Monday, January 25, 2016

January fun!!

Just a little weekly recap!
So this week was crazy cold. It snowed every day. Literally every day, and sometimes all day. Luckily we're making the most of it. We found some plywood in a dumpster and snowboarded the other day. Then when we had crashed to many times and hit too many trees, we took a rope and dragged eachother around tracting. Made the night a lot more fun. My knee hurts a little now though. Oops.
Basically anything like that to make the cold better is awesome for us though. Unfortunately, my shoes are getting trashed. The salt and snow just wrecks leather. I might have to pick up a new pair of shoes at the end of winter.
Other than that tough, this week was fun. On Wednesday, we discovered a little secret. Apparently Polish people are really bad at 20 Questions. We teach 3 different English classes now. WIth the more advanced classes, we usually play word games. And 20 Questions was a little too much for them. We tried to teach them little tricks and stuff, and I always helped them, but man, it was a train wreck. I went first on one, and obviously asked like one of the basic Q's, like "Is it alive?' or something like that. The lady that went next went for, "Is it raining outside?" We told her that didn't make sense, and gave her some suggestions, so the next question was, "Is the chair blue?"
So close.
Also we got a dartboard for the apt. It's fun. Not gonna lie, I might make darts the new ping pong.
Teaching wise, unfortunately we got flaked a lot this week, but we did have a great lesson with a new investigator. She's an arts student who wants to double major in English literature. As you can imagine, she's an interesting character with some weird philosophies. She's got great questions though, and wants really do some investigating with our church. We just have to make sure she doesn't get too science-y with it. I was just really glad I had studied science and world philosophy that morning in language study. Usually sections like that in the flashcards don't exactly come in handy, but what do you know. 
Also, I found a battle ax. I think I might get it. It's really cheap. You should check out the pictures.
I think that's it for this week though! Love you tons Mom!
Elder Haskett

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