Monday, June 27, 2016

June 26th

Hey Mom!
Glad to hear that your week at Girls Camp went well! Favorite year, that's a big claim! I'm also a fan of the ladybugs prank, harmless, but probably surprised quite a few people.  Also to know why the girls at camp "enjoyed" my pictures, besides the obvious fact that I'm usually wearing some awesome pants.
Man, it's crazy that it's already time for JOs! I hope everything goes well. The boys will do fine, especially since I heard we got snubbed from Open. Club will be good for us, and if we can play level, I'm sure we'll scrap a medal.
I also thought it was pretty crazy that I get to serve with Elder Park again! We get along really well, everyone tells us we are like the same person. So super awesome, basically. But yeah, Kato has been pretty busy lately. I've had more meetings in the last month than I've probably had in my entire mission so far. Which still isn't a ton, and there's room for improvement, but it'll do for now:)
The new Mission President will take the field on the 1st, and we'll be having our first interviews with him on the 7th. I'm pretty excited! I hope he helps us out with his Polish, but we're all looking to see what kind of changes he'll bring. Also pretty sad that President Edgren leaves soon. I just wrote my last letter to him, it was a little bit of a bummer. But that's a mission, people go home! 
Summer in Poland isn't muggy. It's muggy. I'd say we're hanging in at around 85-90 every day, but it's so humid we're always super sweaty. Whenever we go in for lunch and dinner, we take a cold shower and change. We're washing clothes so often now it's crazy. We had a sports Saturday with some nonmembers last week (basically played soccer with a bunch of Europeans), and we were dying. But also, it was awesome, and it's better than cold, so I can't complain.
Yeah, I heard about Blake, we're in contact. He told me there was no way he was going to wait the whole 6 weeks, and wants to get out as soon as possible. I can't blame him, being home would be weird. I know all the guys are praying for him though.
It's crazy that Spencer and the guys are heading out so soon! It'll be right around my year mark when they all get to the MTC! They'll be telling me how hard Spanish is, and I'll send them a picture of a burning shirt haha! Exciting stuff.
Poland won! PKs too, so everyone here was going crazy. I've got an English student who said he'd get baptized if we win the whole thing haha. We'll probably make sure he has a testimony first, but I'm going to hold him to that. 
Thanks for the prayers! Hope you all have a good week too, and I'm glad you got the picture from that return missionary!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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