Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentine's Day miracle

Hey Mom!
Crazy week to start off a new transfer, as usual! But it sounds like things are going pretty well back at home! Glad basketball ended well, and Luke won a tournament! That's always a fun Saturday. Probably going to move up a lot for next week too. And Caleb is in lacrosse, that's hilarious. I always imagine him so little, but he's getting big, it's weird.
Spence got in to BYU! That's awesome.  Braden keeps talking about how lame it is with everyone gone, and how fun it'll be when everybody gets home from their missions for the reunion of the century.
As for Poland, it got cold again. It was around 30F all week. It snowed again on Wednesday (in the middle of contacting) and then again on Thursday (this time during studies yay). Never fun when it's wet. Luckily I have 2 pairs of shoes now, so one can get wet, and the other can look nice for church, and when President comes to town. He came this week! It was really fun. We had a meeting with him today in KFC, that was really cool. I even got to do a little bit of showing off for President when a Polish dude came asking for money cause we're 5 Americans in suits and I translated a bit for President haha. Goin AP for sure.
As far as investigators go, nothin from Jan and Barb. That being said, we had a miracle! We met this girl on Valentine's Day (I know, great start to a story) who gave us her number. Well we met with her on Tuesday, she was awesome, and then again on Friday, where she accepted a baptismal date! She's already read the entire book of 1st Nephi, and is making great progress. We're meeting with her again tonight, with her cousin, who she invited! Fun stuff. She texted me her analysis (she's a law student) of the BoM so far, and she's like "Oh Nephi is such a good example of keeping the faith and fulfilling the Lord's will. I think we could all learn from him. None of his stories seem ''erroneous' to me, he is just so trustworthy, like you guys". Yeah she used 'erroneous'. Przekłamany in Polish, if you were wondering. Super exciting though!
I'll have to look for Brother King's family in Świdnica, that's just at the end of one of the tram lines near my old apartment! Worth a shot!
So another funny experience. We were out contacting, and we saw this lady getting attacked by a duck. She's freaking out, and my first thought is, "I'm gonna throw a rock at it". I drilled this duck. Then when she was saying thank you, we asked if she wanted to talk about the Church, she was just kinda like "Nah it's cool". LAME.
Well I think that's all from me this week! Love you guys! Oh also, President brought the package from you! Thanks for sending! It's awesome, and the Reese's half-pound cups made for a good couple meals!
Love you Mom!
Elder Haskett

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