Monday, March 6, 2017


Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys had a sweet time in San Fran haha. Got to the trolley, ate some sourdough, the Golden Gate Bridge, I think that was all I had for you to do last week haha. The tour of Alcatraz sounds like it was cool, did you see any dementors?
Also, I can't remember for sure, but wasn't there a Ghiradelli factory on the way from home to Provo? You've inspired me, I might have to request a stop on the way to school haha.
It's also good to hear that missionary month in the ward is going well! I still remember when we did that a while back, it was pretty fun. I think that a bunch of the older kids got to meet with some less active members, and even some investigators. Is that happening again this year? We're going pretty hard over here as far as work with the members is concerned. I think that the church in general is really starting to encourage all the members to get going on missionary work, inviting friends and family. It's the best way to go about it, that's for sure.
Things are going pretty well here though! Weather hasn't been too bad lately, a little wet, but warm! I think that winter might finally be over! We try to be careful saying that, don't want to jinx it haha. Yesterday we were talking to a member about the weather, and he said that it once snowed in June. I really, really hope that doesn't go down this year...
The work is going really well! I guess we were pretty busy with the new calling this week, we had to do a lot of work with the new missionaries and their trainers, a few meetings with President for planning, but other than that things are pretty normal. Not too much paper or office work, but not a whole lot of street contacting anymore. We do a lot of planning, and then we try to fill the rest of our time with meetings or with visits to less active members. Like I said, we're really focusing a lot on work with the members. We want to try to start meeting with the families in the branch, with less actives, and with recent converts, and try to help them start doing missionary work too. We're scheduled for more meetings in the next few days than I've ever had in a transfer haha. It's really cool, and we're hoping to see a lot of finding and teaching come out of it. President Turek has some pretty big goals for the mission right now, one of which is to have 121 baptisms this year. As far as I'm concerned, member missionary work is the way to make it happen. We'll see!
So... we also got in a little scrape driving the other day haha. We bumped into the car in front of us, but the guy didn't even notice, and there was no damage, so he just drove away. It was a miracle, but nonetheless I have to get my Polish driver's license now and start driving haha. President asked me to take care of it yesterday, so I guess it's my next assignment. According to Elder Einfeldt and Elder McMaster, the test is pretty dang hard, but we'll see. Should be fun.
I'll be sure to keep the Cawley's in my prayers! That's so sad to hear she's got a brain tumor, but I'm sure she's got a good team rooting for her with the whole stake involved. I'll be praying for everything to turn out ok!
Elder Park is already attending BYU! You can email his mom! I think he said phone might be better, but you can try both!
Love you Mom! Enjoy the warmer weather!
Elder Haskett

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