Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12th

Hey Mom!
You caught me! We were actually in Kraków today, just doing some sightseeing, so it's a late email day for me. That was fun though. We also went through a place that sells some really cool souvenirs, and I think I might try to pick some stuff up and send it home. I remember last year Nema was asking if there were Polish nativity scenes and Christmas ornaments, I found both, so I might try to do that as well.
Haha, soccer season is back on. Ever since Elder Park went home, I haven't played soccer and I'm starting to miss it already. I'll get started again soon so I can take Luke on, and then he can have a go at me in ping pong.
Our week was pretty awesome. We've been doing a lot of work for the branch lately. The BP has us trying to find less actives, according to the 15 year-old church records. Basically, most of them had already moved like forever ago, and we knocked on one person's door, who had apparently been dead for 9 years. Awk. That would explain why they haven't been coming to church.
We also had quite a few meetings with some of our people this week. Our investigator working towards baptism is pretty much set to do it before I leave Kato. Unfortunately that could mean all the way til Oct 24, but as long as I'm here for it, I'm happy. One of our other guys is doing really well. He's the one who's too young to get baptized cause he's 16 and his parents don't approve, but he told his parents pretty much to back off this week. Haha, it was cool too, cause they went to the States for a while, and they were in Utah. Saw temples and stake centers and everything. He said he couldn't even find a Catholic church if he tried there.
Also we were in this city outside of Kato looking for more of Mandla's fam, and we had no dice, but there was this old lady who was like so old that she couldn't take care of her dog, so it was just in this nasty, dirty cage. So we took care of her dog. It was fun.
I think that's pretty much it for this week. Next week should be fun. We might go to Auschwitz again (noooooooo), and also we're gonna have zone conference, so we'll see Pres. Should be cool.
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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