Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18th

Hey Mom!
Glad you guys all made it to Sun River ok, I remember that was always a doozy of a drive. As I typed that I realized for the first time i have no idea how you're supposed to spell doozy. Probably nailed it though.
Dad sent some pictures of Crater Lake, it looks unreal! Hope you guys have a fun time this week, with all the adventures and stuff.
Haha yeah, it's crazy, but everyone's leaving for their missions soon! I've been in contact with most of the guys, they seem pretty excited.
To answer your questions (a little out of order), I was able to withdraw summer cash, thanks for replying so quick! We were able to make it to Zakopane again, and it was awesome! We went with the Krakow elders, and a member from their branch, it was really fun. We made it to the top this time, and I can already tell my legs aren't happy with me. I remembered to take the fitbit with me this time. About a 13 mile hike. Fun stuff. I've got some pictures, but no time to upload today, so I'll try tomorrow during district meeting!
Our week was pretty good, our investigators are doing well, but the notable points for the week have nothing to do with them.
WILD story this week. So I got a call from a sister in Gdansk on Tuesday, and she had given my number to a dude who said he was interested in meeting in Kato. About 2 mins after she hung up, he called me and talked for about 45 mind straight about the Bible, and said, "if God would allow it", we'd meet on Friday. Well I get a call Friday morning at 950, and it's this dude asking if we can meet in 10 mins. After I managed to convince him to push it back an hour we booked it over to the chapel. We get there, and he's waiting at the top of the stairs with a woman. My first thought is that they're Jehovah's witnesses and they set us up for a smack down. This dude proceeded to sit us down in our own chapel and teach us a lesson. Apparently he's been called as a revelator. I'm going to try to relate his doctrine:
-Jesus is the Father, God is the GRANDFATHER
-God has a lion for a head
-The word Jehovah is a myth, completely made up by the JWs
-John the Baptist did NOT baptize Christ, it was the other way around, contrary to popular belief
-The Second Coming will happen in Poland
-It's gonna happen in September 2016, and here's how:
666\2=333, 33.3-9(the ninth month is September)=24.9
Revelation 24:9, 333*6=1998, the year he had his revelation, and 1998+6+6+6=2016. BOOM
-There were several other points, but I'll suffice it to say it was a weird experience.
Anyways, we also had a little miracle find on Wednesday. We were on our way to English class, but the tram line to the chapel was closed for the Tour de Pologne. We had to get off and walk the whole way. There was another girl that got off with us, and we talked to her for pretty much the entire hour and a half it took to get to the chapel. She's going to start taking the lessons this week! We're pretty sure that delay was meant to happen haha.
I think that's it for my week! Since next week it'll be to late, happy birthday Mom! I recorded a little bday surprise for ya! Love you!
Elder Haskett

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