Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18th

Hey Mom!
Sounds like things are back to normal at home, czyli crazy as ever. Sounds like sports are going pretty well, that's sweet!
Can't believe Noah broke his nose that's a bummer, but not a big enough bummer for a break from playing time! I'm still convinced that I broke mine when Brother Henao elbowed me in the face playing basketball at the Church. I couldn't touch my nose for like 8 weeks without it killing. 
I remember nursery used to be your dream calling. No teaching, lots of snacks, lots of kids to hold. Not much to complain about. I taught nursery in Kraków a couple times, that was interesting. Lots of tic tac toe and rock paper scissors.
Things are going pretty well in the ward! The members are really cool and really willing to help in the work. A sister had us over for lunch the other day, and I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my life. That being said, I don't think I've ever eaten anything so weird either. We had this mushroom soup that was really... interesting. After that we had bigos, which is like basically just like the Polish equivalent of sloppy joe meat, so yeah that was fun. She made about 20 lbs of mashed potatoes, so we all put down like 6 huge scoops. BTW, the whole time we were eating, we were drinking this weird brown juice. About halfway through, I asked what it was. Onion Honey Juice. ???
Barbara and Jan couldn't come to church this week, they were out of town. But, last time we met with them, they had 2 friends over. All of them took Books, committed to reading and praying, and then said that they'd get baptized if they got an answer! It was really cool. Also, Barbara took us to a choir tryout the other day. I was a little nervous cause we don't exactly know Polish songs. Anyways, the first one was in Latin.We sang a Gregorian Death Chant. It was wild.
But they did ask us to join the choir, so I guess we killed it.
Yeah the whole Polish Mission President was big news here. The members are super excited. It's a big step forward for the country and for the mission. We'll see what he brings to the table.
So finally, I also was asked to speak in Sacrament this week. President gave me 25-30 minutes on the Atonement. I don't want to say I killed it, but I pretty much killed it. It was a Haskett talk. Unfortunately, not as many jokes, but those'll come with more Polish. Anyways, in Wrocław, half of the memebrs live in a city about an hour away called Legnica. We hold a meeting there too once a month. That was this Sunday. Since I was speaking, I had to speak there too. Awesome.
In other news, I finally finished my 12 week training period. I'm a full-fledged missionary now!
I think that's it for this week! Love you guys so much!
Elder Haskett

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