Monday, February 6, 2017

February 5th

Hey Mom!

Welp, the Patriots won another Super Bowl, meaning that I pretty much missed nothing new there. If I had missed the Seahawks Super Bowl win, when Richard Sherman told the whole world he was the greatest thing since the grilled cheese sandwich, I woulda been a little bummed. In case you were wondering what I eat for lunch most days, that was a little hint.
Bummer about Noah's week in basketball. We gotta get these next two wins, but I'm guessing league is out of the question now. Do you think we'll make playoffs?
Glad everybody is healthy though, I hope it stays that way. Grandma Helen and Grandma Lou will be in my prayers, hopefully they get better soon.
Haha I bet you're pretty psyched to have Sabrina there. About 20 years of boy parenting, it's gotta be a little weird to have a girl in the house. Are you planning on asking her to do a bunch of girl things with you? Speaking of which, I think the district will be going out for pedicures next week. I'm not really sure what to expect, but the sisters promised that there would be a foot massage, and that sounds pretty nice haha. This news is coming almost exactly a year after the time I shaved my legs... not sure what the mission is doing to me haha. Eh, knowing me, I won't be able to handle being tickled, and I'll end up kicking some poor... pedicurist? Pedicure artist? Foot cleaner? Not sure what the proper title is soo...
Things are still pretty sweet on our end. The branches did combine last week, that was really cool. Awesome to see so many members in one place, and kinda surreal to have a sacrament meeting in a chapel with pews and and organ! It was like a little taste of home. We spent almost the whole week moving things from one chapel to the other, lots of pianos, desks, and boxes to be carried. They were more than happy to include the missionaries haha.
Some bad news, our investigator who was supposed to get baptized this Saturday dropped off the face of the Earth. I haven't heard from him since last week. Whenever I call, it goes straight to voice mail, so I'm hoping his phone broke or his contract went out or something. We'll see.
We were able to meet with some of the members that I met in Katowice this week. The branch president, President Urban is staying in Warsaw. His wife has been pretty sick, she's been in the hospital for a while. Elder Einfeldt and I visited them last week, and I think that we're going to be spending some time with them once a week from now on. It's sad, but it's nice to see familiar faces. 
It got cold again last week, so the hand warmers and the jacket are coming in handy again. Some of the members got us a big thing of hot chocolate thing and jet-puffed marshmellows for Christmas, and it's been a life saver haha. They take good care of us here.
Transfers aren't for about 3 more weeks! We've still got time!
That's pretty much it for this week! Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

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