Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th

Hey Mom!
Happy 4th of July! We woke up to an America the Beautiful alarm this morning, and then proceeded to call all of the British missionaries in Poland to wish them well. I'm also wearing my American flag Stance socks right now, and we had a meeting this morning, so I got to explain the Fourth of July to an investigator. Rad stuff.
Glad to hear that JOs are going so well! Wish Noah luck, and I hope you guys take home the gold! Do it for the Polish team!
Man, major bummer you got poison oak, haha. I'm not really sure if I've ever had poison oak or ivy before, with all the stuff we've done in the outdoors, I'm sure it could have happened, but I can't remember anything for sure. It's probably pretty lame.
Our week in Kato actually went really well! We were able to meet a lot of our investigators, and it seems like they're all doing well too, despite our loss in PKs. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian guy is going to be staying in the Ukraine for the next few months or so with his mom, and the guy who promised that he'd get baptized if we won the Euro is going to Germany to work. The wages in Poland are pretty low, it's kinda sad, but people make it work, and a lot of them are really humble because of it.
But the ones who are going to stick around are doing great! We met with this younger kid for the 3rd time today, his parents are really against the church, but he's doing well, and is just super eager to learn everything about us. Then there's this older guy, who can barely read because his eyes are so bad, and he got to Words of Mormon this week. Two of the members in Kato are from South Africa, and they just invited they're friends from work to hear the lessons. They're from Senegal! They just got to Kato about 2 months ago, and now we're teaching them Polish, the gospel, and meeting on Saturdays to play basketball. Fun stuff.
Our English class took a serious hit with the guy going to Germany being gone. He's our best student, and now we're back to building up our English class. That's ok though, Elder Park and I are pretty used to it, we started the class in Wrocław pretty much from scratch, and I guess now we'll do it again. Should be fun!
This next week is looking pretty good already. We've got a few meetings set up, but on top of that, we'll be going into Kraków for training and interviews on Thursday! I'm pretty excited to meet the new President. Just wrote my first letter to him, and I almost forgot that we'd be doing it in Polish from now on. So my guess is that all of our missionary meetings are going to be in Polish too. Yay!
Then it's also my BDay on Sunday, so we can't do much the day of, but on Saturday, we're probably going to either eat out or order a pizza or something.
By the way, I might have to work out a way to watch the US team play in Kraków if they'll really be there. Especially if they'll play Poland. Maybe I can convince an investigator to come with us haha.
That's pretty much all I've got for this week! Love you Mom! 
Elder Haskett

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