Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20th

Hey Mom!
Dang, it sounds like we had a crazy storm! Knocking trees over, mudslides, and even changing Dad and Eddie's minds about doing a camping trip, it must have been pretty bad haha. I guess for them to actually name the storm Lucifer, it's gotta be pretty bad. Was this the official end of the drought for us?
Other than that, I guess your week does sound pretty quiet. I'm glad everything is settled with getting Sabrina moved in. Cool that she's already got a friend and everything. Pretty nuts to think that there's so many people out there that just drop everything to go after their dreams. Cool stuff.
Hopefully all the boys do a good job with their promposals. We'd better not drop the ball this year haha.
So I guess I've got a lot to talk about this week haha. To start things off, I don't really have to worry all that much about squeezing in a bunch of Warsaw adventures this week, turns out I'll be sticking around. I got my transfer call a week early this time around. 
Another surprise: Tobiasz came back! As it turns out, he was in a car crash about 3 weeks ago. His side of the story pretty much goes like this. He slid off the road and hit a tree head on going pretty fast. He was hurting pretty bad, and says that he remembers saying a prayer immediately. He told God that if this was his time to go, that he was sorry for all his mistakes, but if not, he was going to make things right in his life. He passed out, and then woke up a couple weeks later in a hospital. First thing he asked for was a Book of Mormon. Read it in the hospital and felt the Spirit really strongly. He was let out of the hospital Monday night, went straight to the phone store, and then gave me a call first thing, to make sure that he could still get baptized. After that, he called his boss to tell him he was still alive, and then he called his girlfriend (talk about priorities haha). He's still on medication right now, but he's looking a lot better. We've had like 3 meetings with him since, and he's just awesome. He says that he feels like God has given him a fresh start, a second chance at life. With his baptism next week, I believe that he's going to be a new man. What a miracle!
The rest of the week probably sounds pretty lame in comparison, but still good stuff. We had a meeting with that Hare Krishna guy, that was pretty awkward. He didn't have any personal documents or really anything to help us find any of his ancestors, so we pretty much finished in 15 minutes. Good thing is though, we rode the tram home together and were able to have a really cool discussion about faith. I learned a ton about what it is that the Hare Krishna faith is all about, and then we got to talk about the Restoration in detail. Our next meeting with him is all going to be religion, while we wait for him to find enough information about his family to get started on FamilySearch.
I talked to Elder Park! He hasn't sent me his email yet, but I sent him your's, so you should be able to contact him this week.
That's all I got though, I hope you guys have an awesome week! Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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