Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 2!!!

Hey Mom!
First thing, we don't have a lot of time this week. We headed south to Zakopane and climbed Mt. Rysy and kinda got stuck in some weather so we got home a little later than expected. It was still super fun though. 
This week was pretty wild! First thing we did after PDay ended last week was meet with a new guy I stopped named Marcin. He was pretty cool, and he seemed to be pretty interested. Then at the end of the meeting, we left him with a baptismal date and he accepted! January 16th.Hoping things work out. We've also been meeting with an older lady named Marta in the park. She's super nice, but it's tough to really teach when you can't sit down. We we're cleaning the chapel the other day, and we found a note slid under the door. It was from a guy named Tomasz. He had met with the missionaries about a year ago and then disappeared. He tried to call to make contact but his phone's broken. We ended up finding him (a small miracle) and set up a meeting. We read the Book of Mormon with him and after, we asked him a few questions, and he interrupted us. He was like, you haven't asked me if this is true. So we were kinda like OK do you think it's true? He was like, I have this weird way of knowing if something is true. If it makes me sleepy then it's true. This Book made me sleepy. I know it has to be true. 
We're gonna work on that.
But at the end of the lesson, he accepted a baptismal date as well! Same day as Marcin! Exciting stuff!
I'm having a really good time here. It's not easy; I'm exhausted every day. I've learned how to fall asleep standing up when the bus is empty. But I'm having a good time. The language is actually coming along! We have to do an hour of language study a day here until the day we leave. People who are fluent in Polish and stop practicing lose it in a few days. But I'm slowly figuring more and more things out. I can solo contact now (slowly), but it's still really fun. People are always impressed when they say I'm from the States and that I'm learning Polish. Then I tell them it's only been 2 weeks here and they're like oaohaooaoahooaohoahoahoah how is that possible American's can't learn our language blah blah blah. Elder Vance has only been out a year and he's pretty fluent, so I have high hopes. He's from Colorado by the way.
I'm glad sports at home are still raging! And I almost forgot Caleb has his baptism on Saturday that's awesome!
Thanks for sending those packages! I can't wait! Our address in Kraków is Łokietka 5/100, but I don't think that you can send packages directly to me, I don't have a way to pick them up.
Love you guys! I'll keep working hard here if you do the same back home!
Na rasze,
Elder Haskett

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