it's been raining a bunch for us lately. I've kinda given up on trying to stay dry. It wouldn't be too bad if my shoes suddenly failed me. They've been on a downhill slope, but this week the heel split in half, and now I'm soaking up water haha. I attached a picture that I took with my flip phone. Not the best quality haha. Might have to go to the mall later today. Unfortunately the rain does not indicate that summer is over. Most of the universities here don't start till September. One more month!
We're not getting any info about the Olympics yet. Luckily one of the guys we used to meet with that's been on an internship in Germany all summer comes back in a couple weeks, and he was always our sports hook-up.
I haven't heard from Braden yet, but that's probably because he hasn't even had a PDay yet. I'll be sure to welcome him though.
So our week: We had a surprise visit from an ex elder this week. One of the guys who helped sometimes in the MTC. It was pretty sick, he's living in Krakow right now doing an internship for the summer, but he came down to Kato to do some family history work. It was pretty much fun to just hang out a bit. Don't worry, him coming back to live here isn't giving me any ideas haha.
Also a member I was pretty cool with from Wroclaw came to church in Kato this week, that was pretty rad. Her Mom's Polish, and her Dad's American, so she speaks probably the best English out of any of the members. We introduced her to one of our investigators, and I think he weirded her out, so she might not be coming back, haha.
Our guy who got beat up is doing well. We talked to him for a while in Church. He met with the Branch President after too. Things are looking up!
Right now we're getting geared up for our exchange with Krakow! Should be sweet. It's perfect for Elder Park, his fam wants him to start getting souvenirs, and there's no better place in Poland for that than the Krakow Rynek.
Well, that's pretty much all I can think of right now, if you could let me know if it's cool to get a new pair of shoes this week as soon as possible, that'd be cool! I might get a Polish study book too!
Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

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