Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving week!!

Hey Mom!
Glad Thanksgiving at home turned out alright! Sounds a little different than usual. We did okay over here though! We got an extra hour from President, so we went and got a rotisserie chicken! Not turkey, but it was way more food than usual, so I was happy. Then, the senior couple and the American members here threw a Thanksgiving party on Saturday. It was awesome. We had turkey and mashed potatoes! And we only had to cook one of those things! Not gonna lie, my mashed potatoes were pretty incredible, but it's hard to go wrong when you stick 3 sticks of butter in. I really did miss your rolls though, that was for sure. No one makes them quite the same.
That's cool you ran into the guys! At least the guys in the country that is! Oh and the picture with all the candles is from a Polish holiday called Dzień Wszystkich Świętych (All Saint's Day). They put candles and stuff on people's graves, so the graveyards look really cool. It's November 1, so it's kinda like Poland's Halloween.We did hear about the Amazing Race thing, but unfortunately we did not see anyone. We are planning on going to the Salt Mines soon though. I think maybe in like 2 PDays or so.
Yeah our day ends at 330. Soon it'll be earlier. We try to street contact as much as possible before, and then plan meetings and go tracting after dark. It's starting to get really cold too. It snowed last PDay and it has a few more times since. We're hanging in at about a -5C to 5C range right now. I've been told to expect a cold Christmas. Considering when we first got here it was already colder than it ever gets in Cali, that was already part of the plan.
Our missionary work is going really well right now! Marcin and Tomasz are doing really well. We have a few more people meeting with us besides that, no one too regularly, but enough to keep us busy. And the language is coming along much better. I try to the members as often as possible to learn from them. For example, Silvia taught me a couple days ago that "dać komuś koszę" (give someone the basket) means to flake someone. Unfortunately that was learned at the expense of getting flaked. 
Anyways, love you all tons! Keep writing!
Elder Haskett 

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