Monday, July 11, 2016

July 10th! He's 19:)

Hey Mom!
Haha thanks for the bday wishes! It was kinda weird having a birthday out in the field, not gonna lie. Not in a bad way, of course, but I forgot until the sisters reminded me at church and then since it was a Sunday, it was pretty much just business as usual. I did have a cake though, although it might not have been as exciting as you'd think, cause I pretty much eat cake every day from our grocery store. Weekly shopping for me always consists of a babka, which is like a little bundt cake. It translates directly to grandma though, so that's what I call it. We decided to celebrate today at an all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant, and I also bought myself a little present cause the packages haven't made it out of Warsaw yet haha. The good news is that they made it safe and sound, but they're in the Mission office still. It's cool, I found a jacket that really just screams "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and called it a gift to me. I'll send a pic home when we've got a good computer.
I'm also real glad to hear that Lake Powell is back on! I'm looking forward to some pictures of the new boat, and I guess I'm looking forward even more so to the day I actually get on it, haha.
So I guess my week now, we started off with a bang, had a meeting with an investigator about 30 minutes after emailing last week, and then pretty quiet after that. A lot of people are out of town for summer right now. It kinda killed our English class, we only had one student, and it was her first time. Luckily she liked Harry Potter, and Elder Park and I are definitely the 2 most educated missionaries in Poland when it comes to HP. We talked about it pretty much the whole time. She even showed us this internet quiz, "Czy zdałbym S.U.M.y?" (Would I pass my O.W.L. exams?) I passed. We still had a few people come to church though, and one of our investigators finished the Book of Mormon this week. He's tearing into D&C now.
Onto Thursday's meeting. We got into Kraków at about 10, and got right into the little Zone Meeting. First off: President Turek is awesome. He's super chill, but also really helpful when it comes to the language. He said my Polish was bomb, and that he expected a lot of help from me in the future when it came to teaching the younger missionaries (training!?) One downside, still not allowed to watch Disney movies in Polish, because "they are for children" (a point I disagree on, but it's cool). He's basically just a really normal, cool guy. We also all had interviews with Sister Turek. That one was in English, cause she's from Germany, but she's cool too. Basically the family is just trying to get to know all the missionaries, and I think we were all grateful for the chance to meet tchem. Good stuff.
One more thing, on Satuday we had a little "Sports Saturday" activity again, and we played ping pong this time. I wrecked. 
Also, I sent a package priority a few days ago, maybe like a week and a half, so let me know when it gets there!
Next week we're gonna try to hit Zakopane again for a bday celebration part 2 with the Kraków elders. The day starts at like 3 in the morning, so I hope we make it back in time to email, but if not, you've been warned!
Love you tons Mom! Thanks again for the happy birthday!
Elder Haskett, now 19

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