Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's day❤️

Hey Mom!
Sick again? Jeez! Sounds like everybody's dying back home right now. I've actually been pretty lucky so far. Elder Torres got nailed a couple weeks ago, but I haven't gone down yet. It's funny because I pretty much never wear a hat, and all the old people keep telling me I'll catch a cold. "Zdrowie jest najważniesze", is a pretty common saying here. "Health is most important". Pretty ironic coming from a country that could out-drink and out-smoke anyone. Either way, I'm still invincible, no sicknesses yet.
My leg hair is coming in quite nicely, thank you very much. 
Yeah, they have Valentine's Day here. It's weird because they say it in a bunch of different ways, like "Dzień Świętego Walentego" which is "Day of Saint Valentine". Then there's "Walentynki", which is just Valentines. I also heard "Dzień Miłości" a few times, which is just "Day of Love". Oh well. On another note, "Dzień Singla" is also a thing today. That's "Single's Awareness Day" for ya.
That's pretty sweet that Noah ended up winning league! And varsity! That's super fun. I remember getting pulled up for volleyball. No playing time at all, but it was still super rad.
The new group that comes into the MTC right now will include the sisters that I go home with. That's kinda weird haha. 
So anyways, you're probably wondering right now why I haven't said anything at all about the transfer yet! Well we actually got our transfer calls early this time. President is splitting our branch! We're going to be the Wrocław and Legnica branch, sooooo I'm staying in Wrocław! Kinda awesome. I'll be serving with Elder Park. He was in my district before, we've already been on a few exchanges. Should be awesome. Then, after 30 days, Elder Torres' comp will go home, and I'll go back to Elder Torres. I'll be the one to finish him off! That should be super weird. This should be a pretty fun transfer though. Good thing too, it's 10 weeks long!
So yeah, other than that, this week was pretty sweet. We met with that one girl from last week. Unfortuantely, she said she wants to do some research of her own before she meets with us again. That never turns out well. We also did a ton of finding activitites this week. Lots of contacting and stuff like that. We also snuck onto a college campus and put up a bunch of flyers for our English class, we'll see this week if it works. Rad stuff haha.
Yeah, I'm making a lot of progress in Polish. It helps because in our English class we have a college dude that I've kinda become bros with. He teaches me Polish slang, and I teach him English slang. Works out nicely. It's kinda fun now that I can understand people when they talk to me on the street. 
So we also had Culture Night this week. We went to the Racławicka Panorama. It was pretty cool, it's like this really famous panoramic painting. It's huge. Then we went to a sister in the ward's house for dinner. Sister Malynowska. She's the one who gave us onion-honey juice earlier. It was pretty good this time though. Duck soup. Interesting stuff.
After that we had some extra time, and we didn't have plans, so we played on the playground. You know, adult stuff.
Yeah so a really fun week to finish off the transfer, and a good transfer on the way!
Also, I went shoe shopping. Ecco's are crazy expensive here! They were all like $100! I found a pair of Lasockis here (they're like pretty nice Polish shoes) for like $40 bucks, and I'm not gonna lie, they're pretty hot shoes.
I think that's it for me though, love you tons Mom! Til next week!
Elder Haskett

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