Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a new year!!!!

Hey Mom!
Kind of a crazy week this week! I think I already told you that we couldn't move into our apartment first thing last week. We stayed in an old one for a couple days while the sisters moved out and then we took over. We basically spent the first 3 or 4 days of the transfer moving and closing down apartments.
On top of that, it was FREEZING. The first day we were here I noticed it was a little colder than Kraków, but it just dropped. The last few days it's been hovering between -20 to -10C, which I think is something like 0 to 10F or something like that. We got snow on New Years day, and that storm lasted about 15 hours, so we got a lot of it. Then it all froze, so people are just slipping and sliding right now. I finally broke out the thermal garments, as well as some leather gloves, a beanie, 2 pairs of wool socks, and now I'm double-dipping with my coats. Apparently it'll only get colder. So yeah, the hand-warmers are doing me well. 
So as far as the work goes here- we've already found 2 really cool investigators! Their names are Barbara and Jan. They're pretty old, but they work at a university, so they're super cool. We met them while it was snowing, and they invited us over the next day. The lesson went really well, and then they actually came to Church. They broke my zero streak there. That was really cool. I think they're really helping me with my Polish too. Now that I'm not with Vance anymore, I get to speak a lot more often. I guess I should say I'm forced to speak more often. It is working though.
Anyways, the members here are awesome, they were super nice to Barb and Jan. President Cieleński here is awesome. His English is the best I've heard from any Polish person, and he's barely got an accent. He uses normal phrases too. He called one of the elders here a nerd, and I'm gonna quote him here, "It's too cold, the streets are all icy, and I keep slipping and eating crap." Sounds pretty American to me.
So yeah on another note, I got my first European haircut. That was a real language stretcher for me. None of the missionaries here know how to ask the right way, so they just make it up as they go. It worked out all right. Becky will be happy to know that Epic Salon still does it better.
I got the first 25 days of Christmas package this week, along with a box from Grandma Lou! They were awesome. I especially like the American Kleenex. It's so cold here our noses just run all the time, and Polish tissues are pretty horrible. You'll have to tell Grandma Lou thanks for me! I don't have their email address yet! Can you send it to me?
I think that's it for this week, all good stuff! Love you so much!
Elder Haskett

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