Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 22

Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys are still real busy back home! I'm glad to hear that sports are all going well for the boys! I hope Noah can keep showing his stuff for a while.
Your Girls Camp theme sounds pretty cool. We actually just used that scripture in a lesson with a guy, he's worried he's gonna have to do all this stuff after baptism, and we wanted to make sure he knew what "enduring to the end" really means. 2Ne 32 is just a solid scripture overall when it comes to baptism.
Haha I'm glad Father's Day was relaxed. I'd heard about the Thunder going down, apparently they should have destroyed Golden State before, but they blew it, so I didn't really care who actually won. Leave it to the Thunder to drop a 3-1 lead. Speaking of which, I found a source that gives me a bunch of NBA updates. He's teaching me a bunch of basketball slang in Polish, too haha.
So as for our week, we were plenty busy ourselves. We had quite a few lessons, so making time for end of transfer preparations was pretty tough, but we managed to get everything done, even cleaning the bathroom. We celebrated Elder Einfeldt's birthday in style, by initiating the "Kebabów Challenge". Polish grammar is a nightmare, you already know that, but pluralizing a word is very tricky. There's a different way to do it depending on if the noun is masculine, feminine, Masculine personal, or neutral. Then depending on if you are trying to say 1, 2-4, or 5+, it can all change too. So if you have more than 5 of something, you have to put it in the Genetive plural case. Meaning we ate 5 kebabs. That's kinda like eating 5 Chipotle burritos in a day. It was rough, but worth it.
We also took Culture Night this week! We went on a gondola tour of the city. Well, it was more of a ski lift, but still really cool. It's right by this super huge, pretty park, so the scenery was nice. It rained though, so we got a little wet.
So, sorry to keep you waiting, transfers! We were carrying suitcases all day, and it was pouring, so I was drenched. It was pretty unfortunate timing haha. But, I'll be staying in Kato! No more ZL duties, but I'm going to be District Leader again. That's an easy one. This one was a surprise, I'll be serving with Elder Park again! Haha, I wasn't expecting it, but it should be awesome. He'll be going home at the end of the transfer, and I'll be coming up on year mark! Crazy stuff! Elder Einfeldt is going to be serving in Kraków, so I gave him some advice and told him what to expect and everything. This should be a really fun transfer.
Only thing is we don't have Zone Training this time around, so I don't know if I'm gonna get any bday stuff for a while, but that's fine. The wait will make it more fun anyways.
But that's it for me this week! Love you a ton Mom, and good luck at Girls Camp!
Elder Haskett

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