Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6th 2016

Hey Mom!
Sounds like a pretty crazy week for sports at the Hasketts, haha. The boys are gonna love the Junior Classic though. That's my favorite tournament. Except for maybe that Saturday, it's always super long. Last year I was barely even blocking by the end of the game, but hitting was fun, cause everyone else was too exhausted to try.
Kinda cool you guys fed a missionary that's about to go home. He was probably rocked. It's always fun to talk to the guys here who are on their way out. We've got another transfer coming up in a couple weeks, so a few more will go home. Also a former missionary came and visited us this week. The elder formerly known as Elder Hon, now Hunter, hooked it up with some Reeses and Cool Ranch Doritos, and also played in my stead for Sacrament meeting. It was nice haha.
School's out already, that's crazy. Time's really flown. It seems like we're both gonna enjoy our summer breaks though. You guys have got some trips planned, and I get 3 months off from snow. Unfortunately I don't get a break from rain, it still rains all the time now. Kinda reminds me of Hawaii. It's pretty much always warm, but wet and humid. 
Weird news from this week: one of the sisters at Zone Conference said I was "getting so tan". I told her that was the first time I'd ever heard that in my life. I don't believe her, but if she was right, that's cool I guess.
Speaking of Zone Conference, it was awesome! It was President and Sister Edgren's last one, so it was pretty special just for that, but we had a pretty good training, and then everybody in the zone got to bear their testimonies. The Edgrens went out in style. They dropped spiritual bombs on us, and then got everyone their own copies of the hymnbooks. Poland just got real, green hymnbooks, they're awesome. The food you saw was teriyaki chicken, specially prepared by the Daltons. Very tasty.
THE GOLDEN EAGLE SANK?????? That's insane, that's like the best trip ever, almost literally down the drain. Hopefully things work out, and we'll be set for another trip when I get home! I guess the bright side of all this is that I don't have to see pics of all you guys at Lake Powell without me!
So anyways, I guess I can sum up my week real quick. We had a sweet exchange with Elder Blunt, found a few new people that said they'd be willing to meet with us. Then there was Zone Conference, already talked a little about that. Somehow Veggie Tales came up while we were there, and another one of the missionaries new about Barbara Manatee and the Cheeseburger song. Legendary. The rest of the week was a lot of finding. We had the guy from last week come to church again too. That was awesome, and we're gonna meet with him and a member a couple times this week! Wish us luck there!
Some other good news, I've been on a real language grind this week. Most of the missionaries study Fiszki, which means flashcards, but there's a good program called Fiszki that has like 2000 cards in a box, and they're all organized by importance and use in daily speech. I started the 3rd box this week, and I'm actually enjoying studying Polish again, which is rare haha. Killin the Polish game.
I just had a good idea for a birthday present finally. Lemonade mix. Lemonade literally doesn't exist here, and Elder Einfeldt and I have been cravin it. 
I think that's it from me though. Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

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