Monday, February 8, 2016

February rap battle!!

Hey Mom!
Sounds like a pretty crazy week! Good thing sports went well, otherwise the sick week would have been a major bummer!
Well it was a pretty fun week for us. On Monday, I found a real treasure- the entire first season of Avatar! In Polish, too! Probably going to have to send those home, I don't want to have to deal with the temptation of all that for the next 2 years haha.
Well other than that, I picked up my battle ax. It's pretty awesome. I've got a watermelon to chop in half ready to go.
Tough week as far as investigators go. We weren't able to meet with anyone. I'm like 90% sure that a few of them still want to meet, but unfortunately, that doesn't include Barbara and Jan. They disappeared off the map. Not answering texts or calls. Weird.
That did give us a lot of time for contacting though! We found a lot of good people that expressed a desire to learn more! Really fun, building up a teaching pool. At least when it's working, that is. We met a girl named Karolina who tried to set up a meeting with us the night we met! We had English class, but we'll be meeting next week!
Speaking of English class, we taught more slang this week. We're talking a lot about the way teenagers talk, and this week, we discussed phrases like, 'ball is life', 'good vibes', and 'all I see is dollar signs'. We tested them all at the end to come up with their own sentences, and they were hilarious. We waited for about 5 minutes for an answer from an older lady, who proceeded to say in the slowest, most enunciated way possible, "I... make... stacks on stacks?" Awesome.
Also, apparently there's a drinking song about Mormons in this country! It's all in Polish, and I learned it, but there's quite a bit of swearing involved, so maybe I won't sing it for you. We were on a tram the other day and some crazy drunk dudes started yelling at us and then singing the song. We told them we were really impressed with their singing, and the "leader" guy said he was an underground rapper. So I rap battled him. He did it in Polish, and I sang a song in English. It was wild. I love this crazy country.
So yeah, I think that's it for the week. Love you guys! Thanks for sending the packages! Till next week!
Also, this is the last week until transfer calls! Yeah a short one this time around, only 7 weeks! It really snuck up on me! Anyways, that means that I might not be able to email until next Tuesday, but I'm not sure yet. Stay tuned!
Elder Haskett

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