Monday, June 13, 2016

June 12th 2016

Hey Mom!
Sounds like you guys have had a really busy week! I'm glad Noah is doing well with varsity, getting some playing time already is a good sign, he can get used to working with the new team early. If both boys are going to be multi sport athletes all summer, it sounds like no one gets a summer break this year! I guess it's kind of a bummer that Luke isn't happy with his game right now, but he can sleep it off at Carp. I remember Junior year our first loss of the season was the day we went to Carp. It made it a little easier to bear:)
If you're headed to girls camp this week, and it's anything like year's past, I'm guessing the house is full of random stuff as usual. You're probably pretty excited though. 
I hope everything goes well with getting a new boat! It's still kinda sad though. I was talking to Elder Einfeldt about it cause his family goes every year too, and he said it wouldn't be too bad if we picked up a monster of a boat, but it's still weird that it won't be the Golden Eagle. We had a lot of memories on that boat.
So, the mission is going well, as usual. We had a crazy week. We brought the Kielce elders in for some training, and had an awesome exchange. Right now, we're meeting with that dude that came to church, and he's making great progress. We've got 2 more lessons set up with him this week, and the District President should be coming to help. Then there was that Ukrainian dude from the beginning of the transfer, well we hadn't seen him for about a month and a half, but he showed up to church this week! We had a meeting with him, helped him write a resume, and then reset his B-date! That was a miracle. This week we've got a bunch of lessons set up already, which is good, because it's the last week of the transfer, and it's always good to keep busy coming to the end of things!
You were asking about investigators from other cities. Right now, there's an investigator from the Krak that has a date, and he knows that the Book of Mormon is true, so that's awesome. Then the girls from Wrocław are still going to church. We'll see how things go for them.
Another miracle for the week: I have a bunch of songs recorded on the keyboard now, so I no longer have to play in sacrament meeting! Score!
Funny story, the other night we were tracting and sometimes we'll do it in really big apartment complexes. We were ringing a numer, and we said our usual spiel, and this WAY old lady is like, "I will kill you," in her cute grandma voice. "I am ready for you already, I am armed, what do you want from me?" So I told her what I already said, that we were missionaries from the Church, and we wanted to talk about Jesus, and she's like, "Come in at your own risk, I... I need medical help." Needless to say, we did not come in, in fact, we left the building, but it was pretty darn funny. Ja pana zabiję. Chodź tu i poczęstuj się czastkami!
So anyways, I think that's it for this week, but just as a reminder, since the new transfer starts next week, we probably won't be able to email until next Tuesday! I'm not even gonna guess where I'm going, or even hope for anything!
Love you a ton Mom!
Elder Haskett

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