Monday, February 13, 2017

February 12th

Hey Mom!
Man, I can't believe that I missed 2 Malice in the Palace games during my mission! The whole team on the court, that must have been crazy. I bet the coaches and probably at least most of the parents were pretty mad about that haha. We'd better do well in playoffs, I hope missing 2 players doesn't hurt us too bad.
Sounds like you're still keeping yourself busy with having Sabrina in the house haha. Lot of remodling to be done I guess. What did you do with the old bed from the guest room? 
Haha I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video from Bart haha. He's actually the one in the middle. He's got some pretty good moves. Originally we were planning on doing a Michael Jackson number, and I was ready to bust out some other old dances that we did, but the Mormon boy band idea came out last minute, and luckily I had some material for that too. "Bart, look up the 'If It Isn't Love' music video by New Edition"! I choreographed the whole thing in about 30 mins, and we had a good time practicing and performing haha. The act scored us quite a few surprised compliments from members and missionaries alike, (unfortunately President Turek didn't come, that woulda been awesome) as well as a dinner appointment haha.
The talent show was definitely the highlight of our week, felt just like a ward lip sync, but the rest of the week was fun too. We still haven't gotten a hold of Tobiasz, he's been MIA, but we're still praying for him, and we're hoping he'll turn up within the rest of the transfer. We still have 2 weeks left so we'll see. Other than that, we're still meeting with some other really cool people. We've actually gotten tight with the Hare Chrishnas that come and dance in the city center where we work. This week we're gonna have a meeting with one haha. We're gonna talk about family history, and then we're hoping to meet the rest of his friends. They're really cool people.
Also, I've gotten to spend a lot of time lately with President Urban from Katowice. His wife is still in the hospital here in Warsaw. He's still doing pretty well though, solid guy. Keep the family in your prayers.
Zone Conference is this Thursday. Should be pretty cool. After this week we've only got one more before the next transfer! Crazy stuff.
I'll send stuff about BYU in a later email!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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